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The Pigs’ Small Revenge?

Written by PETA | April 27, 2009

Well, the new swine flu epidemic may already have killed more than 100 people in Mexico, and you don’t have to ask us twice to point out what’s responsible for all these outbreaks of animalborne diseases, one after another. Factory farming, of course.

We think that this billboard, which we’re erecting in San Antonio, Texas, sums it up:


Meat Kills


Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds—in which the air is teeming with bacteria and the pigs’ or chickens’ throats are burned by the accumulated waste—is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases. Just last month, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote two articles about the spread of deadly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on pig farms.

No, Kristof isn’t psychic. He’s just paying attention—unlike the people at your local meat counter.

Bottom line: We can stop pigs from killing us if we simply stop killing them.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Marie says:

    Anna I was wondering if any of you understand why pigs are kept in farrowing crates? Pigs are known cannibals. If you leave a mother pig with her piglets loose the piglets have a 5050 chance of not being eaten by their mother. Also sows with piglets are extremely dangerous. If you fall in a pen with one you are risking your life literally. A 56 hundred pound angry sow will kill you and eat you. I am not joking when I say this. Pigs will eat everything if they decide to eat meat. Not even bones are left. It is very dangerous to raise pigs when you do not put sows in farrowing crates at least until the piglets are old enough to be taken from her side and out of danger of cannibalism.

  • hol says:

    Another to Denise When you think of a way to brutally kill an animal while at the same time “not harming them in anyway” maybe what you said would make an ounce of sense. “Help them have a good life” what so we could then murder them while they’re alive? Sounds like an excellent “end” to those socalled “good lives.” Really excellent.

  • KiD says:

    Canaduck The problem with what you said is that these animals aren’t respected even though they deserve to be. Besides the first testament bible stated and I quote that “Thou shalt not eat cloven hoofed animals.” In my opinion meat is wrong. Free ranged thats all fine and good as long as the poor thing is killed humanely but factory farming is cruel. MIHAIL KOLEVSKI I’m fourteen and I’m more intellegent than you. if you plan to insult us please use correct grammar and spelling. I assume you are an insecure preteen trying to get a fight out of educated people and you know what? Whatever floats your boat sweetheart. Just don’t make a total a of yourself by attempting to insult us with terrible spelling and grammar it makes you seem very ignorant.

  • Brandi says:

    Okay. First off. Using religion as your little justification of torturing and killing innocent animals is fing stupid so stop trying it. If you haven’t noticed you’re just pointing out how ignorant you really are. Enough said on that. Secondly the swine fluor the virus that is being spread around right now is of swine origin however people aren’t being infected by the pigs. Yes I’m sure there was a few cases where it spread from the pigs to humans but that’s when it spiraled out of control and became this outbreak. I’m a vegetarian and proud of it. But it’s nonvegetarian’s choice of what they eat. It’s their own ditruction if they catch a virus of their own manufaction.

  • Marie says:

    Jaquie the killing of all these pigs won’t stop until organizations like PETA make a public stand and exlpain that H1N1 has not been found in pigs. THe media and organizations like this one have caused such panic about having any pigs around that to many countries it would make perfect sense to be rid of all the pigs. And laurin all these cute little pigs that are not being eaten are either being experimented on or dissected by science classes. Even with a decline in demand for food there will be other ways in which the pigs can be used.

  • Joanne says:

    Canaduck Just to let you know swine are pigs. How can you do no harm to animals if you are untimately raising them for slaughter? It seems as you believe the cows and pigs we have today have always been the same. The truth is all livestock animals used to be wild. Appriximately 7000 years ago humans decided to domesticate them. They began using land and resources to house and feed them while taking contol of their reproduction. In this modern day of mass consumption the notion of raising livestock humanely becomes kind of a joke when you are talking about mass consumption. The livestock industry uses enormous quanitities of our diminishing natural resources. Maybe it’s best to not control and consume them. Did you know that the longest lived people in the world the Hunza in Pakistan eat 100 vegetarian and 99 vegan? Jesus only walked the Earth 2000 years ago. In terms of human history thats nothing. Human’s have been around for at least 100000 years and the multitude of different dietary patterns is staggering. Some cultures even practiced cannibalism. That doesn’t make it a good idea for us today.

