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PETA’s ‘Pilgrims’ Offer Up Free Tofurkys

Written by PETA | October 8, 2010

When PETA’s “pilgrims” landed at a busy intersection in Ottawa, a lot of rubbernecking started—two passersby even collided. (Thank goodness each walked away unharmed—wish we could say the same for this little guy.) Ottawa Metro was there to report on the crowd of enthusiastic folks who lined up for the free Tofurkys and vegan info that our lovely lasses were dishing up.




Sometimes it can feel great to walk away empty-handed, as our pilgrims can attest: They came with 500 vegan starter kits and a small mountain of delicious vegan Tofurkys—and the crowd gobbled up each and every offering. Thanks to all who participated in this lifesaving action. Well done!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • PETA says:

    If you would like to get involved, join PETA’s Action Team here:

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I will not be eating or cooking a turkey this year for the holidays.  If we are at my cousin’s home and her mother starts her “food gestapo” act (insisting that I and her great grandchildren eat a plateful of turkey that we don’t want) I plan on politely informing her that unlike the small children in the room I am 53 years old and will make my own food choices; I will also inform her of the risks she is insisting her great grandchildren, all under the age of 10, take in becoming ill for the sake of an outdated, archaic tradition.

  • Morrigan1111 says:

    I got one of those free Tofurkey’s. I’m eating it right now and it’s really delicious. Thank you : )

  • kimo^^ says:

    i want to do things like this were i live, but i haven’t met any one who is an activist.i really want to make a differance, help?

  • Tahnee Lord Stanley says:

    Very peaceful and in good taste..Well Done.

  • CurtBader says:

    After my first PeTA action,”Meat Tray” Richmond, VA. I gotta say it was a gas. I had fun, did some good, came away feeling good. I urge everyone to volunteer.