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‘Storm’s Law’ Could End Chaining

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 22, 2012

Her story is a haunting reminder of why it should be illegal to chain dogs. Storm was just 2 years old when she strangled to death at the end of her chain after being chained up outdoors like a rusty old bicycle and left unsupervised. After calls about Storm’s horrific death flooded our office, PETA wrote to the mayor of the town in which she died, Portsmouth, Virginia, asking him to introduce “Storm’s Law,” an ordinance that would ban or seriously restrict chaining.

Storm’s owners claim to suspect foul play, but cruel people—who often poison or shoot dogs because they are annoyed by their barking or steal them for use as “bait dogs” in dogfights or to sell to laboratories for experimentation—are only one of the many dangers that chained dogs face. Obviously, Storm should have never been chained in her sad little mud patch to begin with.

PETA receives hundreds of reports of chained dogs, like the one pictured here, every year.

Dogs can strangle or injure themselves when their chains become tangled, or they can be attacked by other animals. Often deprived of food, water, veterinary care, and shelter, chained dogs routinely suffer from a range of maladies, including malnutrition, dehydration, flea infestations, mange, and untreated injuries, and can freeze to death or die of heatstroke.

And dogs aren’t the only ones who suffer the ill effects of chaining. Subjecting a social pack animal to a life of isolation contributes to aggressive behavior, making chained dogs three times as likely to bite.

More than 120 jurisdictions have passed laws banning or restricting chaining. If, like Portsmouth, your area still allows dogs to be chained, please use PETA’s tips to get a chaining ordinance passed.

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  • Corinne says:

    Poor angel Storm.

  • Hunter Clare says:

    Chris Wills you make a great point. If a dog is part of your family, why would you chain them up? You wouldn’t chain up your children I hope.

  • Ashley says:

    I think that it is irresponsible to tie your dog outside while you are away from the home. I think that everyone has a long leash for when the dog needs to go outside, but there has to be someone at home to check on the dog and make sure that it is okay and to let it inside if it is cold or scared or just wants to be inside around it’s family. When you have a dog, whether you like it or not, the dog will consider you and your family to be it’s pack, it’s family, and this needs to be respected in order to have a good relationship with your dog.

  • Claudia Todd says:

    no more chaining dogs ,this act is so cruel if you are going to have a dog of any size ,put a fence where the dog can se out like a chain link or some kind of a fence in a friendly back yard ,that means shady and a good doggie house so he can take cover when it rains or when it’s cold if you are at work ,our dog has a big fenced back yard and a dogloo wich she never uses she is always in the house with us,she has no issues staying in the house while we are gone she feels safe there ps:we love our dog

  • jeanette says:

    ithink chaining up any dog is WRONG why bother to have a dog if u dont wont them with you, if u have to go out do as i do with my dogs shut them in the kitchen with a cosy bed a drink and a chew.

  • Alison Bentlin says:

    Make it illegal to chain dogs. It is sick and unbelievably cruel. No dog should have to suffer this horrible life. The people who do this have no compassion or understanding as to how a dog should be treated. Dogs are living breathing and feeling individuals and to relegate them to a life being chained is uncomprehensible.

  • fenisa says:

    Robert get real chaining your dog while at work is abuse . How can you justify that. If you think its ok then come to my house and I will chain you up during the day in my back yard and yes you can have shelter and a bowl of water and some food. But you will be cahinged. Take the Challenge??? Buddy. how about it. Dogs are supposed to be pets, part of the family. yours was not. face the truth. O not Robert your dog was not your best freind. Best friends do NOT get chanined they go along side by side with you. face reality. You gave your dog a miserable life.

