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Ryan Gosling, Our Hero

Written by PETA | September 12, 2011

Ryan Gosling has certainly earned his cape this month. First, he broke up a street fight in Manhattan. Then, the Academy Award-nominated actor leapt to the defense of chickens and turkeys on factory farms. Gosling wrote a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on PETA’s behalf calling on the agency to revoke its approval of a foam-based extermination method that kills birds by submerging them in foam to slowly suffocate them. This process can take up to 15 minutes and is as traumatic and panic-inducing as killing birds by choking them, strangling them, smothering them, or burying them alive.

“If dogs and cats were killed in this way, the person committing these acts would be charged with cruelty to animals,” Gosling wrote. He went on to urge the USDA to put its stamp of approval on a less cruel alternative that uses carbon dioxide to painlessly render birds unconscious and that has already been approved by veterinary experts.

This isn’t the first time that Gosling has flexed his impressive muscles in birds’ behalf. He previously wrote to KFC and McDonald’s urging the fast-food chains to adopt PETA’s proposed animal welfare reforms.

We just love a guy who has such a drive to stick up for chicks. You can be a hero for animals, too—don’t patronize McDonald’s or KFC.


Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • vincenzo says:

    Thank you Ryan

  • JessyGirL says:

    Ewww, exterminate birds?! Why?!?! That is so sad & the more I keep reading this stuff, the more I want to go back to being a vegetarian…It was a hard diet for me to keep up with, but I love animals that much, so I can’t support this crap & these disgusting multi billion dollar industries…I don’t see how this can even be healthy for humans to eat, so no wonder you always hear about all these cases of salmonella, etc coming out in foods…Kudos to Ryan & all the other people who support good causes for animals & want to help them…I wish I was standing right beside you to help more than just reading this stuff online…I never mind getting my hands dirty! 🙂

  • Jennifer Levee says:

    I didn’t really know who Ryan Gosling was until my daughter made me watch Crazy, Stupid,Love. Then people kept showing me articles of him being a humanitarian. I was clueless! I have never read more positive glowing articles of a man at age 31 who cares so much about animals and children and is able to keep up with a promising acting career and who is so devoted to his family. You are truly faithful to things you love and that is great. I can’t believe people don’t care about animals and am disgusted how people treat them. I am thorougly impressed how Ryan can continue to take care of animals and children through great causes, those who need our protection the most. Keep doing what you are doing because it is for a good cause. You are very special. I am glad to help with such a cause…Thanks!

  • chelseelynn says:

    Who could ever even have the heart to eat meat, caged chickens are so sad they are not ment to be thrown in cages, there ment to run around and live there lives just like every other animals. No animal deserves this 🙁 it hurts my heart so much to see this. I cant even explain how much things like this upset me, I do as much as I can to stop this cruel inhuman activity.

  • Vicky says:

    Well done Ryan and all those who turn against animal cruelty and boycott KFC and Macdonalds. there has been a huge campaign in England promoting all the ‘British’ meat and farmer support from Macdonalds, makes me feel ill when I see the child being handed a packet of cruelty from this brand. Please tell friends and relative to stop going to this grotesque establishmentXXXXX

  • Shahin says:

    Way to go, Ryan. You’ve proved to be a real human being, and a real hero. (Drive reference, lol…)

  • michelle says:

    Thank you Ryan, You are a true star to use your influence for the defenseless chickens. You are admired by all for your actions, thank you.

  • Donna Hoffman says:

    Thank you Ryan, you are a wonderful person.

  • Loretta Harnarine says:

    I have been a vegetarian since I lived on a farm (temporarily) in 1971. This is 40 years and I am 70 now and in great health. I speak up for all of God’s beautiful creatures all the time and feel like I am getting nowhere. It is so wonderful that Ryan Gosling is using his star status to help get the word out to these people who are using cruel methods to kill these animals. Please people, we don’t need to eat animals of any kind. Do yourself a big favour and become vegetarian or vegan. You will feel so much better and feel so happy with your choice. FOR THE ANIMALS

  • jone says:

    Thank you Ryan for helping the animals.i have become a vegetarian because of how the industries treats & kills the animals.I only became aware of this a few yrs ago and it is thru telling others,having them see what goes on with the food on their plates that people will make different choice.I sometime misses old family recepies but i could never ever again consume animals,mammals,birds,fishes.what they have to suffer is unnacceptable!i long for a day where these cruelties no longer exist.i am well aware it will take some more time but at last it has begun.keep spreading the knowledge,it worked with me!

  • Stephanie Sullivan says:

    What they do to animals, should be done to them.

