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All We Are Saying Is Give Geese a Chance

Written by PETA | June 5, 2007

Check out this amazing song and video made by Bryan Harrell in support of the Chicago foie gras ban. I particularly love the shot of signs that are popping up all over town because Mayor Daley is pushing to bring the Olympics to the city . . .

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  • William E. Beck says:

    Foie Gras is the crulest and most inhumane way of producing enlarged Deseased Livers and very Very bad Abuse of a Geese. These Geese were put on this Panet to show us beauty of this planet and Fello animal and Mammal and U.S. American Taxpayer these people involved in this crime against Humanity should be given Felony Prison time and not let such a Beutifull Bird and Harmless be subject to such Barberic Actions. Birds need respect and dignity to live out there entire life in there natuaral Habitate and not be exposed to such a Unnesisary Delicocy for sick minds just to eat a sick practice that some scientist ivented do it to your own kids and let wild aimals eat a delicousy complements of the United States Government and American Citizans. I’m sure they would be happy to just like these sick American Citizens doing it and not knowing that Birds are more smarter than cats and Dogs. We don’t eat Dogs and cats in this country but why eat birds they have feelings to and have long natural lives and are less harmfull than cats and Dogs that are brought up in a Abusive home. Have a Nice Day.

  • Becca says:

    Although all animals aren’t treated so great before they hit the table of meateaters foie gras has to be one of the cruelest practices out there. I hope the ban sticks!

  • Heather Blomfield says:

    Hurray to Bryan Harrell I love this song!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    All together now… G All we are D Saying… Is C………..Bm……….Am………….G Give …. Geese …. A …………. Chance

  • Janet Fitzgerald says:

    How can anyone see these images and still want to repeal the ban? Major Daley is a reallife Boogieman for these animals. P.S. I like the images of the priest rabbi speaking up. Nice touch.