  • Robert says:

    There is more than one side to every story…just as a chain has many links. For years, I chained up my best friend, Yankee so he would have the benefits of outdoors while I was at work. He always had shelter, bedding, water, and food. And, you know, he survived each day. When I returned home, he would come into the house, we would go upstairs, I would change, and we would have a great time fighting in the hall. We were close; always together. When I attended Army Reserve meetings, he accompanied me becoming a mascot of the unit, yes…he went to several Summer Camps. Yankee loved running with me on our farm and had a Verbal Leash when we visited town. So, you see, chaining a dog does not hurt him. Abuse does. Since there are laws on the books concerning abuse, we do not need a rule concerning the necessity of chaining. Here is another point: Laws do not discriminate between good and bad chaining, they see only the one side that perverts want them to govern. Robert, Attica, New York

  • Chris Wills says:

    I just don’t get this. Is an animal not supposed to be part of the family? They would not chain your kids up outside……or perhaps they would. Scary thought.

  • Fabian says:

    It is amazing that caveman age is each day so far, and many humans has no evoluting them selves, the problem is they are repeating their lack of love from home.

  • lisa says:

    Why do you even bother having a dog if your only going to chain it outside for all its life some from a puppy? Owners claim they are guard dogs, how excatley can they guard if they are on a chain and cant move? What a very sad lonely life they have. Chaining should be outlawed everywhere.

  • Giovanni Fioretti says:

    Stop chaining dogs! They don’t deserve this useless cruelty!

  • SUSANNA says:


  • Mel from Australia says:

    This is disgusting, I have two beautiful staffies that have never been chained unless on a leash to got for their daily walk, to see this poor fella like this makes me cry … these monsters that ill treat animals are just that… Monsters…..and need to be dealt with accordingly, unfortunately here in Australia the maximum penalties need to be served on the perpetrators of these crimes against animals and they aren’t. I cant understand how someone can get a big speeding fine, loose their licence and face possible jail time, yet animal abusers get a minimal fine no jail and virtually walk free … something is terribly wrong with the legal system…Hmmmm

  • amberlygorman says:

    Help!!! In Saint Petersburg FL, there are no tethering laws, and I see this kind of thing..EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Chained dogs, back-yards set up for dog fighting, Poisoned and missing pets. I and other, mant other have called about the tethering law already..there is not enough of us. We have even gone to the peoples houses, that chain their dogs and plea to them. Please help me change the laws here.

  • Mary DeMarchi says:

    Disgusting. No animal should be on a chain. If you don’t have fences DON”T have dogs, IDIOTS !!

  • claudio says:

    end this mess, and make a law that ban this nazist treatment to dogs!

  • Leanne says:

    This is extremely upsetting! Bring back tougher laws against defenceless animals!

  • manja grohnert says:

    no words can describe how angry the story about storm makes me.every day we hear something about mistreatment of animals……….it is enough !!!!!!!!!!!! hope, that the law bring changes.we’re the voice of the animals.

  • sylvia says:

    this is discusting … who would chain up a dog and just leave him alone .. its like what we do to people who have murdered childern as a punishment… i hope this no chaining law is passed right away!

  • Ilham Majure says:

    Humans are hopeless, practicing cruelty on the helpless, please help stopping this kind of cruel treatment to animals who are in reality our best faithful friends; it is heart breaking seeing them suffer so much on the hands of some lunatics.

  • Purrple Krystal says:

    Adopting a pet (furkid) is like adopting a child, it is a commitment and a responsibility that requires your love, attention & protection. If you can’t live up to the commitment and responsibility, don’t adopt! People who chain dogs up and leave them neglected should NOT have dogs! Period! Laws need to be changed to protect these innocent creatures from human abuses. When these abuses cause bodily injury and death, FELONY charges and punishments need to be applied. Collectively, we can work together to make this happen; DEMAND that the laws be changed to protect these innocent beings.

  • Coleen DeLorenzo says:

    It breaks my heart and hurts my soul that people live this way on a daily basis…i just don’t understand why people don’t treat every living thing like they want to be treated….some day, in some way or another, it will come back to you, it really, really is that simple

  • Dihsarla says: one should be allowed to have any pet/s if they’re just going to kill them or if they cannot take of them for the rest of the animal’s lives. The moment you own a pet, that includes of becoming and treating them as part of the family. Ban those who have had record of animal cruelty same as well to institutions that use animals for experiments and ban their product. Stop saying that the people’s safety why you do test on animals. We can live without killing and we can also live without any of your products.