  • Susan Barry says:

    Thank you Ryan for making people aware of the suffering poultry suffer. No more poultry for me!!

  • AMANDA says:

    The chicken farm at Mepkin Abbey, near Charleston, South Carolina was closed for ill treatment of their animals. I always respected “the brothers” as good human beings. Now I feel they are just a bunch of losers looking for a free place to live! GREAT men have always stood strong in protecting good against evil, because they cared. Thanks for being one of those GREAT caring men, who is willing to STAND STRONG against cruelty to our creatures. Now we have reason to love you even more…

  • CeCe says:

    I’m a vegetarian…. So meat poultry fish are not in my diet…So can’t really say too much..sorry..But power to you Ryan!!

  • Animale luver says:

    A huge shout out to Ryan, you’re such a hero, and one of the first real humans I’ve ever seen! I’m going to stop eating at mcdonalds, I HATE they’re mcnuggets evn more now!

  • Smokey says:

    What a man! God bless him for taking a stand! As a non-famous person, I write over and over to different companies, Canada(re: seal hunt), etc. but never even receive a response. Bless Ryan for using his fame to try to help those who cannot help themselves….he is an inspiration for the rest of us to keep trying. ALSO, everyone of us should try to at least become a vegetarian….it is a start.

  • Tasha says:

    make me love him even more!

  • Christine says:

    adored him since ‘notebook’ and now he is a HERO!!!! the absurd cruelty needs to STOP. THANK YOU TO RYAN!!!!!!

  • Julie Quinones says:

    I completely agree with Ryan Gosling. It’s bad enough that people kill these animals to eat them. They should not also have to endure this pain and suffering before they die. I hope the USDA will outlaw all cruel slaughter methods and instead promote the use of carbon dioxide though I personally am a vegan and do not consume any animal products since becoming aware of how animals suffer when used for profit.

  • gloria taber says:

    Ryan, you’re my hero!! Anyone who sticks up for the creatures of our world is solid gold. We surely do need more celebrities like you. This is an excellent way to use your celeb status. Keep up the good work!

  • Janet in GA says:

    I have loved Ryan Gosling since I saw him in the Notebook…just something special about this guy and now I know why…he has a gentle spirit. It breaks my heart that animals are used for food. I live in a chicken state that has many chicken farms so I see truckloads of them being hauled in small crates many miles to their fate. They sit stuffed in these crates on trucks for hours or overnight in all types of weather conditions, some in the middle of the crates, I don’t know how they survive the ride with no fresh air, covered in feces. Breaks my heart. Makes me sick to see their bodies cut up in grocery stores. If not for PETA, these cruelties would not be exposed.

  • claudio says:

    Fortunately people like Ryan exist to testify that not all are “in a dangerous breed like humans” and still respect other living beings! My personal Thanks goes to this good guy! Claudio from Italy

  • Jo says:

    I agree with you GM, I think poultry have suffered horrific treatment for a long time and on such a huge scale it’s mindblowing – and people have to be exposed to these stories. But how on earth do you tackle the general apathy that exists in this ‘me, me, me’ society we live in?

  • Kelly Landrus says:

    Go Ryan!!!!! You seem like a pretty nice cat! Thanks for doing good things for the beautiful creatures in this world 🙂

  • Sharon F. says:

    It’s not HOW they are killed; it’s THAT they are killed that is so sickening and immoral. Imagine that humans were being raised and killed for their meat and you will realize how cruel, nauseating and preposterous eating living beings and their secretions really is. Being vegan is the moral baseline for all of us.

  • carolina martinez says:

    Love him!!We need more people like Ryan

  • Bhumika says:

    ur doin a gud thing bt in my opinion, birds or any other form of animal should not be harmed just for taste. i myself am a vegetarian and support this cause. keep up the gud work ‘PETA’, IM WITH U

  • Daniela says:

    Its so great to hear that there are still actors that use ther influence in people to do things right with animals, I wonder what would happen if more and more actors keep getting involved in this wonderful cause, and not only actors but all of us really….

  • Iris Francescon says:

    World needs desperately more people like Ryan Gosling, that uses his status for things really matters.

  • Faith says:

    This country makes me sick. We are a corporate state, now, run by corporate-paid shills in Congress. Pathetic.

  • Regina says:

    That’s really a hero! It’s outrageous that this method is still allowed and it’s great if people protest. Most people have no clue this is done to chickens, me neither. 🙁

  • Brittany says:

    We need more people like Ryan who’s voice is loud because of being famous to write letters like this one. Wonderful! Were all in this together:)

  • GM says: