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Update: Elephant out of UniverSoul but Not out of the Woods Yet

Written by PETA | March 4, 2013

Update 2: Thanks for your calls and e-mails in Nosey’s behalf.  We have learned that Nosey is no longer appearing with UniverSoul Circus. PETA will, of course, continue to monitor her situation, and we’ll post updates here. Please learn more about ways to help animals used for entertainment

Update: As UniverSoul Circus prepares to force Nosey to perform next week in Tallahassee, Florida, actor Cheryl Hines has written an urgent letter to the manager of the North Florida Fairgrounds imploring him to cancel the ailing elephant’s appearances. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has also added his voice in a plea to stop UniverSoul Circus from allowing Nosey to perform. Local activists have also planned to demonstrate at the fairgrounds in Nosey’s behalf. 

Originally posted on February 20th, 2013:

Can you help us help Nosey, an ailing elephant exhibited by Hugo Liebel? Recent photographs of her led an elephant expert to conclude that her health is worsening, and PETA is calling on local law enforcement and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to confiscate Nosey, who will soon be forced to perform with UniverSoul Circus

Snapshots of Suffering

The photos were taken during a recent Liebel Family Circus show in Davenport, Florida. (PETA had urged Davenport officials to cancel the show, but they failed to act to protect Nosey.) Upon review, a veterinarian with decades of experience treating and caring for elephants determined that Nosey’s painful skin condition continues to deteriorate and that she is suffering as a result.

In addition to these welfare concerns, records just obtained by PETA reveal that Nosey tested positive on a StatPak test for tuberculosis (TB) antibodies in January 2012. A positive test can be an early indicator of TB infection, which is highly transmissible between elephants and humans. Indeed, direct contact with a TB-positive elephant is not necessary for transmission of the disease. This is particularly worrisome given Liebel’s record of unlawful unsupervised and dangerous contact between Nosey and the public.

UniverSoul Doesn’t Care

Liebel has been abusing and neglecting Nosey for years. PETA has been filing complaints against the circus with the USDA for nearly a decade—more than a dozen of them since 2009. In March, Liebel is set to face almost three dozen formal charges for violations of the Animal Welfare Act—most of them relating to Nosey, including repeatedly chaining her so tightly that she could barely move and repeatedly denying her veterinary care.

Upon learning through a public records request that UniverSoul Circus planned to use Nosey in its Florida shows, PETA implored UniverSoul CEO Cedric Walker to spare the suffering elephant but has received no response, so the group is stepping up its campaign to get Nosey the help that she so desperately requires.

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  • Víctor fernández Cox says:

    When are we all going to get involve in being more “humans”

  • régine ducène says:

    It’s too sad for this poor elephant !!! I love them and it’s horrific and shame for the bad people !!!! I hate them …. suffering for them and more !!grrrrrrr !!!!! monsters !

  • Yvonne Fast says:

    Outrageous that an animal get treated like this in a modern country that should know better. And should have modern laws against animal abuse. What a shame it is. I cross my fingers that the people in charge will come to their senses and have it all stopped. Send this poor animal to a sanctuary where she can live out her life in peace and harmony!

  • Critha Franse says:

    I am ashamed to be a human and an American when I see someone like this man able to live in this country and openly abuse this poor elephant. No compassion and no soul! He should be banned from being miles and miles away from any living being!!!

  • Susanna Ermini says:

    now people do not like to see animals locked. people enjoy the shows without animals. please: released this elephant is suffering greatly.

  • sara says:

    Stupid people should be chained and deprived everything natural to them. Stupid people, can’t take this abuse to Nosey. Just want to hug her. Thanks PETA!!!!

  • Jasmith says:

    I was very excited to take my girls to see this show. I’m glad I read global grind, My family and I will not support this show and i have sent an email to UniverSoul letting them know just that. They won’t see a penny of my money. Thank you..

  • Blissab says:

    The suffering of these elephants make me sick to my stomach. I know all animals suffer from the hands of humans, but the captive elephant population sickens me to no end. This country should ban all circuses and entertainment that feature animal participation. These people who train these elephants are sick, cruel, sadistic, ignorant, bastards who abuse these wonderful creatures for the simple-minded amusement of similarly minded ignorant consumers. Andre Bliss

  • Mark says:

    Unbelievable that in 2013, this kind of animal mistreatment is still happening. Such a shame. I hope UniverSoul comes to their senses and Nosey is spared from performing.

  • Rachel says:

    PLEASE!! We need to help this elephant – I just emailed and will share with all of my friends and family. How sad. 🙁

  • lisa says:

    And like myself i would think the people that want to help would want to get in there and take her

  • lisa says:

    How can a huge Country like the USA let animals suffer like Nosey look at her, she is suffering, depressed,sad and lonely and still you let her suffer in the hands of these barbarics, animals dont have a chance in your Country there seems to be no laws this poor elephant has been suffering for years absolutely disgusted get in ther and get her out before she dies.