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PETA’s New York Fashion Week Ads Would Fool Even Fashion Editors

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 8, 2016

Global ad agency BBDO has earned so many accolades that it’s been called the “most awarded agency network in the world.” Here at PETA, we’re inclined to agree, because BBDO has made some pretty progressive and creative moves for animals, too. Not only did the company make a policy against using great apes in advertisements, it also put an auto-correct program on its thousands of computers that would prevent ad writers from writing a primate into a script. And the company continually produces riveting ads and videos to donate to PETA and our affiliates. For Berlin Fashion Week, BBDO created five ads for PETA Germany that would make any couturier click-happy:

BBDO ads for New York Fashion Week

But just like any garment made from animal skin, each ad is hiding something. The ads were designed to be shared on Pinterest, and when Berlin Fashion Week enthusiasts clicked on one, they got an unexpected surprise:

BBDO New York Fashion Week ads

New York Fashion Week events run from February 4 to 19. Please visit PETA’s Pinterest page to see the ads and re-pin them with the hashtags #FallWinter2016, #FashionWeek, and #NYFW. Together, we can encourage designers and fashionistas to be truly forward-thinking and move past the pelts.