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PETA’s ‘Mouse’ Gets Stuck at Lowe’s

Written by PETA | May 28, 2010

Many people just don’t realize how horrible glue traps are for mice, rats, and unintended victims such as birds and kittens—or that Lowe’s refuses to stop selling these cruel devices. Well, PETA’s “mouse” enlightened shoppers outside a Lowe’s in Charlotte, North Carolina, yesterday—just in time for the company’s annual meeting, which takes place today.


PETA's 'Mouse' Gets Stuck at Lowe's

PETA's 'Mouse' Gets Stuck at Lowe's

I bet the gal with phone in the photo above is tapping out an e-mail to Lowe’s bigwigs. Or she could be reminding her Facebook friends to be nice to mice. Please cover all the bases by doing both. Small, sensitive animals thank you in advance.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Barbara Godding says:

    I hate to tell you guys that mice spread the Hanta virus and other diseases so I am all for killing them

    • J. says:

      Only deer mice carry Hantavirus. If you have house mice, which are more common, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to Hantavirus. The easiest way to tell the difference is that deer mice are white on their undersides and black, brown or grey on their backs, whereas house mice are solid black, brown or grey with no white. Also, if you live in the far southeast part of the US (Florida, Georgia, etc.) then you are outside the range of deer mice

  • Sandy klix says:

    i am dealing with this sticky trap issue at work. The company i work for puts these out. the nights i work i go in the stockroom and step on the traps and set the rat traps off so none of the rodents get stuck or trapped. what is the humane way to keep mice and rats from running the store?

  • bob says:

    i love peta save anamils

  • j says:

    jingles ebby thank you too!

  • Newbie says:

    I have a question. I love animals as much as the next person but if you have “pests” such as mice in your house how else can you get them out without hurting them? Fumigation and traps are bad but there really aren’t well known alternatives to get rid of pests.

  • Linda Tomaso says:

    I will not shop at Lowe’s again as long as these traps continue to be sold.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    My pool is being drained and I’m dealing with lots of small sensitive frogs… that’s off topic I know but they are small sensitive. I reckon they’re as conscious respectively as a 4 month old human fetus.

  • Jillouise says:

    Sticky situation for Lowes! I sure hope they decide to do the right thing and STOP selling these horrible cruel “glue trap” devices.

  • Caroline Kropka says:

    Oh my god. I live so close to the Lowe’s!

  • indycar01 says:

    i can only wish i could do like that guy in photo it takes a special person to get in front of people and not shy away to go throu as planed. even as some people may laugh dont understand. hats off to that guy. we need MORE! people like that!!

  • ditto says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my little babies hearts. They deserve a happy life too! Love BlueRedWinkleSqueakie Mary and Katie!