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Reaching Out to Paris Hilton

Written by PETA | June 12, 2007
ChinaDaly/Creative Commons

As PETA Vice President Dan Mathews pointed out in his letter to Paris Hilton today, the pair of them now have a common bond: they’ve both spent time in the big house. Dan’s hope is that Paris’ experiences being locked away with a bunch of disgruntled chicks will give her just a bit of insight into the lousy conditions that the chicks who are routinely crammed into tiny cages for KFC have to suffer on their way to the fast-food chain’s buckets, and he’s asked her to narrate a brief video for PETA detailing KFC’s abuse of birds. Dan, who obviously has a soft spot for imprisoned celebrities, has had success with this tactic in the past—when Martha Stewart was incarcerated, she was so moved by his letter that she gave up wearing fur and later narrated an anti-fur video for us, so here’s hoping that Paris will have the same open-minded response to this little overture. As Dan points out, “Unlike inmates at the jail in L.A., these animals get no reprieve or medical treatment.” And Paris has plenty of time to mull it over. You can read the letter here. Dan_letter_to_Paris_Hilton_in_prison.jpg

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  • name says:

    can you do thi for me

  • Dolly says:

    honestly about the Cat comments… A cat doesn’t even eat its preys… THEY DO. If they are hungry. Is the curious instinct of the cat who move it to chase birds. but WE ARE NOT ANIMALS so I am vegan who love animals

  • kim says:

    The is to the eyes about the comment made on cats. You need to get a life it is only natural the way cats kill. But when fed and taken care of they are very loveable creatures. I have had cats in my family for years and they get along with my birds and rat. So stick it up your cat hating ass and learn a few things.

  • Christina says:

    I don’t think someone convicted of drunk driving is the type of person PETA should be associating with.

  • Sydney says:

    I find that the hardest part about being vegetarian is the meateaters. Not once have I tried to change others into becoming vegetarians. I am often ridiculed for what I eat. For me it seems that the people who make fun of me are jealous of my will and my strength to become a vegetarian. Haley if you don’t insult “us” for our beliefs then we won’t insult you for what you believe in. Most of “us” are just compassionate human beings who have made a personal choice to change our own lifestyles for whatever reason that may be. I know others have been saying you’re young so what do you know. I’m only 18. It is not a matter of age but a willingness to open your mind and be more understanding. For me I am a vegetarian not because I don’t want to eat meat and yes it is the “circle of life” I am vegetarian because I don’t agree with the treatment of the animals we eat. In nature a lion catches it’s prey in a gruesome way but at least it’s supper has lived a life of freedom. Who are we to take away the freedom of another innocent creature? To care about the well being of other sensitive living beings is not “psychotic”. Society tells us which animal is for eating and which one is for loving and companionship. What makes my dogs more worthy of care health and love then a cow? Ofcourse no issue is black and white. However I ask you Haley to try and be more openminded and understanding.

  • Donald says:

    Poor PETA. They will never be taken seriously. Especially with current administration shooting themselves in the foot every time they turn around. Poor stupid PETA

  • Chasity says:

    I am so glad that people agree with me about “The Eyes” saying cats are the cruelest killers in the world.

  • Cheryl says:

    Paris I am so sorry that this has happened to you this is in a much bigger way but animals are put in cages in China and then skinned alive or other tortures that happen if you care at all about animals please on where their skin. I am sure you know have an idea about how it feels to be in a cage and scared to death.

  • Michele says:

    People have also been KILLED or have become seriously ill from medicines that were approved based on animal testing. Only 8 of approved animaltested medicines actually benefit humans meaning that 92 of them have FAILED meaning that BILLIONS and BILLIONS of lives have been wasted on useless testing. I would not be comforted knowing that my life could be improvedsaved if animals had been needlessly killed in the process. Rojo you sure seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on this site considering that you do not seem to agree with many if any of PETA’s statements. Have you watched all of their videos yet??? I bet you will not do so because then you would have to admit that many of your views condone serious animal cruelty.

  • rojo says:

    michele so penicillen may not have passed the tests so what millions of lives have been saved by products that did. We now have different ways to model medicines so now it is safer to go straight to human testing. It wasn’t once.

  • Dana says:

    Why do meat eaters even bother and comment on what vegetarians say or do leave them alone and stop attacking them. I think that you are just upset because you know that being vegetarian is correct and healthier so you keep denying it by attacking vegetarians because it makes you feel better. Anyway whatever you say will not affect us it will only make us insist more and more.

  • sue says:

    I am a fan of Paris I think the SImple Life is a kick. When they were on the farm it was an eye opener to see the farmers de feather the chicken Paris said “I love animals I can’t do that Iam going to be sick” Yet I see many pics of her wearing FUR in many modeling parties. SHE would be a GREAT antifur spokesperson she probably has no idea the pain and suffereing that an animal goes through. Her first movie out of jail should be EARTHLINGS. THEN she’ll understand us all.

  • nadine griffith says:

    haley that is my daughters’ name and it is a very pretty one. my hayley lives on a farm with all sorts of animals we are a sanctuary of sorts. have you ever met up close a cow or a chicken? i would put money on the fact that you would be pleasently surprised and probably even smile. cows have the most wonderful noses and eyes that might even melt your heart. chickens don’t like the rain and as soon as the sun goes down they roost almost on cue. i am not old occasionally i do ride a horse you would probably like my horses most of them are rescues from a slaughter house they are kind and responsive with affection. my children eat meat. i try to limit the meat my children eat for health reasons. eating meat is a choice haley and if that is yours i respect it. please don’t belittle people who choose not to and the animals that give up their lives. Paris could add exposure to there plight. she might find that doing good for a cause might help along the road to maturity too. PETA keep up the great work.

