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PETA to Hasselbeck: Cluck You

Written by PETA | August 3, 2007

The View has been in the news a lot lately, with the addition of Whoopi Goldberg to the show. But yesterday, the show was in the news for a different reason. One of the hosts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, revealed what she thought was the “funny” news that she has decapitated a chicken. She even demonstrated with hand motions how to do it “correctly,” horrifying the audience and co-hosts Joy Behar and Barbara Walters even more than she usually does.

Here’s a video of the incident.


And here’s what a PETA rep told TMZ about it:

“PETA has two words for Hasselbeck, ‘Cluck you!’ Next to Barbara and Joy, who expressed compassion, Elisabeth sat there chirping about the joys of killing defenseless birds. Conservatives love animals too, and she ruffled a lot of feathers today. Now that Whoopi has joined the show, maybe it’s time for Hasslebeck’s head to go on the chopping block.”

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  • Kari says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeeck is a stupid b. Anyone who thinks its okay to shoot a inocent wolfor any animal for that that matterin the back and let it suffer and then to die is a cruel gross embarasment to all humans. People like her is why our world is so screwed up. And now i find out she has decapitated a chicken. This b deservres to be shot in the back and then decapitated.

  • Barbara says:

    What’s next Elizabeth? Are you teaching your children that it’s funny to torture animals? Good for you. There’s a special place in Heaven for people like you. It’s called Hell.

  • kris says:

    elizabitch you are a babbling idiotjust looking at your cruel little head makes my blood boil. please get off the view you animal are dumb and stupid.i have not watched the view since rosie left.bring back rosie dump that anoying little bitch elizabitch.

  • dan kolodzinski says:

    someone should decapitate her…

  • Amber Parker says:

    “Cluck you” I love it! I’ve always wanted another reason not to like Hasselbeck and this is a huge one. Just something about her she’s just too conservative for me and she takes controversial positions on issues without really even knowing what the hell she’s talking about. She also has to stick in her opinion on EVERYTHING like it’s her show. I think she’s insane…the View is afraid to let her go especially Barbarawho I have a feeling wants her gone the most. I can just imagine Elisabeth flipping out. I mean come on she decapitated a chicken…this isn’t survivor. She needs to get a life and PETA needs to create a video where she’s decapitated. Maybe it’ll be part of a discussion on the view. Hopefully for once she’d shut her trap.

  • Healthy Hottie says:

    I’m curious what people would think if her head was chopped off? She is treacherous. Get rid of that no talent dime a dozen LA blonde. There’s millions waiting in the wings.

  • Alex says:

    i do agree that what she did was wrong but i agree that we should just stick to what we think. i mean not everyone thinks like we do.. there are people who do still eat meat and like ive seen a few other people say they have to eat it. Though we dont agree with it i dont think we should be hateful about it i think that we should just stick to what we think and let that be that. by saying some of the hateful things people are saying almost only makes us stoop down to Elisabeth’s level.

  • Mohabbatein says:

    Some of the ignorant antipeta comments here are disturbing. Why on earth would anyone who doesn’t care about animals in the first place even come to this site? Are you that bored? Who ever said you could either be compassionate to animals or to people but not both? Do you sarcastic detractors who are typing on and on about exactly how worthless animals are to you feel you’re not capable of both? We don’t have room for you on the planet. Get off. Being alarmed that Elizabeth who is wildly uneducated and aggressively ignorant should positively shine with glee when describing murder is naturally a red flag and rightly so.

  • Michele says:

    Docs if you are really as superior as you are trying to sound you would have taken the time to realize that you are attributing the comments from Ariel Judith Kelley etc to the wrong people. YOU ARE READING THIS SITE WRONG! The name of the poster is UNDER their post you idiot! These people are very committed PETA supporters who have written very articulate comments throughout the “PETA files” for many many months and you have just crapped all over them.

  • Jan says:

    EH needs to do BW a favor and leave the View on her own. She’s been a disgrace to the show.

