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Trumps’ African Hunt Under Investigation

Written by PETA | March 23, 2012

Update: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump’s hideous African hunting trip is under investigation by Zimbabwean authorities. Among the potential problems noted by the Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force were the following: The brothers may have illegally used dogs to kill an endangered leopard, the South African safari firm they used was not registered to hunt in Zimbabwe and may not have been cleared by wildlife authorities, and licensing and trophy fees may not have been paid.

Authorities are also investigating the Trumps’ claims that they donated meat from the animals they killed to local villagers, as there are no villages near where the brothers hunted. If they are found to be in breach of hunting laws, the Trump brothers and officials from the safari firm could face imprisonment or a fine of up to $500,000.

Johnny Rodrigues, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said, “This is the problem with those who … think they can come to manipulate and control people, destroy natural resources, and say ‘we came to help.’ We don’t want them here.”

Hear, hear!

The following text was originally published on March 14, 2012.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are the targets of more media scrutiny than Barack Obama’s birth certificate after pictures surfaced online of the pair posing with wild animals they had killed on safari in Zimbabwe. Each “trophy” was procured for a fee—how macho is that?

Dressed as if to play extras in Rambo, the brothers posed for photographs, including one sick enough to make a grown man, other than a Go Daddy CEO, lose his lunch: Don holds his knife in one hand and the severed tail of an elephant he’s shot in the other. An elephant! In another photo, Eric sits atop a Cape buffalo, using the animal’s corpse as a gun and hat rack. Another photo shows both brothers standing next to a massive crocodile whom the Great White Bwana Boys no doubt had “the help” hang up by a noose from a tree branch. In a joint statement, the brothers said, “We have the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted in accordance with local laws and regulations.” If this conduct constitutes respect, I really don’t want to know what their contempt looks like.

Read Ingrid Newkirk’s full article on Huffington Post here.

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  • tina tine' says:

    there is no excuse for the killing of these animals for any reason.

  • Wendy says:

    What 2 SICKOS!

  • Grady says:

    Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.

  • Roseann DiVicino says:

    What is it with these rich cowardly scumbags? Trump like the other balless terd from Go…feel that money and power are not enough so they must kill innocent animals. If they were real men they would go after these animals with their bare hands..then it would be even.How about if they hunt each other! Now I would pay to see that one.I think that neither of these terds or any other rich skeezer is on the endangered list so fire away.

  • bob says:

    Go to petersonsgunting .com & search trump hunt on that web site to see how many laws were broken. Then go to and seach leopard to find out how endangered the AFRICAN leopard is. The truth shall set you free.

  • bob says:

    Mimi , I commend you for your service to injured wildlife. I agree with you that much of wildlifes problems are a result of humans . Therefore we have to take responsibilty for those problems. The human race is not going to leave. In as much as we cause the problems of ever decreasing habit for wildlife and injurious unintended interaaction with humans we must do our part to keep their suffering to a minimum. I cannot understand the logic that says : Let nature take its course and let wildlife populations grow unchecked until disease and starvaton kills nearly the entire species in a given area. That to me is the cruelest and irresponsibile position one could take. Hunters and trappers do our part to prevent this. I also believe that the animal should be honored and not wasted but used to help us and his wild breathern by feeding and clothing us and preserving habit with healthy viable populatons of all wildlife. Why are so many pets euthanized simply because they are homeless? Why aren’t they just splayed or neutered and released to fend for themselves ? Because it would be CRUEL and IRRESPONSIBILE !!!!!! Incidently ,I would save you and so long as he was within sight of land I would leave the racoon, a very powerful swimmer alone , as trying to “save” this minatyre first cousin of the bear clan would probably result in him trying to bite me and or you if you tried. To Get real- Irrational opinion with no basis in fact.

  • Mimi says:

    @ Bob I have volunteered working with wildlife rehabilitation deer, birds, squirrels, raccoons. 85% of animals we take in are human caused incidents, hit by car, tortured by humans (I won’t go into this detail) and starvation because humans are depleting their habitat. You imply they are a nuisance to us? Sorry it is we who are a nuisance to them. A hunter or sportsman as some call themselves is in it just to kill. They then justify their actions by telling the public the animal is over populated, suffering, and dying by starvation therefor we have the right to kill them or put them out of their misery. One can debate your comments with very few words; Humans decide what animal is worth saving and what animal is worth killing. Who the hell gave you the right to defend hunters and decide this is how it is going to be? Raccoons are no more of a pest than humans are. Ever think that a raccoon views humans as a nuisance? If the world was flooded and I had a boat and was given a choice to rescue you or a raccoon, guess what I’d take the raccoon without even batting an eye. Why? Because raccoons have done nothing to humans and are trying to survive in this screwed up world.