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School Teaches Kids to Mind Their Peas and Cukes

Written by PETA | May 13, 2011

An elementary school in Denver, Colorado, is giving its students food for thought. To promote healthy eating habits among its students, SOAR has become Colorado’s first vegetarian school and earned itself a Compassionate School Award from PETA, for saving the lives of countless animals.

“There is tons of research about plant-based foods preventing disease,” said SOAR’s head of school, Gianna Cassetta. “[W]e’re making a difference in the way people think about food. Hopefully by the time our kids are in fifth grade, they’ll be very conscious about what they eat.”

Pupils, teachers, and PETA staff members talk about Meat-Free Monday, a global project in schools to help students protect the environment, help animals, conserve resources, and improve their health.

And it’s working. SOAR lunches are loaded with fruits and vegetables, and even the food students bring from home must adhere to SOAR’s guidelines. Parents report that when they are grocery shopping, if something isn’t healthy enough to go school, it goes back on the shelf. SOAR is continuing its quest for a new generation of healthy kids with the opening of a second school next year.

To help the kids in your life make the switch to a healthy vegan diet that will help prevent heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases, visit

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Cathy says:

    @all of you calling me wrong. DONT GET ME WRONG I L-O-V-E animals. But i am right people DO need meat in their diets other wise we will all end up taking vitamins to replace what we arent getting from a all veggie diet. Also before the 1850’s there was only a few million people on the planet so of coarse we lived in harmony, duh. *rolls eyes* You cannot ‘create’ vegen kids because i bet you anything that they still eat meat at home so its kinda pointless to make them eat only veggies. And i am a carnivore…the only veg i like is carrot.

  • Get Real says:

    Cathy, unlike a wolf humans are not carnivores, we do not need meet to survive or be healthy. I haven’t eaten meat for over 5 years and have never had any health problems because of it. I feel better than I ever did when I ate meat so don’t lie to make yourself feel better for supporting cruelty and contributing to the many environmental problems that livestock production causes. By the way if the world stopped eating animals we wouldn’t be over run because the breeding of those animals would stop, wake up!

  • Loveanimals says:

    Are people like Cathy for real? Are you kidding me, “besides if we stopped eating meat the world would become over run with animals”? Are people really this stupid? Over run with animals? For millions of years, BEFORE humans animals managed to live just fine and in fact treated the Earth MUCH better than humans ever have. Animals have always been able to manage their natural resources and when they don’t have enough, they either don’t reproduce or their young won’t survive.

  • Buddie says:

    I would have to agree Cathy’s comment. Moderation is the key to anything we eat, including meat. I love fruits and vegetables, but also include a little meat in my diet. Meat can cause diseases, but only if you eat too much of it and not enough fruits and vegetables. Exercise is also important to maintain your health.

  • MA Moore says:

    Correction Cathy, “if people stopped eating meat the world would become over run with animals”…..The fact is that there are so many people, our natural resources (animals and ocean life) cannot continue to support the current populations. If we don’t change our meat eating ways, the current supply and demand crisis will take a turn for the worse! Go Vegan today!

  • MA Moo says:

    Cathy, that is what seperates higher human intelligance from lower order species. Those who are intelligent choose plant based foods and alternatives to animal products. I would like to think in the 21st century, man has evolved from barbaric hunting and flesh eating practices! All the science we have indicates animal based foods cause heart disease, diabetes and stroke!

  • Harlie says:

    Um cathy, the point of not eating meat for some people is to try and help the system CHANGE so animals are slaughtered humanely etc. Also the amount of meat that americans eat in their regular diets is dangerous and thats why heart disease our number one killer. Also you don’t have to give up meat you can just eat less, especially red meat.

  • MA Moo says:

    Awesome! Lets keep the momentum going!

  • Cathy says:

    Sorry, but i dont like this idea. Its like telling a wolf to stop hunting and start eating something that would make her sick. People need meet in their diet! I’m a meat eater and that is NEVER going to change, besides if we stopped eating meat the world would become over run with animals and there are to many humans already the earth couldnt take the stress because its already having trouble keeping up with us.

  • Patti says:

    This is awesome, it’s a great start for both worlds of humans and animals. It’s a healthier way of life. Thank you for sharing this and for starting somewhere important as a school. wonderful idea. Bless the beasts and the chidren — by Karen Carpenter