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Why PETA Is Seriously Ticked Off at Revlon—and You Should Be, Too

Written by Alisa Mullins | June 7, 2013

When cosmetics giant Revlon held its annual meeting in Edison, New Jersey, yesterday, PETA was there to put the cosmetics giant’s bigwigs on the spot. They didn’t need any “smoky rose” blush to add a little color to their cheeks when a PETA representative stood up and made the following statement:

For more than two decades, Revlon portrayed itself to PETA and to millions of consumers as a company whose products were not tested on animals. During all this time, Revlon enjoyed and benefited from PETA’s support and our promotion of Revlon products to women around the world. Revlon betrayed that trust. In 2012, PETA found out that Revlon has been selling its products in China, where tests on animals are required for cosmetics. When we questioned the company about this, Revlon repeatedly refused to answer our questions about whether it has been secretly paying for tests on animals. Your commitment to profit is obvious. Your commitment to consumers who care about cruelty-free products has been revealed as a sham. On behalf of PETA and our more than 3 million members and supporters, I ask Revlon to end sales in China in order to spare animals who continue to be killed in cruel tests. Will Revlon make this commitment?

The answer was what we expected: Revlon sells its products in countries that require tests on animals for its products—and has no plans to stop.

PETA turned to this innovative way to be heard by the company—purchasing just enough Revlon stock to allow us to attend shareholder meetings—after our repeated requests for information went unanswered. Next year, after we’ve held stock for a year, we’ll be eligible to introduce a shareholder resolution calling on Revlon to renew its commitment to cruelty-free products. 

What You Can Do

Refuse to buy Revlon products until the company pulls out of China like Paul Mitchell, Nature’s Gate, and other companies have. Visit our “Beauty Without Bunnies“ page to find a list of companies that don’t test on animals and to order a free copy of our first-ever global Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide to take with your every time you shop.

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  • Tia says:

    No more! I refuse to buy and use Revlon products anymore, an innocent animals life isn’t worth it, so I can look pretty everyday

  • Nabila says:

    I thought revlon was cruelty free and that was the main reason why my family purchased their products , but now no more. Return back to being cruelty free or you will lose a lot of your customers!

  • sherri says:

    No More Revlon Haircolor for me. How Horrible and Disgusting that Revlon Tortures Innocent and Vulnerable animals.

  • Heather says:

    I am truely disappointed and disgusted as yesterday I purchased Revlon makeup under the assurance of the sales rep that they do not test on animals, after I had specified that this was a requirement of purchase! She even showed me a discloser statement from the company! I feel terrible. Can I take it back based on this information?

  • Hazel Stackhouse says:

    I think that companies who mislead customers should be prosecuted. Revlon should be renamed to reflect their horrible deception…Revolting would be appropriate. Many customers, myself included, have been rightly upset at Revlon’s cruel deception and even more cruel participation in animal testing. I shall definitely boycott their products. The legality of their actions is worth investigating and as a law student I am very much interested in this aspect.

  • pamela says:

    I can not stand companies and the person’s behind the companies that think it’s ok to lie to the world about their products and to abuse animals on top of it all. Shame on you revlon! Never again will you bank any of my money.!

  • LUCY says:


  • rachael says:

    i have been dyeing my hair for years with revlon colorsilk, n i am beyond pissed at my self for not checking into it sooner, needless to say i wont be using ANY of their products any more, and im going to get my mom and my friends to drop their products too.

  • Sarah Xia says:

    This is really dishonest. I just bought several Revlon makeup pieces from one of the huge pharmacy chain stores. I asked the cosmetician is Revlon is cruelty free and she said yes but obviously failed to mention the whole truth. I do not believe beauty needs to cause pain and sufferings to other living creatures.

  • Alyssa James says:

    This is disgusting. I own several Revlon products including a curling iron that I am very fond of. Unfortunately for Revlon, when this one stops working, I will be buying my next one from a different company that doesn’t test on animals, although there are few of those these days and most of them are liars anyway… It’s a horrible world.

  • Nancy Seodman says:

    I have been using Revlon for over twenty five years and when I found out
    that they now test on animals, I called them and told them that I would
    stop using their products and would let others know also.

  • Syd Consergarcia says:

    I used to buy Revlon but I will never buy it again since I found out they are testing animals. This is not necessary there are other ways to test products without using animals. Shame on Revlon you are disgusting.

  • Lara says:

    Very disappointing Revlon! You’ve betrayed my trust. Will no longer purchase anything you are associated with. Will also spread the word! There is no need for animal testing in this day and age,

  • louise says:

    I always use revlon but not any more !!!

  • kimberly says:

    I just received an email from Revlon asking me participate in a survey because I had recently contacted one of their companies (inquiring about animal ingredients)…I had no idea that I was doing so…and will stop buying from said company once I find out which it was. The only two I’ve asked into lately are Yes To Carrots and Tarte Cosmetics. Anyone know if either of these are owned by Revlon? Because they certainly tout themselves as being vegan friendly. so disappointing…..

  • kenia says:

    So mad of Revlon I’m not buying anymore from them. .

  • kenia says:

    I’m not buying Revlon anymore so mad .

  • Nina Bolders says:

    I have been using many Revlon products for 20 years and I am really upset about this!

  • Laura says:

    Thanks, PETA, for revealing the truth about Revlon’s deception and greed. Until Revlon stops using animals, I will stop using Revlon!

  • Issis says:

    I am furious at Revlon’s disingenuous assertions that it does not test on animals. I bought Revlon believing in it’s statements to PETA and others only to find it funds testing in China for products sold in China. Ah – the bottom line. NO ANIMAL DESERVES TO BE TORTURED TO SATISFY OUTDATED TESTING DEMANDS – ESPECIALLY FOR A “BEAUTY” PRODUCT. There are few things uglier then torturing animals … SHAME ON REVLON! I have posted this statement on the Revlon Facebook page and sent it to their customer service email …. PETA should organize it’s members to contact Revlon directly via these and other vehicles.

  • janet says:

    disturbing. . et a grip revlon

  • Michelle says:

    No more revlon for me.

  • DUVAL says:

    C a shame is it has to stop they are acts of cruelty to animals and it is necessary to act to forbid animal testing!!!

  • chris says:

    WHAT A ‘REVLO’TING DEVELOPMENT. Revlon you gotta be kidding. China is a big market but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You really underestimate how many you have just alienated back home hoping to extend your reach in a land that won’t stick up for you in the end.

    • Lucy says:

      Very disappointed. I was just about to switch from Maybelline to Revlon, but now I know they are just as bad as each other!

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