  • anil shrestha says:

    the problem is not this swine flue the problem is not the epidemic or pandemic. the problem is why these disease are emerging? what is our life style what’s our perception for innocent animals? and the problem is how we are living and our lifestyle. its not pig’s fault its human crime blaming on pig. wake up man wake up. its total public health problm

  • laurin says:

    Although swine flu did NOT come from pigs its name has actually been very helpful to them. Pigs meat production has been down. So in a way pigs are being helped a little but they have nothing to do with the start of the flu. Maybe there will continue to be stupid people who think its caused by pigs and the pigs meat production will be cut even more. I can only hope I mean seriously who could eat such a cute little animal not me.

  • Jaquie says:

    Now Iraq is killing wild boars because of the swine flu. When is the killing going to stop?

  • lynn says:

    First of all not everyone here believes in God and even if they do everyone’s views are different. Cruel it may be but it’s the lifestyle of many today. I agree in a sense of that it is better to get your own meat and avoid mass production of meat for everyone else is wrong but I believe that if you do not waste the animal it is okay. Once it’s killed it’s killed and you can’t do anything but wish that the animal’s spirit is being treated much better. depending on your beliefs and other factors your views might be different Also just because people live eating meat doesn’t mean that you should go about saying it’s all their faults! It’s their lifestyle and their choice to change it. Swine flu is AIRBORNE not from eating pig.

  • Allelujah says:

    Yet again PETA has displayed another example of how stupid they are. It’s great how you guys can just blame everything on battery farming really makes it convenient doesn’t it? Instead of actually doing your research you jump to the conclusion of battery farming. “derp derp! battery farming makes flu! man is evil! derp derp!!” So… is the Lion who hunts the Zebra and rips it’s throat out evil? It’s all nice that you can say we’re the evil ones and that we nothing but monsters but it’s nature. Without meat we’d have no physical substance we’d become frail and weak. We’ve been eating meat for eons we have canines for god’s sake proof that we’re omnivores. We’re just another part in the grand circle of life. A lion won’t hesitate to eat you.

  • Angelia Yee says:

    To all those meat eaters with the excuse that animals were put here for us to eat!!! Why don’t you watch some of those videos of the abuse the horrific ways these poor defenseless animals are slaughtered every time you sit or stand to eat a meat meal. Yes Vegaterians can get cancer some of life threatening diseases because mostmany of us are not born vegaterians so meat was eaten for a long time before we were educated to the evidence facts of the abuse inhumane ways of killing these animals. I can’t remember anyone ever saying that VEGATERIANS will not be afflicted with certain diseases but studies have shown that a VEGATERIAN risk is reduced by least 40. Sick ifected animals even ones that are unble to walk are still slaughtered. There are clear conclusive evidence of this. Meat eaters comsume all the infections sickness all the chemicals which are fed to animals to increase their growth rate. This is done all in the name of moneyprofit. So again instead of watching the favorite showmovie or sports program meal time I invite you to watch the videosevidence of the abuse the horrificinhumane ways the animals you are about to eat endured all of their lives. That’s the FACE on your plate.

  • oceanworior says:

    we are not in the stone age. we don’t need to eat meat and it is wrong to kill wild animals or domestic to satisfy our taste buds with rotting flesh from sentient beings. in life or death situations people have gone as far as eating their dead friends but we eat meat for pleasure and profit when their are so many good vegan alternatives. and i am a vegetarian.all sentient beings feel pain and that includes marine wildlife and fish feel pain .animals life’s are just as valuable as ours. debating that is like saying that people who cant talk are less important.

  • Michelle says:

    Where is Peta in the Egypt situation? The senseless murder of 350000 animals needs to be stopped. If they are going to kill the poor animals then at least consider giving them to the starving in other countries. Come on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals!

