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Photo of the Month: McMergency 911

Written by PETA | July 5, 2011

It looks like the Pearly Gates aren’t too far away from the Golden Arches. Snapped outside a McDonald’s near PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, this photo gives new meaning to the phrase “Big Mac attack”:

We’re guessing this McCustomer wasn’t lovin’ it.

Written by Jared Misner

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  • AshamedAustralian says:

    i hate McDonald’s, KFC, 7-Eleven, Subway and all retail food empires. No wonder obesity and diabetes is rampant in the ‘developed’ world. Most of our Federal politicians have just today (Aug 18) shown they are supporters of torture of cattle. See unbelievable cruelty videos on Do what i do. i took the example of Indian religions Hare Krishna, Ananda Marga, Sai Baba. Don’t eat eggs. Try as much as possible. Once, the busy Camberwell McDeaths was closed for a day because someone jammed the toilet!! That made me chuckle for weeks.

  • Mads says:

    Dude, I never really liked Mcdonald’s. You know, THEY HAVE FREAKING ALCHOL IN THEIR BUNS!!!!! I read the ingredients, it says ethanol. Also, They have polysorbate 60. Translation: Gasoline! I don’t like Mckdonalds!!!!!

  • Saucy says:

    Ever notice how meateaters lack a sense of humor? Nothing funny about their gluttoness desire for blood and broken bodies. Cheap slaughter. Earth be forgotton. Get out my way GREED. I’m hungry. I want to DEVOUR something. I value nothing, not even myself, my own soul, so why should I value anyone else. Give me a cheeseburger and make it fast. Go ahead, keep grinding ’em out. Cause I’m the DEVIL and I always want more.

  • Jade says:

    Um… right. Paramedics bring their ambulances with them when they go eat. Same with officers. Some ambulance drivers/EMTs only can go and get something to eat if they take their truck with them. Seriously PETA – this does nothing except show naivete on your part. (BTW, the ONLY time I’ve seen an ambulance at one of these things that was a real emergency? – the person had choked on a vegetarian item).

  • kamikaze says:

    @Ty lol!!!

  • Ty says:

    I just passed an Outback Steakhouse with an ambulance outside!

  • Derpy says:

    valerie, Are you saying that being obese is not unhealthy, but saying people who are overweight have heart, circulation and mental issues because they drink and smoke?

  • RoryReloaded says:

    You cannot possibly attribute the appearance of an ambulance outside a McDonald’s restaurant to a poisoning. The customer probably injured themselves.

  • phil says:

    Paramedics need to eat, too.

  • valerie says:

    one needn’t weigh 300 pounds to be “unhealthy”. just look around at all the “skinny” people who are not healthy, smoking and drinking excessively…

  • sarah says:

    You know this show just what kind of heartless people you are makeing fun of someone in a medical situation. What if it was an older person who fell and broke something. Or a worker who cut themselfs or was splashed with hot oil. Or someone had a asthma attack. Or a child was injured on the play land. What if i snapped a photo of one of you being helped by medical staff and made fun of it how would you feel?

  • Rachel Davidson says:

    That’s where I live! …But anyway…yea…McDonald’s sucks! >:D

  • Joy Couch says:

    Love ya PETA…………..

  • Richard says:

    Im no MC-D fan but this seems a bit lame, so an ambulance was parked at the “restaurant”, big deal. Until we see a stretcher with a 300 pound man on it this is useless.