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More on Vegansexuals

Written by PETA | August 13, 2007

This vegansexuals story just won’t die. I can’t believe all the play it’s getting, especially on the Internet. There was a film crew in the office the other day shooting for this local piece, and it really got me thinking about how, at least here at PETA HQ, the vegansexual thing just doesn’t play. If anything, it’s the exact opposite. I’ve even heard rumors from old timers that Ingrid once forbade intra-office dating, simply on the grounds that she wanted the staff out meeting new people to make vegan.

Take my old boss, for instance. She has a foolproof system for taking the average unsuspecting meat-eating sailor or merchant marine under her wing and turning him into a hardcore vegan animal rights activist within a month. No joke. She’ll show up with these dudes and you can just tell that they’re completely helpless under her vegan goddess natural foods tantric love spell. Of course, once she gets them good and indoctrinated, she cuts them loose and finds her next prey, and with Norfolk being a big Navy town, with new guys arriving in port all the time, there is always another “victim” in line. Sometimes I feel a little bad for them, especially the ones that roll up wearing dress blues in their fancy raised pick-ups and by the time they leave they’re well on their way to joining an organic commune or living in a van and playing hacky sack all day. OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, enjoy the video. And fair warning to the meat-eating readers out there, most animal rights folks aren’t of the vegansexual persuasion, so that hot guy or gal you’re eyeing at the bar just may be on their own personal mission to turn the world vegan one person at a time . . . by any means necessary.


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  • ashley says:

    i completly understand how hard it is to find a guy who doesn’t eat meat but still there is just something about the word ‘vegansexual’ that i dig.

  • Jason 'Great White' says:

    xinared Yeah but for the person not eating meat to excessive amounts how is that not about having bad hygiene practices like brushing one’s teeth using mouth wash rotting teeth and etc.

  • xinared says:

    I have meateating friends I definitely don’t just befriend and am around only vegans so in that way I can influence others into vegetarianism and I have successfully done this with a few already. For DATING and SLEEPING purposes I choose vegan. Meat eating is a turn off to me and if you want me to give it up then you need to give it up. It’s like how a person who puts in a personal ad for someone they want to date and potentially sleep with says “must be nonsmoker” because they just find it gross. I am not about to kiss a dood if he just ate a box of Cheezits and I shouldn’t have to “wait” to kiss my dood. Meateating FRIENDS that’s totally different. I’m all about that.

  • Jason 'Great White' says:

    Sorry I was addressing my previous post to Diana.

  • Jason 'Great White' says:

    Who are you posting to and about what?

  • Nadine Newlight says:

    I’m vegan since ’92 and veg since ’75. About seven years ago at a “tantra” mixer I ended up in a clinch with the most attractive guy in the room. That is until I smelled the dead animal exudate which filled his pores…! ‘Nuff said. Naia Maui

  • Shana says:

    I’ve been a Vegetarian since I was 10 26 now and am just making the transition to Vegan this year. My sex drive is definitely fine my carnivorous boyfriend can’t keep up with me! Oh and he has decided to go Vegetarian after less than a year of being with me and by his own choice not by me nagging him!

  • Diana says:

    oh gawd that is one of the most halarious things i have heard. But of course it is just another idiotic idea that comes out of people that are too naive to understand what the reasonsbeliefs that apply to being veg.

  • Jason 'Great White' says:

    Maya I was in sports media and have degree in media entertianment Just remember a huge percentage of all media out there is owned and strictly controlled by small amount of companies taht are owned by supporters of The Conversative Right Wing of The Republican Party thanks to ExPresident Cliniton’s actions. What you are saying has happened many times over even with supposedly unreachable private and nonprofit regulated media only supported throught advertising or public donations. I guess you understand why private regulated media supported by advertisers can be controlled by one side or the other like HBO’s Bill Maher’s sp? Real Time I think is the title political comedy show switching from bashing the war to saying was a must. Now all the nonprofit media that receives funding from The USA Gov or really opur tax money is biased towards the current political party in control Bush Administration because our current dictator Bush appointed a member of The Conversative Right Wing of The Republican Party at the top job.

  • Jason 'Great White' says:

    Rik It medical fact that more fat one has on his or her body causes greater sexual impotency. I would like to point out that other practices like total stress and bike seats do the same thing. Oobeedoobee To be honest I thought that right away until I remember it is a PETA EMail not those Spamming Porn EMailsI Hate so much. I am not an expert on on people smelling like what they consume and during sex turning off or on their mates but I know that when one eats A whole lot of carrots one’s skins turns orange actually Allies’ WW2 fighters were colored orange’Good Eats’ Alton Brown And A whole lot of garlic one’s skins smells of garlic I assume a lot of garlic and all the time told I smell like garlic. The point is if it is possible then one has to consume a ton of meat to smell like meat Akins Diet anyone?. Plus I know this is crazy but there are interesting people out there one could buy a purfume that smells like meat to attract men since men eat the most meat.

  • Jason 'Great White' says:

    I agree with Stagger Lee why would I want to extremely narrow my possible sexual partners simply because they eat meat. I could always convirt partners to vegetarism but only covert them to Veganism if I was losing them. The unhealthy look has down enough of that already. I also would like to point out that if I was to go by my deep belief in protecting animals through Veganism or lesser vegetarnism to determine people I was attracted to then it would come in conflict with my attraction to . I love to have the best of both worlds a real Vegan women not plastic that have big breasts and asses however since we know that those areas of the human body is made up of fat cells and vegetarians lose a lot of fat let alone Vegans I would lose my attraction.

  • Stagger Lee says:

    I was a meat eater when I met my wife in college she was a vegetarian now we are both vegetarian she showed me the light so to speak and I am grateful for that. At first I wouldnt listen or think about it then I started listening and then I started thinking that was about 15 years ago if either of us had decided to date only meat etersvegetarians we never would have been found each other.