  • Melissa says:

    this is in reaction to “canaduck” who said “god put animals on earth for us to eat”. How do you know he put them on earth to eat? Did he put steel on earth to turn into guns? did He put uranium on earth to make bombs with it? Of course not humans are misusing these gifts like animals for our own selfish wants. Very good article thank you for writing it

  • Lisa says:

    All you people wanting to be hero’s on here trying to come up wthe right answers and bickering back and forth about religion and to eat meat or not isn’t it bad enough that people are dieing? Lets stop pointing the finger at each other and get down to the real problem.. Government anyone…. Who allows the factory farms who are supposed to regulate the treatment of animals and the cleanliness of the farms… all the way down to the tax we pay to get the dam meat to our table.. Just like tainted toys dog food etc from China.. we don’t have any control over things like this other than to just stop consuming and rely on our own talents and skills to feed our families my suggestion grow your own food and like Bobby said before go kill your own meat. Oh and be responsible .. If your sick stay the hell home.

  • pam says:

    First Canaduck did not post the comments regarding god putting animals here for humans to eat. That was Denise. Canaduck just gave a list of diseases that started in animals. But he forgot a few like AIDS Ebola Anthrax and the Hanta virus. Swine flu did start in pigs but mutated and jumped the species barrier. The animals are trying to tell us something.

  • Fiona says:

    i think people should just eat free range! but if noone ate meat at all farmers wouldn’t keep the animals in the first place so a lot of them would be worse off they wouldn’t get looked after or anything. and if ‘god’ didn’t want us to eat animals why’d he make them out of meat?

  • animalluver says:

    I dont think it is wrong to eat animals even though I am a vegetarian. Its just how they kill the animal is cruel. Like boiling them in water while still concious. NOW THAT IS CRUEL

  • cat says:

    uhm i support peta but i am pretty positive swine flu doesnt even come from pork products. it is an airborne disease.

  • Bentley Simpson says:

    Well I think its important to realize this originated in mexico. So the protest should be to the mexican goverment. If you are wanting to save animals blaming it on the pigs won’t help much. I believe it would just fuel more slaughtering of the pigs in fear that they are going to make everyone sick. I do eat meat but I definately believe that the animals do need to be treated more humanely. Even with the arguement that animals were put here for us to eat doesn’t mean they were put here to be abused. I believe that we are to respect them.

  • George says:

    Why on Earth do Christians feel that they have a higher place on this mighty Earth than the rest of the little critters? And in the dark forest of that tangled logic what gives man the ‘almighty’ right to torture these critters. Never mind the wholesale torture of those animals. By this logic I should be able to walk into a pet store purchase a few cuddly puppies take them home lock them in a dark and unventilated closet with the 50 other puppies I bought. I will provide them fetid food inadequate water I can then cut off their tails and noses slaughter and eat them. After all those little puppies were put here to eat correct. Makes no difference how I treat them right? Same goes for kittens right? Or because people stoned jews or used slaves to build pyramids we should to the same now? We have hopefully evolved opps sorry I didn’t mean ‘that’ evolution we all know dinosaurs roamed the Earth 5000 years ago to the point where we can use the resources of the planet a little more responsibly. And eating meat is low on the spiritual environmental health and evolutionary evolutionary scale.

  • Jaquie says:

    MIHAIL KOLEVSKI with your use of language you sound like an uneducated fool.

  • Jen Pucci says:

    In regards to the post from DENISE on April 27th at 359pm. You’re CORRECT that animals WERE eaten when Jesus walked the earth……BUT TODAY we have modern conveniences called GROCERY STORES that have PRODUCE SECTIONS VEGETARIAN SECTIONS wSOY PRODUCTS….thus making it NOT NECESSARY TO EAT ANIMALS! those that still do don’t need ANIMAL MEAT to SURVIVE but do it out of mere SELFISH NONCOMPASSIONATE CHOICE!

  • Weezianna says:

    H1N1 is a mutation containing elements of swine avian and human flu strains. It is not the pigs’ fault. To kill thousands of animals in the name of “protecting” human beings is an ignorant exercise in cruelty. The stupidity and greed of human beings is the root cause of many of these socalled epidemics close quarters in factory farming spread any existing disease however viruses are known for their mutating abilities which ensure their survival. Unfortunately pig farmers won’t give up on raising pigs for the food supply they’ll figure out a way to show that their meat products are disease free and the killing will go on. What is it with the antiPETA folks who just get so upset with anyone who endorses vegetarianism? Are you all afraid that someone’s going to take your burgers or barbecue away? Is it just too scary a thought for you all to think about how millions of animals meet their deaths annually? Are you afraid that you might have to grow a conscience?

