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‘Strongest Man’ Eats Plants, Loves Animals

Written by PETA | November 21, 2011

He can raise a car clear off the ground, toss huge logs through the air, and lift monster dumbbells. And he hates cruelty to animals. Patrik Baboumian, holder of the “Strongest Man of Germany” title, is a plant-eater!

Like many professional athletes and champion fighters, Patrik recognizes that a healthy plant-based diet gives him the protein and nutrients he needs to build muscle and strengthen his immune system, without clogging his arteries with saturated fat. Patrik also knows that only cowards hurt animals and that one of the most macho things a guy can do is to stop eating foods that cause animals immense suffering.

Patrik stands up for what he believes in—on the homepage of his website, right next to his motto, “Born to Be Bada**,” there’s a PETA Germany video. If this lean, green, weight-lifting machine told me to go vegan and save animal lives, I believe I’d listen to him.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • pheynman says:

    @sergio (or anybody in the same position), eat A LOT of food (with HIGH CALORIC content). look at the nutrition labels to find out how much protein and carbohydrates per serving and target high calorie foods because your metabolism is fast. eat lots of bread/cakes, drink soft drinks with high calories (if you don’t have a problem with sodas etc.) and work out frequently. you don’t have to go to the gym; calisthenics are actually better for someone with your body frame and as you continue to develop, your muscle tone will start to become like a gymnast’s or bar athlete’s. i could give you more credible and useful information but what can someone expect from a mere comment section (and with not much communication with the asker)? source: me -> ectomorph

  • sergio says:

    What diet you recommend for me, I’m skinny! I always wanted to gain mass, but in my country has a tax suprementos too high … I am a vegetarian (almost 100% vegan!) For animals stopped eating meat, milk, eggs mint 3 or 4 years, I would tips vegan to gain muscle. sorry english, im from brazil.

  • garet says:

    The worlds best hunters/fighters are meat eaters though… XD still though this guy has done good for just eating plants

  • Jackie says:

    He’s hot!

  • Elio says:


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