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Pig and Cow One-Up Meaty Chefs at D.C.’s Meat Week

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 5, 2013

The carcass-cooking food trucks that signed up for the barbecue competition at D.C.’s Meat Week got thoroughly smoked—by a pig, a cow, and some meat-free meatballs

PETA members and their costumed counterparts set out to give Meat Week attendees some flesh-free options, but as it turned out, meat-free was the only way to be: The food truck chefs couldn’t handle the cold temperatures and retreated inside. The iron-fueled vegans, however, stayed out to greet passersby and share the secret behind their resilience

The event’s organizers might not have been outside handing out meat, but they did have to hand it to our dedicated demonstrators. And in return, the PETA members offered the organizers a taste of compassionate fare that hopefully left them feeling a little warmer toward animals.