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PETA’s Lawyers Have a Word With JCPenney

Written by PETA | March 13, 2007

fox fur.JPGHaving been on the receiving end of a few coolly worded e-mails from our Legal Department myself, I have a suspicion that JCPenney is in a world of pain after hearing from PETA’s attorneys this week about the company’s claim that it does not condone the “illegal or inhumane treatment of animals.” Given that this is pretty much the only response we get from JCPenney every time we try to talk to them about their refusal to stop selling fur, there’s been a fair amount of head-scratching round here about what the hell the company thinks it’s up to. Anyway, nobody likes to have to bring out the lawyers, but when your big-ass company is selling fur from places that have literally zero cruelty-to-animals laws and you have no publicly available standards of your own defining what you consider to be humane treatment, you just can’t get away with telling consumers that you don’t condone illegal or inhumane treatment of animals and expect people to let you go about your business as if nothing’s wrong. So what’s the deal, JCPenney? Does all your fur come from roadkill, maybe, or do you in fact pay people to rip it from the backs of defenseless, tortured animals just like everyone else who profits from the fur trade?

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  • judy says:

    i have a jcpenny credit card and as off last weeek i used it but not any more until you stop buying fur. there are other stores i can shop at that don’t sell fur.

  • Bronwen Loock says:

    Why cant you people just leave the animals to live a normal happy life. Humans do not NEED to wear animal fur and it is so sick that a company would make greedy money while innocent animals suffer. You know what happens to these animals so why do you sell fur? Are you sick?

  • Claire says:

    Anyone who wears real fur is sick in the head and needs therapy. They know what pain and suffering animals go through yet they still support it? That’s psycho behaviour. Cruelty to animals is no different to rape or murder so why is it still happening and why is there no law against it? Animals feel the same emotions and pain that we do. JC Penney you and all the other fur selling shops deserve to go bankrupt.

  • Marianne Brennan says:

    Hey JC Penneyyou cruel SOBs I am closing my account with you. Your are a “cheap” store anyway so why cheapen it more with disgusting fur products?

  • Karen K. Williamson says:

    Shame on JC Penney for selling fur why don’t they skin some of their employers and sell that? I will never shop there again!!!

  • Christina says:

    I have to say that I personally will never shop at JCpenny. I am extremely pleased to hear about Tommy Hilfiger joining the No Fur movement. I will now start to purchase their clothing once again. I truly stand behind Peta with all that it does to help these poor animals. I am pleased to stand behind an organization whose goal in this world is to protect and stop the cruelty. By not eating meat Buying fur and or writing letters to Stop these companies from abusing helpless creatures is my goal on my end. I will do my best to pass along the word to stop this company and any other company that believes in this type of inhumane abuse. I will boycott all companies that sell fur. I think that JCPenny and any other company pretending that there is no abuse in an animal being born in a cage staying in a cage being malnutritioned and physically and mentally abused and then killing it for just it’s fur to make a few bucks is crazy. I am going to send this information out to about 250 people on my list alone for my area. I will help out the best I can with sending my message out to boycott JCpenny. Here’s to hoping and all sticking together for what is right and humane. Sincerely Christina Ron

  • Damien Robert Deleon says:


  • ada says:

    All the animal deserve respect like their respect us.

  • Melinda says:

    The cussing in reports isnt necessary. If we want people to take you serious vegetarians and vegans need to hold up to a moral code.

  • Suzanne Marienau says:

    I didn’t know about JC Penney’s lies. Now I do. I am now an official “former customer” and I will tell everyone I know to boycott Penney’s too. What horrible horrible people!

  • sofia says:


  • Maggi Wilder says:

    I refuse to shop at JCPenney because of this….and I will tell all my family friends and coworkers.

  • stephanie says:

    iam very sad at jcpenny by getting fur coats i will like to shop at target instand

  • Debbie says:

    I am gonna start a demo at my closet JC Penney store and maybe draw some attention there. The public has to be more aware of how these animals suffer just to clothe us. When I see someone wearing a fur trimmed jacket or all fur jacket it makes me and my children sick. It is ugly on them. Fur is only beautiful on its original owner!