  • michelle Woods says:

    For the idiots out there that believe we should eat meat wake up become conscious. God said thou shall not killthis should explain it. Animals feel pain and should not be eaten. How would you like to be one knowing you were going to die? You should be ashamed of yourself if you eat meat. Watch earthlings on you tube and stop supporting the torture. Read David Wolfe’s book Sunfood Nutrition. He explains why we should not eat meat such as humans can’t digest uric acid found in meat urinegross. He explains our fingers digits for peeling fruit vegetables flat teeth etc. He has his PHD Masters in nutrition law degree plus political science engineering. Go read Collins book The China Study before you speak. He was a researcher for 35years for the National Cancer Institute and states that the meat diet is an unhealthy source of protein and vegan is the way to go. He grew up on a farm and has research to prove it. He was given grants to test cancer. Heather Mills favorite book as well as mine. Do your research before you speak. Think about Karma. Morally it is wrong to have a face on your plate. We are not cannibals. Get with it.

  • Maxpm says:

    This has nothing to do with religion. This article just states that certain diseases ARE linked to unethical treatment of animals. You can believer what you want but you can’t argue with the facts.


    sure fine lets say GOD put animals on this planet so that human kind could eat them and to make this all the better he also gave these creatures the ability to feel pain. now it sounds to me that “GOD” as you see him is really sadistic. i figure if god meant for us to eat animals they would come preseasoned and ready to eat you know cut out the pain part. but who am i to say “GOD” is not into killing things that feel pain.

  • Paige says:

    hello there i am paige i think animal testing is wrong on all levels everytime i see a animal in need i want to take it home but that is not the casde at many shelters they aer cramed wall to wall with animals and do you know why that is ? becase we do not fix our animals not fixing them creats some of the problems we have to stand today if they are nort going to get taken why even make them for torture

  • Stacey says:

    What about the 350000 pigs that are going to be slaughtered in Egypt? Is there nothing that can be done to stop this?? I am finding this is very sad. Maybe it would be better if they were slaughtered so they didn’t have to live such miserable lives. I am against factory farming in a huge way. So inhumane. I am a firm believer of… If you can kill it yourself then you are allowed to take its life to eat it. But this mass produced way of providing meat to the world is just wrong. I say if you want meat take a bow and arrow and go out into the wilderness and see if you have it in you to kill an animal for food!

  • Bobby says:

    My apologies. My response was meant to be directed at CANADUCK’s myopic post not Denise’s….sorry Denise!

  • Bobby says:

    This is in response to Denise’s myopic post about God’s support for the meat industry. I won’t get into a theological debate over the will and intent of the Abrahamic God regarding the purpose for animals… but since you make substantial Biblical reference to support your claim that God supports the slaughter of animals I must ask you is it also okay that we torture them too? A LOT of people say that meat is okay with them but few can say they condone TORTURING animals which is precisely what is happening. Its an inconvenient piece that never quite fits into the psuedoselfrighteous puzzle. Even in religious terms it isn’t constructive to observe that animals were slaughtered when Jesus walked the earth. COMMERCIAL SLAUGHTERHOUSES DID NOT EXIST AT THAT TIME. In modern times when meat is treated as a commodity produced for the masses like clothing we do not have the time or resources to treat them well…So pull your head out of your ass…

  • anna says:

    the picture on the start page with mom pig and her babies imprisoned and exploited for human profit breaks my heart. they are living breathing beings who will never know freedom. im ashamed of belonging to the human species. what atrocities are we able to justify for the sake of taste!?? plz meat eaters and vegetarians go vegan today what are you waiting for? lets stop supporting these concentration camps these innocent creatures didnt do anything to deserve it.

  • meggerzz says:

    it is a small victory but meat sales aren’t going down at all surprisingly. it’s human to human and it hasn’t been proven to be in food sources yet.