  • gena says:

    I’m not suprized that the view is going to the wolves. I just watched the first televized court tv Starr Jones daily talk show. It was great!!! I stopped watching the View after Rosie and Elizabth’s eruption. I don’t care for ways of killing being shown to meanimal or human. My father a volunteer Marine during Koreaas a Peace Keeperwould always brag about knowing and showing us the simplest and easiest ways to kill humans when I was a child. I never liked it then and I’m sure I won’t ever accept that kind of Evil message delivery into my home. I won’t watch the view again. I’m happy a smart women Starr Jones has a show to actual get intelligent voices back on the air. After all she did learn something good while nine years on the view.

  • Johnine says:


  • Anonymous says:

    hey what’s with this the hating? 1 Some people have to eat meat the get anemic low blood pressure and lose muscle mass. I can’t send you a link yet but research has been done on both sides of the coin. Humans have teeth in there mouth that are design for tearing meat it is only now that we live at a time that we no long need to eat meat. I’m actually a person who becomes sick if i don’t eat any meat at all. I would love to be vegan but when i was i was very ill. I actually went to school and studied nutrition and fitness. And most of it teaches that it is balance we should seek with meat and veggies. If there were a way i could safely avoid meat i would do it but just because you may not have heard of something doesn’t mean you should be nasty and call people names. If you can hook up some info for me on how i can get better with out meat great other wise check yourself. I tried everything and even now eat as little as i can and prefer to eat hunted my husband is native and is very in to nature hunting is part of their family traditions he won’t give that up even if i begged game so the animals aren’t subjected to slaughter houses they have a chance to get away! I actually really like peta and 95 of what they do is awsome i know i was going to the Vick protests before they were cancelled. I board animals for a living and don’t use any other animal based products in my home.Trust me as soon as there is a way for me to be healthy and not have to eat animals I’m on IT!!!!!

  • Docs says:

    To Areil firstly stay off this site and save your uninformed idiotic views to yourself…that’s fine that you don’t agree with the “cause” but let me take a guess that you attend church or believe in God no? If so you’re a hypocrite because page 1 of the Bible says to NOT eat meatanimals. And the fact of the matter is meatism and its continued upwardly production FOSTERS poverty you idiots! The new phrase within the scientificallyeducated community on Global Warming is that “cows cause more than cars” pertaining to the release of greenhouse gases. Not to mention the insane and continued destruction of soil and water quality for 1 of the most inefficient food sources in the world beef. I can’t even touch on the many stupid posts from Judith “animals murder each other” WTF? they only kill one another for survival yet man is the only animal that kills for sport Kelley world peace huh as Leo Tolstoy said “As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields” look him up as I’m sure you’ve never heard of him Deanne Teddy etc. there’s just too many to roast her for their udder stupidity! I will however end with this quote by Mark Twain who I’m at least semipositive the above “intellectuals” have heard of The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures but the fact that he can do no wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.

  • Cara says:

    httpabc.go.comdaytimetheviewbioselisabethhasselbeck.html Well why don’t you all let her know just what you think I did.

  • Lisa P says:

    I suggest we write ABCDisney and tell them how deeply Ms. Hasselbeck’s comments have offended us and indicate that we want a public apology as well as a sincere request from her for people to treat animals humanely. The street address is Anne Sweeny CoChair Disney Media Networks and President DisneyABC Television Group American Broadcasting Companies Inc. 77 West 66th Street New York NY 10023.212 4567498

  • Lorraine says:

    Elizabeth should go home no talent NOT interesting and stupid…bring back Rosie!

  • Tammatha Leigh says:

    PETA RULES!!!! Very effective and the best thing that has happened to animals. I admire them greatly and they are very powerful indeed!

  • lauren says:

    I think maybe we should chop off elizabeth’s head and see how funny THAT is !!!

  • Tika Bordelon says:

    she’s a skanky slut with an IQ of i’m being generous 75. fire the ugly cunt already.

  • Cora Moore says:

    To Kim Brown why is Rosie Stupid? She tried to work with EH. Have you seen her Blog She has wonderful photos of the dolphins taken while she was on vacation in Miami.