  • Cinzia says:

    JC PENNY It is about time you stepped out of the CAVE MAN attitude. STOP selling fur. I will not shop in any of your stores until you ditch fur. With me are all my family friends and colleagues.

  • Tiffany Carter says:

    okay listen i am a proud veg but i have talked to a few friends and they agree that if EVERYONE was a veagan the cows would overgraze and eat the crops and we would starve and then die. and when theres noone to manage the crops the cows and other animals would die and then the world would be extinct. 13yr old Tiffany

  • James Bagley says:

    A J.C.Penny store has recently opened at The Citadel Mall here in Charleston S.C. I would like to organize a peaceful protest outside in the mall parking lot over the use of dogs and other inhumane treatment of animals for their fur. I vow to do everything in my power to close this store again. We do not want you here J.C.Penny!

  • cindy says:

    BOYCOTT JCPENNEY unless they change their ways ! You can’t buy class !

  • Richard Ramos says:

    I am A big time shopper at JC Pennys and now I will not shop there as they lie to their customers and don’t give A damn about animals. Go to hell JC Pennys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria says:

    Now that I know what JCPenney has been doing I will no longer shop at their store. I can find the same products elsewhere. When they stop selling fur maybe I’ll return. A lot of my money in the past has gone to this store. Thanks for letting me know JCPenney’s opinion on fur products. I’ll spread the word.

  • Kelli says:

    Oh my GOD and to think I have shopped there for years… its such a ghetto store who whould have thought that they would sell fur which is usually an expensive item. Thanks to PETA for looking out I will never shop there again and will pass on the word!!!

  • lisa salazar says:

    I will never shop there again. I had no idea what monsters they are! I hope that rotten company goes out of business.

  • Marianne deAngelo says:

    I had no idea about JC Penny’s policy of lies now that I have been made aware I too will no longer be shopping there!

  • Patty Keough says:

    PETA I believe in every proanimal anticruelty thing that this whole community stands for. I’m just saying really? Really? There is no one screaming for some more professionalism for the organization from the organization? The points would be made more strongly and the cause would be forwarded with more speed and class if we could raise the class level a little. Thank you not for me but for all the people and animals relying on your work and legacy. pk

  • Heather says:

    What’s up with using fur from animals anyway? It makes no sense at all! No one is going to die of exposure without it. And if you do like fur and have to have it synthetic fur is fabulous. And how can it possibly be more expensive to produce when one can buy a lovely synthetic fur scarf at Target for $12. So why why why hurt precious creatures over it? For rich people who have tons of stuff already? It makes me so angry! No more money from me JCPenny. Take your canned corporate response and… well you get the idea. Speaking of money that’s what it’s all about. They can say whatever they want but the bottom line is they take money any way they can get it. Well what goes around comes around and maybe their lack of compassion will lead to a loss of profit.

  • Ronit says:

    I too have contacted JCPenney in the past to ridiculous results. They joined my personal banned list I don’t shop in places that sell fur. Period. By the way what about Victoria Secret? I think they have some fur jackets somewhere.

  • Teri says:

    Wow! I was one of JC Penney’s best customers! Not any more. I had no clue that the company’s management is so underhanded.

  • Laura Blanchette says:

    I have shopped at JCPenney for over thirty years but I no longer support companies or stores that are involved in torturing and killing innocent animals. Regardless of how far down the line one is on this torture chain I refuse to be a part of it. It is so easy to do the right thing. Please animals are not a threat to humans they simply want to live. The question is not do animals reason or speak. The question is do animals feel pain? And the answer is yes animals do feel pain and all too often at the hands of humans. I do believe that when we show compassion and kindness to all beings here on this earth we are showing compassion and kindness to God. Thank you

  • julia orr says:

    I will never again shop at J.C Penny or anywhere that sells fur. How dreadfull of them to lie to their consumers and their staff. Surely that is illegal.

  • Jose Rosario says:

    Sometimes I venture into Pennies that’s all anything is really worth in there but never buy. I’ve always wondered what that really bad smell was no matter which store you walk into. I’ve been a veghead for my 19 years and now I know what dead rotting flesh smells like and the stench of a ton of a lies. Thanks for enlightening me PETA!!! YOU ROCK!!! J.C. Penny you DON’T!!!

