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When Plaid Goes Bad!

Written by PETA | May 31, 2007

Employees at a Burberry in Philadelphia were surprised to come into work yesterday morning and find these two lovely ladies painted from head to toe in Burberry’s signature plaid design and a little fake blood to drive home the point that Burberry tortures animals for fur. Glorious.



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  • Caroline says:

    Good job! Hope it makes the employees give up working at Burberry.

  • Tay says:

    Haha. When I was in Florida I handed out a bunch of flyers saying how Burberry is cruel and such. Then I got kicked out but still managed to scream “BURBERRY SUCKS” on my way out. I saw one of my mom’s friends yesterday and I saw her carrying a Burberry purse. So I said “Excuse me Julie is that Burberry?” She said yes. I informed her on all the nasty things Burberry does but i’m not sure if the message got through her brain.

  • doug says:

    i suddenly like plaid alot more he he………

  • Sancho says:

    Very good idea love you girls!