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Protesters Demand Action for Sunder

Written by PETA | October 19, 2012

Many of you have joined PETA and PETA India (as well as Paul McCartney) in calling for the release of Sunder, the horribly abused baby elephant who was held captive in spiked chains in a dark shed at the Jyotiba Temple in Maharashtra, India. Despite assurances from the government that Sunder would be taken into protective custody, the authorities fear retaliation from the temple trustees if they seize him, and now the little elephant has been moved not to a sanctuary but into a heavily guarded factory compound where no one can see him. PETA India has stepped up pressure for Sunder’s release, including holding this demonstration outside the office of the principal chief conservator of forests, sending a message that he could hardly have missed:

Our friends in Mumbai report that they’ve been fielding calls from people who are exasperated with the government’s inaction and eager to see as much attention as possible brought to Sunder’s predicament until he is released. Stay tuned …

What You Can Do

In the Americas, many elephants are also held captive and abused by circuses—please help set them free.

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  • Dawn Peer says:

    I have joined this cause on Facebook. Go to ‘Free Sunder Now’ on Facebook.

  • jan betts says:

    why is the order to move sunder to sanctuary being ignored the law is the law why is it not being implemented i do not understand why this is taking so long

    • Lauren says:

      Anything new on this? It was on the news but have heard no updates. Is anyone doing anything to rescue this elephant?

  • Sherry Silver says:

    Where is the petition for saving Sunder? What do I have to do?

  • Ann Courmouzis says:

    What can we do to help? What does PETA India need to be more effective in this case? Why don’t more people know about it? There should be a million comments on this sight. This area took me 15 minutes of searching the site to find – it should be on the first page!

  • Penny Wild-Perkowski says:

    What is going on with Sunder? Yahoo News just posted that he is still in great pain and suffering. What can we do?

  • Nancy Johnson says:

    What is the update on this poor soul? I can not find any updates any where on the net. Is he safe?

  • Ana Campos says:

    So that’s it? Paul McCartney just walks away?

  • Janice Wolski says:

    I do not know why this temple hates Sunder the elephant so much. It has foisted pain and torture on Sunder for over a decade…it is hard to understand what a baby elephant has ever done to warrant this continuing treatment. I do not know how much longer Sunder can physically and mentally endure…he does not deserve to go out like this…he is just a baby elephant.

  • Dave Klemp says:

    What is taking so long? These people are barbaric,ruthless, and sould be chained and beaten also until Sunder is released.How can we force them to do the right thing?I pray for Sunder’s health and well being every night.

  • karen lyons kalmenson says:

    the elephant, graceful in her largesse. needs to be safe from manunkind and all his mess!

  • Cat V says:

    This is evil. Plain and simple.