  • Clifford B. Morris says:

    FirstI will never shop at J C Penny again.Just hearing and looking at the picture makes me sick to no end

  • Donna Stevens says:

    No more JC Penney for me.

  • Shannon Johnson says:

    I find it absolutely disgusting that JCPenny is continuing to sell fur and the philosophy of the company is just plain sick! My family has stopped shopping there and we have and will continue to incist that anyone we know stops shopping there until things change.

  • K. Fox says:

    I was very disappointed to read about Penney’s unwillingness to address this horrific practice properly. Until they stop I won’t be shopping there and I will indeed spread the word to everyone in my classes family and friends.

  • DENISE says:


  • Michele Chartier says:

    JC penny should go fur free now this store has refused to go fur free and lied to the consumers long enough.its time they go fur free. I will not shop there anymore until they do.

  • Maureen Peters says:

    Thank you for enlightening me on this. I had no idea and will stop shopping at JcPenny!

  • karina says:

    Asolutely disgusting what people will do for a buck. Shame on those people who sell and wear fur i hope one day you burn in hell. Thease poor animals they dont deserve this. Shame on jcpenny .

  • Lauran says:

    I will never buy another product from JC Penny again and it’s too bad because I liked their curtain selection. However since they do not want to change their policies about “fur” I feel the need to send correspondence to their headquarters to let them know. I believe a lot of squeaky wheels get the grease!!! Does anyone know the right person to address my letter to? Thanks.

  • jocelyne says:

    I think it’s just so disgusting that people who are aware of how cruely animals are killed for fur. It’s just about the worst thing in the world! I will pass along the word about JC Penny and shop somewere else.

  • Jamie Ralston says:

    I refuse to shop at any popular chain that sells fur. Its disgusting and unfair and not only cruel of what the innocent animal goes thru . I would never pay someone to kill a sweet animal for the name of fashion. Its not worth it .

  • Leah says:

    I almost bought my prom dress from Penney’s last Saturday…thanks to this artical I now know not to. It is nice to know the downlow on stores. Thanks for keeping me informed. Leah

  • dls says:

    I have been a consumer of JC Penny for years. Now that I know their “ways” I will no longer be shopping here plus I will spread “the word”!

  • Tracy says:

    I am disgusted at the number of heartless selfish people in this world that would even think about supporting businesses like JC Penny’s that support cruelty of animals. I will never shop there!

  • pcb says:

    All places that sell fur say the same old sht It comes from humane and well managed sources. I wrote to numerous chain stores Burberry being one of them that sell fur explaining to them about the fur industry and the nature of fur harvesting. All wrote back saying the decision to wear fur is purely down to the consumer they believe people shouldn’t be forced what to wearnot wear based on different moralethical views. I even explained to them that by going furfree might renew their comapny image and help regain trust with it’s consumers. None were Interested in what I wrote All I can say is companies that sell fur are full of SHT!! and are Heartless Bstards. Selling fur promotes a sadist industry all in the name of profit. Anyway Keep up the Good Work PETA!!

  • leilanie says:

    I agree what do they have to hide?

  • kelly says:

    J C Penney is the lowest of the low They LIE LIE LIE to their customers falsely label Then they get the employees to cross things out on tags with sharpie and lie about their products again Is it any wonder their business is down? Maybe they should ask why Target’s business is going UP UP UP! No fur!!!!! No ripoffs!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Please stop the cruelty to animals and selling animal fur! Animals deserve to live.

  • Nameless says:

    I work for JCPenney and I formally complained to management in August and gave info for your websitewhen these coats came in and no one gave a damn. I have been trying to find a new job since then.

  • Laura Friedman says:

    Thank you. I have too have emailed JC Penny only to get the same ridiculous reponse. That they can say they only get fur from humane sources? There is no such thing and even less from overseas. The only thing I could think of was that representative’s from JC Penny followed 100″s of animals around until the animals died of old age or natural causes. Then they would take the pelt. Thank you PETA for this. I vowed never to shop at JC Penny’s again especially after they lied and put the offending horrible garments back on racks at discounted prices. What else have they lied about. Again you have stepped up to the plate and I applaud you for it. Sincerly Laura Friedman