  • MZaffino says:

    For the person who commented about God putting animals here for us to eat I am not sure if he is a Christian but regardless we were vegetarians until the fall in the garden after that initial sin God gave us the animals to eatthis is in Genesis but keep in mind that all the sanitationfood laws in Leviticus were given for safety i.e. in order to protect against disease. If the industry followed a few of those basic guidelines we may not get into messes like this. I do not believe it is wrong or particularly unhealthy to eat animal meat and products IF they are treated well and slaughtered humanely.

  • lauren says:

    LOL the ppl everywhere that say animals were put on this earth OBVIOUSLY did NOT read the BIBLE it says ON THE FIRST FREAKIN PAGE that he made PLANTS to feed all mankind and animals of the earth SO F U im catholic and a vegan so religon has nothing to do with this

  • Aimee says:

    I did see a clip on HLN news as they were talking about the Swine flu they showed over and over again clips of factory farms and the heartbreaking confinement and treatment of pigs and cows. They lashed out at farm factories and the mistreatment of these animals. If only CNN and local news channels would show these hard to watch clips as they spoke about the swine flu perhaps some changes could be made. People don’t know what they don’t see and most are just ignorant or don’t want to believe this is where their dinner plate comes from. I am proud to be a vegetarian but my heart still breaks every time I think about what these animals go through and a lot of people just put it out of their mind to fill their stomachs.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Sean thanks for your response. I’ve heard of other people who like yourself get their meat strictly from hunting and propose this as an alternative to factory farms. But do you really think it’s practical for all meateaters all 6706993152 people minus the vegetarians and vegans to go out and hunt for themselves? How long would it take before every last bison deer rabbit turkey and squirrel was permanently blasted to oblivion? Considering Americans devour 10 billion animals a year probably not long. Never mind overzealous hunters accidentally shooting their own kind in hunting areas jammed with novice hunters. Overhunting was the main factor in the extinction of the passenger pigeon so I don’t think most humans are capable of applying checks and balances to themselves. Ex We’re now greedily overfishing and polluting the oceans. Factory farms are a disaster on so many levels but they are probably the only delivery system capable of providing society’s meat fix. As I’m sure you’re aware The United Nations’ report “Livestock’s Long Shadow” revealed that the animalsforfood industry generates more greenhouse gas equivalents than all the cars trucks and airplanes in the world combined. You’re in a select group if you can obtain your meat strictly through personal hunting but I don’t see that as a viable option for most peoplethe earth simply has too many people. I’m much happier as a vegan than I would be as a meateater relying on the cruel inhumane and planetdevastating factory farm model.

  • Katie says:

    Someone said that it was symbolic of the pig slaughters I am sorry but that is just not right. They are getting slaughtered for no reason not food not any reason other than to be slaughtered. There are enough people globally that are being treated in an unfair manner to make a point. I don’t like it when others condone that kind of treatment oh well to create trouble for Christians. What about peace if there is that anymore? I don’t condone this any way. People animal it isn’t right. LIke I keep saying at least give the food source to the starving people if they must be slaughtered.

  • Tracy says:

    “If God didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have put them here.” Whoever wrote this is a moron. The bible says that plants and seeds will be our food. And that we are to rule the animals. Rule does not mean kill or harm. That’s if you even believe half the crap in the bible.

  • Dede says:

    for Nikoli Mostly I don’t react on stupid comments where are no brains used. U said we are more inportant than a stupid animal? For the reccord WE ARE animals too and also stupid. U need this world too survive to eat to drink. What we are doing now is destroying it. We are destroying the natural balance. If we ruin a population of animals other animals will die too. The meat industry is destroying forrest in south america. Destroing a whole habitat in this habbitat live also humans who need the forrest to survive. Are u better than those ‘stupid’ Indians? Than the trees we need for air and the animals who spread the seeds of the trees. If the forest is gone a lot of people die if u are gone nothing you aren’t that important the world dosn’t need u. U see it was on the news here in holland..about 2050 year there will be not enough food and water for us earopean en american because americans need 5 more planets more if they wanna live like this we 2. And that is because we are destroying everything. If we die the world will be a better place. it does not need us. When we are keep going to polute the wordl for our own greet we are killing everything our world needs because we wan’t meat everyday me me me.. and if the world is ruin we are FED. Simple as that so if u think humans are so importand i suggest u use that brain of yours and u are going to READ and LEARNif u think u are that good prove it and u discover u need that stupid animal to survive with youre lazy a. We are just a greedy ape

  • Déd says:

    What eagypt is doing is just a symbolic thing. And yes It is wrong and stupid to do that.

