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Show Some Love—to Horses

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 15, 2013

How do horses show love? They nuzzle and groom each other.

How do people show love to horses? By refusing to ride in a horse-drawn carriage

On most Valentine’s Days, record numbers of these sensitive, skittish animals are forced to drag carriages full of people across the hard pavement, dodging loud traffic and breathing exhaust fumes. But this February 14, PETA asked people to celebrate in a truly lovely way: taking a romantic stroll and leaving abused horses out of the plan.

Demonstrators explained that in the past year alone, there have been 13 accidents involving horse-drawn carriages. There were a barrage of supportive honks and thumbs-up signs, and a group of 50 high school students saw us and cheered.

And the efforts paid off: Few people climbed aboard the carriages.

Multitudes have called on New York to ban horse-drawn carriages. Please add your name to the list today.

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