  • Barbara J. Marcello says:

    Elizabeth You have an empty spirit You’re shallow evil minded and I hope you leave the View Whoppi is so loved and Kind Spirited You are just a troubled mind. I do hope I’ll not be seeing or hearing anything about you ever. Barbara J. Marcello Camden North Carolina

  • Sarah Jones says:

    Although I am vegan and consider myself to be a protector of animals I can’t help thinking that all of you people would have been great witchhunters. In fact you would have gleefully lit the fire underneath her feet! You just all seem so happy to have found someone to focus your anger and spite and hatefulness on. C’mon admit it. You are secretly enjoying this little witchhunt aren’t you?

  • Marilyn Bazan says:

    I think PETA is great!! and keep up with your great work… and to that comment about that different people have different needs and so forth is nothing but a bunch of you know what… because one of those needs is certainly not been cruel to animals and people can live and I do emphasize that people can live long healthy lives being vegans .. if you know how to do it… and Rosie did not bad mouth our troops on the contrary she was defending them… to that person who said that you should inform yourself better… remember animals don’t have a voice and cannot defend themselves from people .. so go PETA.. God bless you for all you do…

  • Lisa says:

    Do any of you that are namecalling really think she is going to come on here and read these comments?BTWmy mompassed 10 years ago this yearused to tell me you can catch more fliesaka pests with honey than you can with vinegar.If she did come here and read theseI hope she would change.I am a Christian Vegan Peta Memberand I believe with all my heart that God loves every one here. The only post I don’t understand is the one calling someone fat…where did THAT come from??God bless all of you and keep up the good work.


    As an activist of PETA and proud of it what these and many other animals go through should be done back to the humans that do it! These animals feel and hurt just like humans. Where is your humanity Ms. Hasselback. I think you have gotten to big for your britches and are always’ looking for a fight. Do you not get enought attention at home that you have to bring your baggage to the show? And what are you teaching your children about these and many more poor helpless animals. You are a hearless bitch and what comes around goes around so bewar bitch you are going to work yourself right out of a job because you just can’t seem to keep your big mouth shut!

  • Michelle says:

    As an activist for PETA I think Elizabeth is a spoiled bitch and a trouble maker who is on the view for one reason and one reason only RATINGS. She is one of the most unknowledgable people I have seen and will spout out whatever pops in to what brain she has which in my opinion is pretty damn small. You need to be on your way out the door I feel sorry for your children as you don’t have an ounce of compassion for ANYONE OR ANYTHING and you are a troublemaker! Go home worthless woman go home!!

  • Sevon says:

    Okay before some interjects a stupid comment to me I just want to remind you that learning how to kill a chicken to provide food is a huge part of many peoples’ lives in many different countries. Please be aware of that and if you want to blast them think of some alternatives that are actually viable to these people who don’t have access to organic and healthful food stores like we do. If it’s an issue of life and death I am sorry but you provide for your family in whatever way you can. There are people who are starving and there are people who are being tortured to this VERY DAY so IF you want compassion towards animals we have got to work on compassion towards each other first. peace and thanks Sevon

  • Joyce says:

    I think that was an awfully ignorant thing to say on tv she must have known that people would object. But i suppose that’s what the view is all about. I emailed her to express my disgust

  • jeanine callace says:

    another confirmation that you are a piece of garbage elizabeth. it amazes me how a rude tightass christian can think that hurting another terrified being is funny. how funny it would be if the same was done to grace. you are a hypocritical heartless lowlife. i would give anything to be alone in a room with you….your a waste of life.

  • Ariel says:

    SAM Believe me I honestly don’t give a hoot what you or anyone thinks of me whether it be bad OR good. Either way it is meaningingless because it does not change who I am. Since you couldn’t interpret my basic belief about becoming an ar’s activist which I stated “to get out of oneself” instead of being selfcentered and you consider that an ego trip then obviously your eyeballs aren’t making a connection with your brain. And since you think that having convictions of seeking justice a high resentment for cruelty and violence having fortitude and character to withstand anything are egotistical then you must be jealous of people who do have these attributes…which apparently you don’t have because you interpret them so naively as an “ego trip.” And btw take note that I am not defending myself because I don’t have to prove myself to you or to anybody.

