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The Price Is Still Right

Written by PETA | August 16, 2007
Khqaonline/Creative Commons

Most people are familiar with Bob Barker’s trademark reminder to “spay and neuter your pets” at the end of each episode of The Price Is Right, but not everyone knows that Barker is a passionate animal rights activist who has used every opportunity throughout his career to speak up on behalf of animals used for their fur or flesh, or exploited for our entertainment.

One of Barker’s many accomplishments to help prevent animal suffering was to enact a ban on his show of giving away fur coats as prizes. He wanted to have no part in promoting something as horrible as fur, and The Price Is Right was fur-free right up until Barker’s retirement. The good news that we just received this week, after writing to the show’s producers to make sure that things were going to stay that way, is that the show’s new host, Drew Carey, and the team behind The Price Is Right, share Bob Barker’s anti-fur stance 100 percent. Here’s the note they sent us:

“The Price Is Right,” the show will honor Bob Barker’s rule not to give away fur coats as prizes. ‘The Price Is Right’ is very proud that we were one of the first shows to realize, through Mr. Barker, that glamorizing fur coats as prizes must stop.”

Right on, guys—we wish you the best of luck with the new show.

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  • Charles says:

    Drew Carey is a surprising choice for the show. He has been one of the leading antiPETA activist celebrities and we need people who knew him from childhood to come forward and reveal an animal abusive childhood which is likely. It’s a shame Drew doesn’t share concern for our furry friends. I will not be tuning in.

  • Jaimi says:

    Mars You are completely offbase. All you are trying to do is argue with people. Animals live longer healthier lives being spayed neutered. People are the ones that domesticated animals and created the problem of over population. It’s the kindest most responsible thing to do to help solve a terrible problem.

  • Michele says:

    Mars just how exactly do you know what bats dream of? Oh right you are the expert of everything and somehow have scientific knowledge of things that no one on earth has ever figured out before. Wow you just have to tell me your secret to success! I had my female rabbit spayed. Although she is an indoor rabbit and therefore would not be at risk of bringing even more bunnies into the world the fact that she would not be having any litters would put her at a very high risk of uterine cancer. The risk of cancer is very high in these situations much much higher than the risk of dying during the surgery. This is not a rabbit that I purchased at a pet store as I would never knowingly add to the nonhuman animal overpopulation crisis but one that a coworker no longer wanted. Yes it is not great that she had to be subjected to surgery however I paid the extra money to have the laser surgery for her which is less painful and has a faster recovery time than traditional surgery. Also I will be sparing her the very high chance of suffering from the agony of uterine cancer. I do not know what kind of terrible childhood you suffered but you sound like a very bitter individual with way too much time on your hands. Instead of focusing your energies on trying to “get” us with your lessthanscintillating “zingers” why don’t you actually take the time to really consider the things you are reading about on these blogs and on PETA’s websites? And I STILL am waiting to hear from you and others who I have challenged to watch “Earthlings” in its entirety. Hmmmm guess you are not ready for that reality… Oh yeah Bob Barker rocks!

  • Louise McGannon says:

    Mars You just proved to me like so many other people why I truly love animals over most people!!!

  • Marilyn says:

    Bob Barker was recently in Anchorage Alaska to help get Maggie the elephant at the Anchorage zoo better living quarters in another State. The controversy over Maggie has been going on for over a year and now they are talking about waiting until next spring. It’s ridiculous to leave that poor elephant in the frozen North I live there for another 6 or more months. Bob has pledged something like $75000 to help with care and feeding of Maggie once the okay to move her is given. Hooray Bob!

  • Alex Faber says:

    Mars An animal dying while getting spayed or neutered is a possibility but not a very strong one. It is more likely that if allowed to reproduce their progeny would meet some ill end at a kill shelter or on the street. Furthermore animals do die in the wild but there is a distinction between these and domesticated animals which we bred and tamed. These animals do not appear in nature and have not had the same lifestyles. Their behaviors and skills have been modified to suit their current environments and so our treatment of them must follow accordingly. They are anomalies and so it follows logically that our means of doing what is best for their welfare may also be anomalous and this applies to the practice of sterilization.

  • stephanie says:

    i agree with u bob barker

  • sandy says:

    mars.pets need to spayedneurted so all those homeless animals don’t have to be’s sad to go to the animal shelter and see all those animalsknowing full well that 5 may get adopted.also if all those people who rather dump their pets of in someone elses neighborhood maybe there would’nt be a bunch of feral cats roaming around creating more babieslike there is in my neighborhood.

  • Mandy says:

    hmmm I believe this thread was about Bob Barker… then it went to Mar’s opinion about not fixing your pets and now its about animals being superior or not? I think we should stay a little bit more on topic… hell we have strayed from even the original argument

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars You have a bad habit of mixing quotes from different posts without addressing the specific poster. No Mars when I say animals deserve the right to follow a life that’s in their own selfinterest that’s exactly what I mean. I post here to defend animals. Who are you working for? By the way what do we hear that a bat “can only dream of”?

  • observer says:

    hey guys and gals mars is a spin master!!!! master at spinning his own bullshit!!!

