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Senators Kerry, Byrd Speak Out Over Vick Indictment

Written by PETA | July 22, 2007

Senators John Kerry and Robert Byrd have added their voices to the outrage over Vick’s alleged involvement in dogfighting rings and the NFL’s continued failure to take positive action in this case. In a letter to Commissioner Goodell, Senator Kerry writes,

I am deeply disturbed by the indictment of Michael Vick for dogfighting charges. I urge you to treat this issue with the utmost seriousness as the case progresses. In light of the seriousness of the charges, I believe that Mr. Vick should be suspended from the League, effective immediately.

And Senator Robert Byrd made this emotional speech on the subject of dogfighting in light of this incident. You can watch an excerpt here, but it included the following statement:

“Let that word resound from hill to hill and from mountain to mountain, from valley to valley across this broad land. May God help those poor souls who would be so cruel. Barbaric! Hear me!”

Right on, Senators. I’ll let you know how the NFL responds—but it’s pretty clear that the pressure is seriously mounting.

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  • John says:

    hahaha! I love how eveyone is in love with John Kerry now who shoots animals for fun and recreation! Way to stick to your “morals”

  • Paul says:

    So Kerry is saying it’s ok to shoot birds and deers but not dogs. All you guys love Kerry now. You guys are so hypocritical.

  • Jennifer Nash says:

    To the person who suggested that the NFL wait to suspend Vick until convicted The problem with this is that the NFL has a “code of conduct” amongst its players that they are suppose to abide by. Other players have been suspended for lesser charges and it is just setting a bad example. Vick unfornately is a role model to many young adults and if the NFL does not act it will say to these individuals that dog fighting is tolerable in society. The Commissioner who supposedly has a “zero tolerance” for “bad behavior” is being a hypocrite and placing monetary issues before moral issues.Dog fighting is disgusting degrading sick and Vick’s indictment should be taken with complete seriousness.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    To find out how your Senators and Reps feel about the animal issues please go to and then click one more time on compassion index and you will be able to find out about every congressperson in the U.S Judith

  • Corey says:

    It’s interesting how John Kerry finally found the time to take a strong stance on an important issue. Too bad he didn’t do this during the 2004 presidential campaign. Also based on Sen. Byrd’s history I wonder if the “special place in hell” he refers to is close to the one reserved for those who terrorized black people in this country hiding behind white sheets. Needless to say I do not but any relevance in their comments. More importantly to those who frequent this site and to members of PETA I think you should ask yourselves two questions to determine whether you are acting rationally. “Are you actions of protest really reflecting an attitude of innocence until guilt is proved?” and “if Michael Vick is exonerated will you accept that verdict or will he always be guilty in your eyes regardless of the result?” While the acusations leveled are definitely vile we should allow all the facts to be heard and Michael Vick should be allowed his day in court.

  • George Bush says:

    Guilty schmilty. Burn him!

  • Cade says:

    I was a student during the last election but followed the campaign of Kerry closely. I’m not a bit surprised that he spoke up He made it apparent that he had a love for our furry friends and for the game of football at various points. I think he’s a wonderful individual and wish I could have another opportunity to vote for him. But I do agree Gore would be a good choice! Regardless Vick should be suspended by the Falcons or NFL the two need to quit waiting on each other. This is very cruel and we have saw with various crimes in the past it usually stars with animals. I thought Nike had already indicated they no longer had an interest in placing a product on the market with Vick’s likenesses Has this changed or did I hear wrong?

  • Susannah says:

    I can’t recall who said that Senator Byrd had been a “Klansman” on this blog. I am originally from W.Va. living in NY nowand I have followed Senator Byrd’s career closely for a long time. When he was 17 or 18 years old he was very briefly recruited by the Klan and he would be the first to acknowledge that and apologize for it. Don’t forget West Virginia became a state during the Civil War because it was AGAINST leaving the Union and against slavery. Sen. Byrd was a kid who came up the hard way and over the years he educated himself to the point where he is now a true “elder Statesman” who has well earned the respect he enjoys in Congress today. For years he has been a staunch advocate for animals and my suggestion would be that PETA should meet with him and try to get him on board against factory farming and the fur trade. He would be a warrior for the cause!

  • Nathan Green says:

    Shouldn’t we wait to see what happens in the case before we judge. Don’t get me wrong if evidence shows he has anything to do with cruelty to animals than he should and will be released from the NFL and will lose all his endorsments. I think we should wait and see what the out come of the inditment is befor we condem the man. But even if they find him inecent of all wrong doing but the evidence shows he was awhre then proteset.

  • kelly says:

    We absolutely need stronger laws and to accomplish that we all need to write to or call our legislators state or local and demand them Those letters and calls really do make a difference!!!

  • Erin N. says:

    I’m glad to see they have spoken up about the issue.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Please those of you letting politicians know we appreciate their response to Vick’s house of horrors also contact Senator John Warner and Jim Webb and ask them why they have been mute on this issue after all they are supposed to defend the reputation of Virginia. Also contact Commonwealth Attorney General from Surry Co.Gerald Poindexter and ask why he has still not issued an indictment even though he has known of this for months. Does he have celebrity envy race bias or was he a guest at the bloody festivities? If the Feds had not stepped in kudos to them most people would still not be aware of the animal abuse being celebrated as entertainment at that house.

  • Maya says:

    Ariel I had no idea about all of that! I really should inform myself better about our political proceedings. Thank you for that great information!


    I just saw Senator Byrd’s speech on IDAUSA! This is really great and thanks also to Senator Kerry for speaking up the two are amazing we need their help because it is like falling back into stone age horrible! Cavepeople outthere you here me! Everybody involved in dogfighting is a perverted caveman!

  • Ariel says:

    to Patrick Thrasher Sen. Byrd “rhetoric” etc.??? Did it ever occur to you that he has a very compassionate heart which you choose to interpret as “rhetoric?” to Maya Sen. Byrd has been speaking out about animals’ rights for YEARS. In fact one time many years ago he was acknowledged and applauded in the “PeTA Times” for his ongoing support of animal issues. Then we have Sen. Durbin IL who headed the panel at the pet food recall Senate subcommittee hearing on Cspan April 12 along with Sen. Byrd and another Sen. very sorry that I forget his name at the moment. Sen. Durbin was BEYOND outraged at the lame reports from the FDA and the Exec. Dir. of the pet food industry. Sen. Durbin is keeping on top of the recall issue and demanding changes in pet foods and labeling NOW! There are a other Senators who have been speaking out about animal rights over the years but I’m very sorry that I can’t remember their names. p.s. and yes I agree Al Gore for president!

  • Bonnie says:

    Everyone should demand that Michael Vick be suspended immediately and then prosecuted to the full extent possible. He is a piece of human excrement. Please everyone write to all his sponsers as well telling them that you will boycott their products unless they drop him. There will be no NFL watched in my home until he is fired.

  • coolfusion says:

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  • Maya says:

    Well this is new! When’s the last time we saw a Senator speak up over animal rights? Never? I hope this is a turning point. ps Al Gore for president.

  • Patrick Thrasher says:

    I LOVE Senator Byrd’s rhetoric. He talks like that about Everything.