  • Sticky says:

    I love Paris Hilton!!I would be happy if she gave up eating animals.All haters need to stop being bitter.People hate her because she has a great fashion senseis an heiressis girly and has a super cute dog.

  • Pamela Locke says:

    What a good ideaDanto reach out for Paris’s help.She could reach a whole new audience. People need to know the horrors behind KFC.PETA is a wonderful group who understand how much the animals need our help. No living breathing creature deserves to feel pain or be mistreated IN ANY WAY! Remember ANIMALS CANT SPEAK we need to be there voice. Many of the laboratory experiments are unessecary and animal cruelty should be punished to the full extent of the law. If you disagree you just don’t get it!!! More power to PETA and Dan Mathews lets hope Paris knows a great opportunity when it’s offered Pamela L.

  • Heinz says:

    Haley Do you honeslty believe that we should eat meat just because thats what carniverous animals do? And don’t tell me you think you know PETA when you think cruelty is the only issue!

  • Haley says:

    My age has absolutely no basis on whether or not my opinion is educated. Therefore don’t try to belittle me! There are plenty of old people JP who have less sense than a teenager so get off your high horses people! When it comes to knowledge about certain things like PETA age is nothing but a number. Eat meat! Enjoy the savory taste of it! The animals sure do! I like animals honest I do but I don’t share the psychotic love you have. Why is eating meat wrong? Tell me that! Besides the whole “animal abuse” topic why is it wrong? Accept that your opinions are completely worthless America or any other place in the world will never be completely vegan and keep it moving Youre just wasting your time!

  • nadine griffith says:

    it is called “evolution”. That is where PETA is pushing forward. An aware conscience is part of the evolution of mankind. we are moving towards it whether some people like it or not. we all benefit. children like haley will be a part of a declining race one can only hope.

  • Dee Dee says:

    Paris Hilton is Paris Hilton because her parents have brought her up wrong. I believe she will do the PSA as she is a compassionate person when educated. She will have plenty of time to think about what she has done in the past and what she can do in the future to help others. As for Hayley and The Eyes words escape me. I know I wouldn’t waste my time and energy reading a web site I had no interest in so do yourselves and us a favour and disappear.

  • Patty H says:

    She needs to see the puppy mills video with Cherlize Theron. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw her crying in the back of that police car….that something good is definitely going to come out of this. Paris Hilton has the ability now to change the world. All eyes are on her so let’s hope she’ll make us animal lover’s proud!

  • elgin lee baker says:


  • stephanie schackney says:

    when i hope this letter will change paris hilton’s mind

  • whitney says:

    I don’t believe that eating meat or using animal products makes humans heartless or cruel. The level to which it has been taken is out of control. Inhumanely keeping hurting torturing and killing animals is what I disagree with 100. There is absolutely no reason to harm and torture animals just because they will soon be killed and sent away. I also don’t agree with the amount of waste there in in this world. Instead of using the animal to the fullest extent we take what we want and dispose of the rest. The medical benefits of a veganvegitarian lifestyle are wonderful. It blows my mind that people don’t want to take a simple step in improving their health and quality of life. These are my reasons for leading a vegan lifestyle. Anyone else agreedisagree?

  • JP says:

    Haley I remember being 15 well it wasn’t that long ago and so I remember what it is like to think you know it all. And to think that your opinion is the right one. But you have A LOT of growing up to do. Think of it this way its not just about not eating meat. It is about the pain and suffering these defenceless animals have to endure before you get that meat on your plate. We hear stories in the news sometimes of children that have been disgustingly mistreated by their parents. Locked away malnourished and beaten to within an inch of their lives. And the world is always horrified by these stories how can a person do that to another person? Well surely it is the same for these animals? And yet you seem to think it is in some way different and even ok. You are questioning the work of an organisation that is fighting to stop this happening to animals. Why? Why should these animals be treated this way just so you can get your KFC faster? PETA fights for the ‘ethical’ treatment of animals. That is what this is all about. Unfortunately we do live in a day and age where the demand for meat is high. But I stand with PETA to try and educate ignorant young people like yourself about how we should meet this demand. Battery hens gestation crates and all other aspects of unethical farming are not NECESSARY. And that is the point and importance of PETA if it isn’t necessary don’t do it.

  • Maria says:

    A lot of people are uneducated and we must not give them attention…its like fighting with a retard. BACK TO THE TOPIC… I think everyone deserves a second chance sure Paris has acted bad but she didn’t murder anybody y’know? And if she is willing to help it goes to show us that she is indeed capable of change and that she’s got a heart.

  • Lynda Rizzo says:

    I know you did the correct action by asking Paris now it is up to her to step up. I am very proud to be a member of PETA who very often is getting attention with Pamela Anderson’s actions for the animals. I wish the whole world was as loving as us.

  • bella says:

    Paris? Can you not think of anyone else besides her? I wouldn’t trust her. She is known to be a little untrustworthy. If you can’t find someone else to do the PETA ad I will.

  • gary fair says: read what the march of dimes spends 30 million a year your money on..