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PETA’s Top 10 Wackiest Stunts

Written by PETA | September 4, 2009

“Why is PETA always doing crazy stunts and demonstrations?” As a PETA Foundation employee, this is probably the number-one question I get asked. So, if you are one of those curious folks—or even if you just don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “wacky PETA stunts”—you’re in for a treat, because I’m about to give you the rundown of the wackiest of the wacky things that PETA and its affiliates have pulled off over the years.

Brace yourself.

  1. Wienermobile Takeover
    Long before the Wienermobile nearly brought about its own demise by crashing into a suburban home, we trailed it around the country as it conducted a talent search for children to sing the Oscar Mayer theme song. At one stop, our “pig” even managed to clamber aboard the Wienermobile, and he was poised to take the fiberglass frank for a spin when he was apprehended by the authorities.
  2. Grim Fairy Tale
    Mother Goose doesn’t take it too kindly when her feathered brethren are force-fed so that their grotesquely enlarged livers can be sliced up and served on toast points. When she took her case to a foie gras convention in NYC, bemused police officers felt obliged to arrest her and insisted that she keep her head on during booking so that everybody in the precinct could get a “gander” at their unusual collar.
  3. Cannibal Comparison
    Way back in 1991, when newspapers were abuzz with stories about Jeffrey Dahmer, we ran what is arguably our most controversial ad ever. In it, we made the point that people who are creeped out by a cannibalistic serial killer should also be creeped out by the serial killings of thousands of animals in slaughterhouses every day. Strangely, some folks found this inconvenient truth a little hard to, er, swallow.
  4. KKKrazy About Dogs
    Ever notice the eerie similarities between the AKC and the KKK? No? Well, our fiendishly funny “Wrong Meeting?” TV ad, in which a Klansman shows up at an AKC meeting, spells it all out.
  5. Milk Gone Wild
    When PETA’s “Milk Gone Wild” spoof was rejected by Super Bowl censors, so many people flocked to to see what could possibly be racier than Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction that they temporarily crashed our servers.
  6. Unhappy Mother’s Day
    How do you spend Mother’s Day if you are eight months pregnant? How about by baring it all in London to protest the filthy, cramped gestation crates that pregnant sows are forced to live in?
  7. The M-Word
    After celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey served horse meat on his U.K. show The F-Word, PETA Europe made sure that everyone knew Ramsey was “full of it” when they dumped a ton of manure at his restaurant’s doorstep.
  8. Rest in Pieces
    PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk gave people food for thought when she released the contents of her will, which stipulates, among other things, that her feet be made into umbrella stands and that her pointing finger (no, not that finger) be mounted and sent to Ringling chief Kenneth Feld as a reminder of who’s to blame for the deaths of 26 elephants (and counting).
  9. Putting the ‘Ma’ in ‘Vermont’
    When we told Ben and Jerry’s that “breast is best” and asked them to start making their ice cream with (human) mother’s milk, it turned into a breast-milk brouhaha.
  10. Faux Father Furor
    PETA V.P. Dan Mathews was a man (of the cloth) on a mission when he talked his way into furry designer Gianfranco Ferré’s 2004 Milan fashion show and leaped onto the catwalk. As security guards tackled him and tried to drag him off, they were attacked by outraged Italians who swatted them with their programs while shouting, “Leave the priest alone!” / CC
Dan Mathews


If all this has left you wondering, “Why pick on cranky chefs and giant hot dogs, PETA?” you should check out The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights. The book explains why our passion for animal rights drives us to push the envelope—and push compassion into the public consciousness.

So which is your favorite PETA stunt? Spill it below.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    As an exKKK member who has family still involved with the KKK my favorite ad was “Wrong Meeting.” It points out the similarities of the AKC and the KKK in a hilarious in your face manner.

  • vegancoin says:

    KKKrazy about dogs the dahmer ad when dan mathews crashed the fashion show that took some courage. keep up the good work PETA.

  • Saucy says:

    Don’t worry PETA as if The Bible says that GOD deliberately chooses the weak and foolish things of this world to confound the so called wise. I love your wacky stunts. To choose a favorite well that would be beyond my discernment capabilities though I must say the wienermobile takeover is especially touching. The Priest in Milan must have had many fashionistas seeing the ghosts of terrified and tormented animals. God I am so grateful to have this knowledge. This sadness at a world gone mad with greed and blood lust makes my heart beat with sincere gratitude to be a part of this GOD INSPIRED HOLY GHOST FILLED GRACEFUL LOVING organization.

  • Ray Demko, Jr. says:

    I think I would have to go with the running of the KKK ad. I think it is humourous enough to be absorbed rather than confrontational which is usually rejected wholesaleand makes a fantastic point. PedigreeMaster Race. Ethnocentrism from any angle leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Jacob says:

    Why do people like Mel come on here just to say bad things about us even if they’re technically right? Now switching to a hypothetical alreadydebunked comment why do people waste their time by saying things “PETA hasn’t thought of?” Don’t they realize if there was something that made our position invalid we would have disbanded years ago?

  • Edward says:

    I like how Ingrid wants to be dismembered when she dies. You can use her skin for a suit like in “Silence of the Lambs.” Or maybe a giant barbeque since she wanted to be barbequed when she was on the Colbert Report.

  • Veronica says:

    The fashion show one!! I would’ve loved to see my churches priest doing that. D

  • Mel says:

    You know what guys? every single one of these is why PETA is not taken seriously anymore as far as animal rights. You’re seen as comedy fodder by most common Americans. Sure you’ll bash me for this but you need a dose of reality.

  • Jared says:

    My oh my! They are all so good. Truly I believe that this ‘hotdish’ of extremes is simply an even in oddness. My personal favorites are Ingrid’s will ‘Unhappy Mother’s Day and the Faux Father Furor… but really this selection is excellent. Keep up the odd jobs PETA!

  • Gina says:

    These aren’t wacky they are brilliant. Why can’t people understand that they are just as cannibalistic as Jeffrey Dahmer when they eat meat? It’s MEAT! No matter from where or who it comes from meat is meat. Get that through your head CANNIBALS!

  • beck says:

    Definitly the fashion show good job

  • Margarita says:

    I wanted to comment on something that was rather disturbing that happened the other day on the Bonnie Hunt show. After showing a video of some university students helping a squirrel and her offspring climb a small wall. She decided that everyone was going to get a squirrel and next thing you know a bunch of man and women appear with squirrels in cages supposedly to give away or was that a joke? But anyway they caged a lot of squirrels for that stunt. I didn’t see the end of that show so I don’t know if it was a joke.

  • Lulu says:

    They’re all great but my favorite was the Jeffrey Dahmerserial killer ad. I know PETA took a lot of flack for it at the time but there was no denying PETA’s point. I still have a copy of the original ad that ran in the newspaper.