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WWJD: What Would Jesus Drink?

Written by PETA | January 16, 2014

We’ve liked Pope Francis ever since he chose his papal title in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. And now he’s being a champion for mothers—both human and bovine—by encouraging human mothers to breastfeed their children wherever they’d like, including in church. Those who take the pope’s advice will have a chance to bond with their babies in a special way—by giving them the human milk that nature intended for them—and at the same time, they’ll leave bovine mothers alone.

PETA enthusiastically encourages breastfeeding, so we’re scoping out a spot in largely Catholic Boston to place a billboard that celebrates the idea:

Mary Breastfeeding Jesus

Dairy farmers tear cows’ babies away from them so that people can drink the milk that nature intended for calves. By breastfeeding, mothers do what’s best for their own babies and let mother cows do the same. We think that’s divine.

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