  • Sam says:

    Woah ariel. Went on a little ego trip there eh?

  • Ariel says:

    to MIKE Animal rights’ activism is not for everyone to be involved in. It takes a LOT more than doing some research on an org. that you choose to join and only be involved for 3 or 4 months then only draw conclusions that are distaseful to you. Before one decides to be an animal rights’ activist heshe must already have some VERY deep inner convictions such as seeking justice a high resentment of cruelty and violence and must have a tremendous amount of fortitude and character in order to be able to withstand anything. But I think most of all one must be able to “get out” of oneself to remain focused on the atrocities that are done to animals and not be concerned about the variety of comments that you totally categorize as “hatefilled” and “insulting.” In all honesty surely you cannot say that is inclusive of EVERY comment. Nevertheless I believe that every REAL ar’s activist has the right to express themselves as they feel. And honestly I consider them to be openly honest about their feelings. After all this is not exactly a perfect niceynice world that we are dealing with and NO org. of any kind on earth is perfect. About MLK and Ghandi they had all of the above attributes as I first mentioned and they withstood hatefilled comments threats anything…because they had deep convictions. The approach that each animal rights’ activist takes is subjective. If you believe in the great legacies that MLK and Ghandi have left for us then you would take that approach…as a LOT of ar’s activists do. I’m not trying to convince you to remain with PETA and neither am I saying that you don’t have wonderful attributes. All I’m saying is that if you think PETA is not for you and if you really believe that you cannot contribute worthy comments that are patterned after MLK and Ghandi then you have let the REAL “nuts” out there the antianimal activists defeat you with the good you could have done in this VERY strong org. The best to you with whatever decision you make.

  • Sarah says:

    Cluck You Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

  • Anonymous says:

    puckfeta puckfeta puckfeta! IF IF IF IF IF IF…. IF!! Your conception of “brilliant” and lame attempt at “oneupmanship” reeks of sheer unadulterated IDIOCY! IT WILL NEVER TAKE THE DEATH OF ONE RAT TO CURE ALL DISEASES and to ask such a preposturous question to well meaning people is a SICK ploy to discredit them! FACT It has and is taking MILLIONS of rats cats dogs pigs apes monkeys etc. at the mercy of too many unscrupulous ignorant and cruel vivisectors and STILL we have NO real cures for the many diseases out there! GET REAL and THINK for yourself instead of using someonelse’s MINDLESS quotes!

  • puckfeta says:

    There’s been a lot of great and intelligent quotes from PETA people over the years but let me ask you people about just this one quote from Bill Maher “If the death of one rat cured all diseases it wouldn’t make any difference to me.” Do you sensible and kind PETA people agree with that brilliant statement?

  • Ariel says:

    to LORI and MICHELE EXCELLENT POSTS! Now if only the “Darryls” out there would respond to your comments by saying something like ‘I read your comments and have a better understanding now.’ But the “Darryls” probably aren’t strong enough to admit that your comments made sense which are supported by facts and credibility. Then it seems like they would rather go on with their same old same old baseless beliefs and accusations. DARRYL what are your thoughts now after reading Michele’s comments to you? OR are you not going to respond?

  • Mike says:

    I have been a Peta member for about 3 to 4 months. I am starting to regret joining this organization. I believe in the work and the thought behind it but am tired of reading hate filled comments. There is a better way of expressing yourself and beliefs. All this does is feed the opinion that this organization is full of nuts. Have we learned nothing from people like MLK and Gandhi? Insulting people is not the way to get them to listen to you. All this makes we want to let my membership go and go find some other organization that helps animals.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe people could actually take you crazies a little more seriously by instead of being stupid and just trying to make asses of yourself ie dressig like chickens in front of KFC or just being complete douchebag idiots ie comparing the holocaust to chickens dying at KFC or other places. Forcing your ideals upon everyone else Hitler would have loved you guys. By the way just calling people names who don’t agree with you while it probably does make you feel good about yourself doesn’t mean you’re right. That’s all anyone ever gets as responses when criticizing this group.

  • Sam says:

    Humans ARE animals you closeminded fools. I don’t think the PETA will ever succeed with idiots like you around.

