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Serbian Teacher Saves 500 Dogs

Written by PETA | April 11, 2011

After the caretaker of the only animal shelter serving a large region in Bačka Topola, Serbia, died tragically when her house burned down, 500 dogs and puppies were left to fend for themselves for weeks.


A compassionate teacher who had taken her students to the area realized that the dogs were in trouble and called PETA for help. We put her in touch with a Serbian animal rights group, Freedom for Animals, who alerted the media to the dogs’ plight. Within a week, the Serbian government had reconnected electricity to the shelter, people had donated food, a veterinarian had vaccinated the dogs, and the dogs were being spayed and neutered. Freedom for Animals is now working on getting the dogs adopted into homes.

Never doubt that just one person can make a difference. If you see an animal in trouble, get involved. Your actions can save lives.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • vida mirkovic says:

    This story is not true.You can find(link below) a true story and find about people and organizations(happy animals home-backa topola, mukitza-france and sos animals-belgrade) that actually helped.the teacher is not among them.

  • DISLE Valérie says:

    Thank you to this great man with a big heart.

  • Pyul Horbelt says:

    Thank you for your compassion.

  • Virginia Schmidt says:

    One good story out of many heartbreaking others. Thank god for wonderful people such as this lady and the people who supported this lady, and to all hard work that PETA does. Too bad there weren’t more good people out there!

  • Michelle Sibinovic says:

    Beautiful! Thank God For teachers, children, and the compassion and empathy that drives all animal angels like these ones in Serbia to act on behalf of those creatures who have no voice! We celebrate you and your efforts for the animals in Backa Topola and all over Serbia! Cheers! >^..^<

  • Carol Reins says:

    Thank God for Peta and the original caretaker of these dogs and the teacher who stepped up to the plate and made a difference in these precious lives.

  • Tammy Robertson says:


  • Jill Mortimer says:

    This is just wonderful that Peta was able to do so much – and in Serbia!!! Congratulations – there ARE many wonderful animal lovers in the world. Certainly one person CAN make that HUGE difference.

  • Mike Miura says:

    The United States of America can learn a few things from this example of compassion from a small, yet progressive country like Serbia. All the more reason to travel there and pump tourist dollars into their system. One more reason to cheer on their tennis stars and soccer teams! Onward and Upward Novak, Jelena, Ana, Janko, Victor!!