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33 Dead Greyhounds Found at Racetrack

Written by PETA | November 1, 2010

Officials responding to a complaint about the smell of decaying animals at Florida’s Ebro Greyhound Park found 33 dead and decomposing dogs who had apparently starved to death as well as four more dogs who were near death. Racer Ronald Williams was arrested and charged with 37 counts of felony cruelty to animals in connection with what the county sheriff says is one of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse his department has ever investigated. Williams had apparently abandoned the dogs to die when the racing season ended.

Greyhounds want nothing more than to snuggle on the couch and be part of a family, but those used in racing live in cramped cages and are muzzled most of the time. Illnesses and injuries—including broken legs, heatstroke, and heart attacks—claim the lives of many dogs. When they’re too old or slow to continue, greyhounds are thrown away like garbage.


PETA Foundation staffer Natalie Hawkins’ rescued greyhound, Lily, is one of the lucky ones who escaped the racing industry with her life.

But thanks to the efforts of PETA and other animal rights groups, 25 tracks have closed in the U.S. alone since 2001, and Barbados, Guam, Haiti, and Indonesia have all shuttered their tracks. PETA Asia is fighting hard to keep greyhound racing out of the Philippines.

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Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • says:

    We LOVE our Greyhound rescue. His name is “Wolfie” and he absolutely loves & cherishes his new life…. on the couch, surrounded by love & kisses. Please ADOPT greyhounds, pitbulls, or any other dog/cat. Help give a sentient being a new life. Peace, Diaky

  • Lites says:

    Absolutely appalling, obviously someone that does that and leaves animals to starve is not right in the head. All animals need our voice to stop the torturous practices that continue today.

    It is just vile!

    Thank you

    Emailed from Australia

  • Belle says:

    This is truly horrific. Shows how much people in that industry care about the animals…

  • rachel says:

    this is sickening. i love greyhounds and they are an extremely gentle and sensitive creature. this is just monsterous, i dont really know what to say. i wish to God that people would stop being so greedy as to exploit animals in racing.

  • Jan says:

    This is the reality of greyhound racing – not the images of happy, well-cared for animals the industry would have you believe. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and it’s immoral, hearbreaking, and has to stop. I will fight against this cruel blood sport till the day I die.

  • Tommy says:

    This story is so heartbreaking. I am so ashamed that it happened practically in my own backyard! Those poor dogs! If I had the home/land I would take them all. This story is all over our local news here in North Florida and the images are so disturbing. I urge any of my neighbors that are considering adding one of the retired race dogs to their loving families to do so. I hope that we never see another story like this again.

  • ocean17 says:

    unbelievable, such horrendous cruelty. proof positive that racing horses and greyhounds is nothing more than a barbaric bloodsport, such as this unbrave and malicious fellow has clearly demonstrated.

  • shannon says:

    Once again, this is an excellent opportunity to get the word out about Greyhound adoption. There are several groups that take in former racers and help find homes for them.

    Anyone interested in getting a dog should seriously look into adopting one of these sweet, loving, and slightly crazy dogs.