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Ringling Elephant Attack in Miami

Written by PETA | January 15, 2008

We were recently informed by a whistleblower that Ringling trainer Joe Frisco Jr. was attacked by one of the elephants used by the circus, sustaining injuries severe enough to send him to the hospital. The source claimed that Frisco “has been pounding” on the elephant, which, given the Frisco family’s penchant for violently abusing animals, sounds about right to me. Joe’s brother Tim Frisco was caught on tape viciously beating elephants with steel-tipped bullhooks for the Carson & Barnes Circus, and you can watch video footage showing some of Tim Frisco’s “work” for the circus below. We’ve asked the USDA to look into this incident, so I’ll let you know how that investigation turns out.


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  • Jo-Ann G. says:

    I wish I could beat them with sticks and hooks.Wherever the circus CLOWNS are that beat those poor elephants are I hope they get what they deserve! Remember payback’s a BITCH…

  • Sam says:

    why do the abusive owners always blame the animal?

  • anony says:

    i dont blame those elephant hell if anyone of my family member die from someone beating them up or shooting them i would wanna kill that bastard that did it. animals is very unpredictable and thats what happens when u mistreat them.

  • alicia says:

    what kind of elephant was it because im studing for elephants

  • sensitivesoul says:

    looking at this video makes me want to cry. I love elephant and seeing them being abused like this… Okay this video has succeded in making me cry…