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Top Five Reasons to Stop Animal Testing

Written by PETA | May 11, 2011

Poisoning, shocking, burning, and killing animals is all in a day’s work for vivisectors. If these atrocious acts were committed outside laboratories, they would be felonies. But animals suffer and die every day in laboratories with little or no protection from cruelty. Here are the top five reasons why it needs to stop:

  1. It’s unethical to sentence 100 million thinking, feeling animals to life in a laboratory cage and intentionally cause them pain, loneliness, and fear.
  2. It’s bad science. The Food and Drug Administration reports that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans.
  3. It’s wasteful. Animal experiments prolong the suffering of people waiting for effective cures by misleading experimenters and squandering precious money, time, and resources that could have been spent on human-relevant research.
  4. It’s archaic. Forward-thinking scientists have developed humane, modern, and effective non-animal research methods, including human-based microdosing, in vitro technology, human-patient simulators, and sophisticated computer modeling, that are cheaper, faster, and more accurate than animal tests.
  5. The world doesn’t need another eyeliner, hand soap, food ingredient, drug for erectile dysfunction, or pesticide so badly that it should come at the expense of animals’ lives.

For everyday ways to keep animals out of cruel experiments, see PETA’s list of surprising ways to help animals in laboratories.

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  • smiley says:

    i hate evereyone who hurt animals……

  • jessica says:

    STOP!! Stop hurting animals there inocent because we kill the we have their fur,meat and homes

  • G69wolf says:

    We have to stop animal testing

  • christian says:

    this is sad just stop hurting animals

  • why are they doing this??????

  • Molly says:

    They should stop

  • Molly says:

    We can stop this

  • Emily says:

    Exactly Christian everyone should help stop this if we put our minds to it we can change the world from doing this

  • Christian says:

    I will not stand for this stuff. This is in-humain, and very wrong it is sad that to find out about things people have to find out by testing animal. I don’t see why testing isn’t bad, it is just the way they do it, I mean if the testing was pain free and no deaths and the animals go off as they came in then and only then would i be ok with it. I am only 13 and yet i understand how bad this is.

    If the people who do this stuff to animals, don’t get that it’s wrong, to hell with them!

  • Emily says:

    You said what did they do wrong? Nothing it’s the scientist who are doing wrong they have emotions you know just because you can’t feel there pain doesn’t mean it’s not there

  • Jocelyn says:

    I do not like the people who do this to animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  • Tbird says:

    This is horrible!!!!!! I cant believe people can do this and just sit and watch! WHY!!!!!!!

  • georgia johnson says:

    that is so sad why do they deserve that type of treatment

  • gemma says:

    so sad what did the animals do to deserve this 🙁

    • Emily says:

      Nothing, it’s the people doing this doing wrong. Just because they can’t feel there pain and sadness doesn’t mean it’s not there

  • gemma says:

    thats so sad y do pets

  • njfjdbdhdbcndmsk says:

    why do they test products on animals whej 92% of tye times they pass on animals but fail on humans. i mean whats the point

  • svfdebdefgdegvebve says:


  • Mia says:

    the questions that animal testers are asking shouldnt be “can they speak” or “can they reason” but “can they suffer” – Jeremy Bentham

  • Wildkmc says:

    Just because the human race THINKS it’s superior DOESNT mean it actually is this is horrifying

  • Trixie says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Animal Testing is truly horrifying and disgusting. Just because they do not look like humans and cannot physically force this away from themselves or voice their opinions does not mean anyone should be putting them through physical and emotional pain. If this is your job then you should be truly ashamed and disgusted with yourself.

  • booo says:

    Animal testing is wrong and cruel and can lead to animals feeling negative emotions toward humans

    Read more:

  • Kevin Ross Jr. says:

    Animal testing is wrong and cruel and can lead to animals feeling negative emotions toward humans.

  • Duu says:

    I must agree that this is not a good thing to do to the animals and especially if there is another way

  • allison says:

    So just because we have a hierarchy and can communicate and function in a society means that we can’t be tested on? as humans we would be inclined to do something if ‘our kind’ were being tested on and enduring such extreme pain for what? us, right? the cure to every disease we could possibly think of… and then some right? well this same achievement can be achieved through TECHNOLOGY there are thousands of alternatives to animal testing that are way more effective and way cheaper. if we HUMANS would be obligated to step in if we saw this injustice happening to humans then we HUMANS should do exactly that! human to human- animal to animal WE ARE ALL THE SAME humans and animals HUMANS ARE ANIMALS! just because they don’t have a voice does not mean we can’t give them one or that they don’t deserve one. we can speak on their behalf! the main argument for the ‘pro’ animal testers is that “we need to use animals because they so are so similar to us and carry so much of the same DNA apparently mice and rats and guinea pigs etc.. are like 97% the same as us. IF THEY ARE SO SIMILAR TO ‘US’ THEN WHY CAN THEY HAVE RIGHTS. animals such as chimpanzees and apes etc… are so close to us that we ‘NEED’ them to test on to prevent OUR deaths but what about theirs. just because they can not communicate with us does not mean we should not look out for them. THEY HAVE SOULS, THEY ARE LIVING BEINGS! to be treated with such injustice is immoral it is our duty to protect these animals as we would our neighbor,our family, our friends. we can do something about this TOGETHER AS A WHOLE we can end this!!!

