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Six Scary DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by PETA | October 21, 2011

Tired of going through racks of Halloween costumes and seeing the same old hockey masks and sexy nurse uniforms? Here are six scary DIY costumes guaranteed to make the most fearless revelers do a double-take—and then think twice about eating meat, wearing fur, or going to the circus.

Steal an idea from PETA Vice President Dan Mathews and go as KFC’s purveyor of live-chicken scalding, Colonel Sanders.

Instantly transform into bunny butcher Donna Karan by carrying some plush rabbits drenched in red paint. To complete the ensemble, lie all night about how you don’t really use fur even while you’re holding the evidence.

Clowns are scary to a lot of people, and Ronald McDonald is one of the scariest of all. Follow in Andy Dick‘s footsteps and wave around a bloody knife as you illustrate how a chicken becomes a McNugget. (Hint: It’s a lot more cruel than it has to be because McDonald’s refuses to implement a less cruel slaughter method for chickens.)

If you want the theme to your outfit to be “cold as ice,” be a Canadian seal clubber. A plush seal, a club, and a red-stained shirt will have anyone with a heartbeat running and screaming for points south of the Great White North.

If splashy is more your style, don a top hat and tails or a tight Lycra jumpsuit and you can be a Ringling Bros. animal trainer abuser. It works best if accessorized with a bullhook and paired with a partner dressed as a helpless baby elephant.

For women who want to show that fur is a bad asset, pair a Sasquatch suit with two strategically placed pillows and a diva attitude to become Jennifer Lopez. Be sure to brag about how you burn through animals like you burn through husbands.


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  • 101 funniest halloween says:

    awesome post I never thought of colnel sanders!! I’ve reated a 101 costume idea list and that would’ve been perfect on it lol May I have your permission good sir?

  • Rev. Meg says:

    A few years ago I went to a Halloween party dressed as a demented Col. Sanders, using a mask I got from PETA, a white suit from Goodwill, and a plastic costume meat cleaver. I spread the suit and the cleaver on the front lawn and doused them in fake blood made from Karo syrup and red food coloring. We had a new neigbor moving in upstairs that day and the look on her face when she saw me doing this was priceless. We have since become good friends. Last year my costume was a Ringling elephant trainer, complete with khaki shorts, a PETA t shirt with a picture of elephants chained by the feet and the legend that the circus was slavery, a real bullhook that I also got from PETA, a stuffed toy baby elephant, and a safari hat. Both of those outfits were costume contest winners as well as raising awareness of animal rights issues.

  • pawan kumar says:

    its cool