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Pig Farmer Agrees, ‘No Such Thing as Humane Meat’

Written by Heather Moore | February 20, 2014

“About a month ago,” writes pasture-based pig farmer Bob Comis, “I had my final crisis of conscience, in a decade of more or less intense crises of conscience. Having abandoned the last vestige of what seemed to be at the time legitimate justification, happiness and a quick, painless death, I became a vegetarian. I am now in the beginning stages of the complicated process of ending my life as a pig farmer.”

Happy Pigs from Rescued Calendar© Susan Riley Photography

Comis agrees with PETA that there is simply no such thing as humane meat. Although buying meat from small farmers who don’t confine pigs to filthy factory farms is kinder than buying meat from farmers who cram pregnant pigs into tiny gestation crates, it’s not a truly viable—or humane—solution. So-called “humane farms” are not monitored, standards aren’t enforced, and the farms don’t have to comply with any outside authority.

Even pigs who are allowed to nestle in straw—which is rare even on “free-range” farms—are still sent on a frightening journey to a terrifying experience at the slaughterhouse, where they’re hung upside down, scalded, and bled to death, often while they’re still conscious.

We welcome Comis to the cause. And we thank him for having the ethical backbone to abandon his role in cruelty and for letting others know that pigs are smart, social animals who feel pain and joy just as we do. Please do your part to help people understand that pigs have interests and feelings that should be protected, because if we all speak up honestly, we’ll be one step closer to realizing that there’s no good reason to eat them at all. Eating mock meats and other vegan foods is the only truly humane option.

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  • Iouise,MOLLOT says:

    TO FARMER MR. COMIS-BIG THNX 4 YOUR COURAGE-WE WILL INVEST IN U WHEN U SWITCH TO NUT PROTEIN “BREEDING”–it greatly increases vegans credibility-and very encouraging to involve those in these industries-like “the mad cowboy” wo was charged along with oprah for exposing cows fed to cows-and its reulting in the fatal brain diseases-bovine spong,encephalopathy-huge percent are is diagnosed as fevers,colds or allergies-even parkinsons-it only takes ONE BITE-to get infected-grass fed ay be happier but are killed in childhood-and have parasites which you eat the eggs n hatch anywhere in yr,hear,brain or liver-eat NUTBURGERS-support NUT forest collectives owned by workers-nuts in canada and snow staates too-YUM

  • Letisha says:

    For sure I will not eat meat anymore…Vegetarian !

  • Janet says:

    I wonder if Mr. Comis has any pigs now. I’m assuming he does. Is he going to send them to slaughter to get out of the pig farming business or what are his plans to save their lives?

  • Wanda says:

    Stop this. No excuse. Inhumane

  • Beth williams says:

    After seeing all these horrible things….I have given up meet. Can’t hardly stand to even look at it anymore, and I wish I had started sooner!

  • If you’re willing to eat pigs, which are smarter than dogs, you shouldn’t have a problem eating dogs. I love all animals & couldn’t live with the fact that I was the cause of someone killing an animal so I could eat something I don’t need.

  • maria leach says:

    This is why I refuse to eat meat.

  • I only pray that more people will have compasion for these animals i love so much.

  • Jacob says:

    Shout out to Australia

  • Ashie says:

    I hope other animal farmers follow Bob Comis…Go Vegan!!

  • Suzanne Cowley says:

    This is great to read..A farmer with a heart! X

  • Beautiful. Now, please…. GO VEGAN!

  • Peter Rylander says:

    Why are you not letting the pigs live a “normal” life??
    They have emotions, heart and brain like we have!

    Peter with friends in Sweden

  • Megan Flynn says:

    I just wanted to say that I am glad that some attention is finally being brought back to the horse drawn carriages in NYC. The mayor did say that it is 2014 and it is time for the horses to go, and that makes me thrilled. The horses lives are threatened everyday and they are being mistreated just to give rides to people. I hope that attention is bought back to this matter. Lea Micjele tried to bring attention to it by explaining the poor living conditions and I think people need to remember this. I just hope that the horse drawn carriages get banned one and for all and the horse cruelty stops.