  • Anna says:

    Why do they do this to these poor animals??

  • Keyly says:

    Animal testing is unfair because we humans are animals we dosent that crul thing happen to us plus we are the ones that dont want rinkles and the animals have to go trough pain

  • danielle grade 7 12 years says:

    animal testing is unfare if you were an animal who got tested on u would not like it u would be hurt think of how many animals out there are gettig tested right now as you read this. now what if people tested other people i dont think people would like that eather. now i am only 12 years old and i am in grade 7 but alote of people have a point that it is crulty and all i am saying is please PLEASE HELP STOP ANIMAL TESTING ONLY SO MANY ANIMALS ARE OUT THERE LOOSING THERE LIFE SO PLEASE LISTAN TO ME AND LISTAN TO WHAT THE OTHER PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY.

  • kim says:

    I believe animal testing should be stopped its not only cruel but also inhumane in my opinion… How can we as humans take away the life of innocent animals for out own benefit, there are other ways to get tests done…. STOP ANIMAL TESTS

  • Catherine says:


  • animal supporter:) says:

    its wrong, animals should never be treated this way, and its a form of cruelty!!!!

  • Mae Wu says:

    I’m writing an argument paper for why they shouldn’t be doing animal testing. I’m hoping that people will be able to see Wht we can’t do this. Only two people in my class are saying that animals should be tested on, but at least it’s only two and not more. I’m also going to attempt to be a vegetarian. It’s not gonna be easy. I love my chicken….

    • = ( stop the killing says:

      Its like killing ur own pet just for eyeliner or lipstick, we need to stop immediately

      ~anonymous =( stop the killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I dont Think thats good because the Animal That they Are Testing is in Pain

  • Danielle says:

    I am writing a research paper on alternatives to animal tests and I am hoping that it will open people’s eyes to the horrors that happen in this practice everyday. It is inhumane when there are so many options that are available and are far more accurate, as well as more cost efficient.

  • 6th Grade Lexi says:

    im writing an essay on animal testing and i completely agree with stoping it more than 100 million animals die EVERY YEAR because of this… The poor animals never asked for this!!!

  • Beatles Girl says:

    I’m writing an essay on why animal testing is worng and this website has opened my eyes to reasons and points I havent even thought were relevent. I wish I could stop this horrible, murderous process but it takes more than one. Opening your eyes to all this abuse is only the first step. I hope we can all become more aware of this cruel abuse and try and stop it. *peace&love*

  • Tom says:

    Loui94 – It would be extremely high hopes to assume that animal experimentation would every be completely banned anytime in the near future. However, we should strive to LIMIT and actively regulate the testing in a more humaine way. Or atleast stop testing for ourselves, because its not working, and leave it to people who actually care about animals.

  • Katie7 says:

    I am doing animal testing as my 4th year assignment to get my national. I picked this topic because I am so deeply interested in it and so very against it. It is sickening and inhumane. Thank you, your site helped! I am sure everyone that hears your arguments in my assignment will be as against animal testing as you and I are.

  • Garcia42 says:

    I want to comment on What Loui94 said. Yes I agree with you completely, because we do still need things to be tested on. But with this new technological age, we can create something that can test products and stuff. I mean, we are advancing in technology for a reason. But that’s a good point.

  • Loui94 says:

    I’ve got a question. I’m doing a debate on the topic: We should ban Animal testing but, while doing some thinking I came across this: We have human trials for new drugs, animals like dogs also use need medicine and obviously this needs to be tested, so eventually it will end up been tests on animals. So if you ban every form of animal testing, how do you test you drugs for animals? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for stopping animal testing but if you can’t have animals trials for animal drugs what do we do? Just give these drugs to our pets and hope for the best? It would really help if someone could reply to this, I’ve got my debate in four days and I cant find any form of rebuttal for this argument.

  • Diana Sommer says:

    No more torture animals!

  • Rachael says:

    I think that animal testing is disgusting and that no animal should be put through the pain and suffering of animal testing. I am doing animal testing as a persuasive essay for school as part of my 4th year and i found that your information and website has greatly helped, thank you:)

  • MsAjay says:

    I love all animals and i think this is really cruel and i am really upset now.


    Animals dont need to be torture only people who like animal testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

  • makayla says:

    i hate people like this they can all die i know that rats arent peoples fav animals but they still deserve to live and rats arent the only thing is cats and dogs to gosh mans best friend shure turned around i wish i could bust all those animals out and show them love not murder

  • ~Em~ says:

    WOAH. This is horrifying and sick. Imagine if you just wanted a family and instead you were sent here, socially isolated in barren cages. They DO take you out, but not to pet you. To torture you. Stimulating artificial disceases, severing legs, and burning you are just some of the things theses people do. What did the animals ever do? They didn’t know what the hell they did wrong to deserve this. Save them!!!!!!!! WE are their VOICE. ~Em~

  • ANIMAL LOVER24 says:

    NO MORE TESTING ON ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  • i disagree says:

    true that it’s inhumane, but is there another way? It’s not like we have a choice or something… instead of disagreeing, why don’t we try to find another way to do this?

    • If people led healthy lives and were not so hell bent on eating crap and smoking and generally being unhealthy, we could avoid these horrible situations where animals suffer.

      Anyone who smokes or eats an unhealthy diet and requires drugs as a result in directly supporting animal torture…