  • Mars says:

    “you are one of those miserable guys who cannot answer this question because there is no truth inside you! ” Like I posted I would be more then happy to answer your question if it were possible to read a question from that garbled sentence of yours. Try again. ” I certainly don’t have the eyesight of a hawk” Never heard of binoculars? “the hearing of a bat” We hear things a bat can only dream of. “the strength of an elephant” Humans move mountains an elephant can’t climb. “Also sterilized animals tend to live longer” Some also die during the procedure. “But animals do deserve the right to follow a life that’s in their own selfinterest.” You mean in the interest of the owner of the animal.

  • Lord of the Apes says:

    mars did your mom allow you to blog here or should you not make your homework first?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars don’t try to put words in my mouth. I never posted that I condone or don’t condone natural mortality in wild animal populations so don’t misquote me. Who said animals are “equal” to humans? In some respects they are superior. I certainly don’t have the eyesight of a hawk the hearing of a bat the strength of an elephant et cetera. But animals do deserve the right to follow a life that’s in their own selfinterest. As regards spaying and neutering we have to live in the present tense. Since pet overpopulation and subsequent euthanasia is so widespread S N is the kindest alternative. Also sterilized animals tend to live longer which I’m sure would meet the animals’ approval. It’s the path of least harm.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    mars you know exactly what i mean because i wrote in very understandable english but you are one of those miserable guys who cannot answer this question because there is no truth inside you! fuck off! and here some advices in other languages du bist ein scheisskerl non mi piaci affatto stupido caffone ines para poli mallakas proi proi!!! tu es un crtin patent! va te faire foutre….

  • observer says:

    mars the truth is all animals are above most humans including me!!!! observer.

  • Mars says:

    “Geez I got fixed myself.” A choice you made yourself. I guess the truth is that animals only deserve certain rights and are not equal to humans.

  • Mars says:

    “hey mars just answer me one question why is it that all the great human welfare personalities included also animals exactly in the same way in their passion? Ah….now you fucker use your superbrain!” I would gladly answer your question as soon as you post it in understandable english. “Having starving pet progeny wandering all over the country is not least harm.” Natural mortality will occur just like you condone in wild animal populations. “they sell them or give them away to people who could very well be animal abusers or neglecters” So animals in shelters should not be sold or given away because they could end up in the hands of animal abusers?

  • celly gillum says:

    I don’t know if any of you saw Drew Carrey’s Letterman appearance but said that he would not be watching any NFL if Mike Vick was still playing so I guess he is a pretty decent guy too.

  • brittney says:

    i would like to point out that having your pet spayedneutered is actually a very kind thing to do because most people do not keep the babies their pets have. they sell them or give them away to people who could very well be animal abusers or neglecters. so unless you plan on keeping all your pets’ offspring getting them spayed or neutered is the humane thing to do.

  • Marsha Adamson says:

    I saw Bob Barker and Drew Carey talking on TV and Drew said that he will end the show like Bob did with have your pet spayed or neutered. I am glad they will still not be giving out fur coats. The fur industry is one of the cruelest in the world. I just hope TPIR will stop giving away trips to countries like Japan which still kills whales and China where animal rights laws don’t exist and other nonanimal friendly countries. M.A.

  • Aleasha says:

    I absolutely love Bob! He is just a wonderful man.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    hey mars just answer me one question why is it that all the great human welfare personalities included also animals exactly in the same way in their passion? Ah….now you fucker use your superbrain!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars you made a point but the idea is to always follow the path of least harm. Having starving pet progeny wandering all over the country is not least harm. Geez I got fixed myself.

  • Cyndi Smith says:

    Just to let you know on David Letterman Drew Carey also stated that if Vick gets off he will never watch pro football again thanks Drew for keeping the spirit of animal rights alive Bob certainly made the right choucie

  • Sandra says:

    Bob Barker is amazing! I’m sure he saed a lot of animals by donating and raising awareness about animal cruelty.

  • carolyn says:

    it is great to see such first class man stand up for the animals. he is such a good role model. I will miss him on the show so much.

  • Mars says:

    What happened to your mantra that animals are not human property and have rights? I guess that gets thrown out when it comes to surgical procedures.

  • anthony says:

    thats good i wonder if carey will close with the ‘ol spay and neuter line. that would be even better. does anybody know?

  • Tricia Stumpf says:

    bob barker is a great man! I wish him the best with his retirement!

  • Steve says:

    It’s true Bob Barker is a true friend. But what about Drew Carey? Are we really thinking that the price is still right?

  • Anna says:

    Bob Barker is my hero!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Bob Barker is one of my favorite people… I cried like a little baby when I heard he was retiring. I hope Drew Carey remembers to throw in a little reminder for people to spay or neuter their pets at the end of every show.

  • Jaclyn says:

    That is awesome!!

  • Susan Kline says:

    I’m so very happy the Price is Right has decided to continue not to give away furs. It shows they are an educated compassionate and caring group of people who produce the show. They are light years ahead of their time for making this ethical decision. THUMBS UP TO THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

  • MIKE says:

    I can’t wait to watch the new PIR! Now just ax the cars with leather seats! WE MISS YOU BOB!

  • TeresaK says:

    I love Bob what a great guy!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Bob of course has also donated vast sums of money to universities to fund animal rights law courses. As Bob says “Animals need all the protection we can give them. We intend to train a growing number of law students in this area of the law in the hope that they will ultimately lead a national effort to make it illegal to brutalize and exploit these helpless creatures.” A man of true class.