  • Déd says:

    They never found a swine with this desease. It is a mixture of humanflu birth flu and swine flu. The Mexican flu the name we give here in holland is found with a boy in mexico who has nothing to do with factory farming. That is what you can read here in the papers and see on the news. This flu have nothing to do with pigs. It is just a mixture. Birds could cause it too but humans are the spreaders of this desease and not pigs. So I dont see why it is relevant as a argumant against meat eating im vegetarien so don’t come with crap about meat eater shit Ans I think that the only key is respect. Respect toward animals meat eaters and vegetarians. You can acomplish a lot more. I’m by the way not aganst eating meat for us it is naturaly same as a golfish and loin. I think it is wrong how we treat animals and ruin the eart with the produce of meat. Animals are seen as product and not as animals anymore it is not a litle farm with a few cows and chickens who have a good life. Maybe god put animals on earth so we can eat them im not christian do i think it is nonsense but god didn’t put animals on earth to torture and god dind’t put us on earth to destroy it. I think a lot of christians are not really christian. And the image we have from america is that most of the christians over there did not read the bible correct i have read it So I suggest u all use youre brains and work together to save Our beatiful earth.

  • Rachel says:

    Um the “swine” flu has been renamed. It can’t even technically be spread to humans unless it’s been mutated right?

  • lyne says:

    maybe it says something about the most hostile to peta and its ideals that they are aggressive abusive and threatening misinformed in believing animals are stupid few are unlike people we may have bigger brains and allegedly more intelligence yet perenially do the most stupid and destructive acts for all our arrogance ego and power there will be animals still here when were long gone.

  • Sean says:

    Mike I am a biologist. I have eaten dinner with Jane Goodall read her booksand talked extensively about chimps as omnivores…if you like I will ask her to send you an autograph seriously. Chimps are not predators often true. I was simply giving one of numerous examples of omnivorous organisms. I are more of a carnivore really…I am not a fan of veges. Meat that is raised commercially beef mainly is less healthy than wild game…such as venison and bison…which is what I hunt kill and eat rather than going shopping. If a person can eat meat remain healthy and reduce their impact on the environment there is no problem. I would wager that my selfsufficient method of “grow your own food kill your own food” is more condusive to a healthy planet than walking to a grocery store to buy vegetables that were commercially farmed which often rapes the land and displaces numerous of your beloved cute and cuddlies. I understand where you are coming from but you cannot tell a biologist that somehow commercial farming of vegetables is better ecologically than commercial ranching. Stop promoting both farming and ranching then you will be helping… will either reduce your carbon footprint and negative impact on wildlife to nothing or starve. Take your pick but in my opinion it is the only humane thing to do .

  • Julie says:

    While I’m not going to deny that factory farming is probably a huge contributer to the spread of these illnesses I was shocked that this article mentioned nothing about Eygpt ordering 300000 pigs to be slaughtered? Claiming farming is the source is a doubleedged sword here. Yes it’s probably due to how the animals are treated but ignorant people will see pigs themselves as being the problem and do what Eygpt has done. In the end 300000 pigs have been slaughtered for nothing. Where is your outrage regarding that PETA?

  • ryan says:

    Humans are designed to eat meat! Look in the mirror and see those sharp teeth thats made for tearing animal flesh. Vegetables provide no energy its just for flavour not energy. We can even eat raw meat easily I have eaten many animals raw and still fresh from killing. It’s our nature. If you don’t follow nature you get sick and looking at vegetarians its true. I hunt fish and even killed many animals with bows. It’s how we are designed by God.

  • Lucaz says:

    I love all the comments saying that we have the freedom to kill “stupid animals” and enjoy their meat. Well… duh! that is nothing new. We have the freedom to kill children and eat them as well so?. If you live in a society where this is ethical fine I don’t really care. But if you like to impose this ethic where I live I also have the freedom to stop you .

  • Mike says:

    Nothing to do with the topic but where on the PETA website do I go to ask simple questions. All I can find are staged questions and answers.