  • sane says:

    People like emma are exactly why people of all sidesliberal conservative democrat republican freakkin hate this damn group and all their very compassionate members. Watch where you walk you could squash a bug. And don’t ever get diabetes because just like the PETA president you could have to take medication that was GASP tested on animals. As we all know being vegan means that there is NO chance in hell that any vegan could ever get diabetes especially considering all those fruits that you eat that have no sugar or anything.

  • Michele says:

    Darryl though PETA is an ANIMAL rights organization what do you think the “A” stands for anyway? their ideas do actually help poor people. If you took the time to read things and thinks things through you would realize this. A vegetarian diet is less expensive than a diet with meat in it. Lentils beans chickpeas rice and hummus are all very inexpensive food items. Just add some canned tomatoes also VERY inexpensive and garlic even cheaper and you have simple tasty healthy meatfree meals that cost way less than fatty hormonefilled animal carcasses. Also if everyone in the world went vegetarian we could almost completely eliminate world hunger it takes about 17 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef so that 17 pounds of grain could be used to feed many many people instead. I don’t watch The View mainly because I never seem to have the time but I certainly would never even make the effort if “Elizabitch” good one Corey! was still on the show. She gives blondes a bad name! And whoever talked about mowing down “frail” vegans clearly has no articulate thoughts of hisher own you are just throwing out meaningless words because you are a mean closeminded individual. If you had any ideas in your brain you would know that being vegan does not mean someone is unhealthy and weak. Just read the post about all of the vegan superathletes or if you don’t believe what that person wrote do some research on a respectable website and you will see it’s the truth. Read about how Dr. Benjamin Spock advocated for a vegan diet for children. Also you might want to read about how Dr. Atkins you know the “brilliant” doctor who convinced people they should eat highfat lowcarb diets died of a heart attack and was morbidly obese at the time of his death wow I guess he must have been pretty “strong” on his meatbased diet! Don’t you just want to be like him????

  • Lori says:

    Uhhh excuse me? “Her own moral values?” Well the Nazis had their own “moral values” also. We can all come up with our own morals if we like to suit what we want. What is right and what is wrong is pretty clear in my book. All of those conservatives who preach about God and family values etc. lack true compassion. They cheer when people are executed they turn a blind eye to war and they act like they speak for God when they feel there is nothing wrong with torturing and killing animals who are defenseless against us. They are often the truest hypocrites on the planet. And as for the last person who posted it might interest you to know that most “animal” people that I know are very involved in human rights and active in helping the poor and needy. People that have animal compassion have compassion for all and are usually more politically aware. You are stating a stereotype that is overused and worthless. There is nothing glorious about killing a chicken. It is nothing to be proud of no matter what the reason. Anyone can kill a defenseless animal. She is a big mouthed idiot who brings such a level of irritation to the show that even my fairly conservative mother can’t stand her and no longer watches. They made such a big deal about Rosie O’Donnell yet keep this sniveling blonde bitch. Kick her off the show for God’s sake. Get rid of her. She is worthless and turns off your audiences more than you know. I like the post about the kill floor at a slaughterhouse. Maybe if the View sacks her she can go work for Hormel or someone like that since she is experienced and unfased by the cruelty of death.

  • darryl says:

    yall care more about animals then humans what about the homeless the poor the racist if you all did more for the poor i might give a damn

  • emma says:

    mia your probably a hopeless fatass woman who is upset because you cant stop shoving meat down your throat. dont diss peta because of your food addiction fatty. may i suggest weight watchers? 3

  • Anna says:

    I saw that video on Yeah it was disgusting. In case you do want to see it just go to Then in the search box type in The View. It will bring it up.

  • puckfeta says:

    Yes Mark Knowles it is very idiotic to think that people are different in their dietary needs. Of course since people are exactly the same in every other area of life why would diet be any different right. We all like and need the exact same things with no differences whatsoever. I feel compassion for anyone trying to have an intelligent debate with a PETA member must have a serious headache hearing the same things over and over being called the same things over and over. I’m not saying you’re all that way but so far I haven’t seen too many people to take that stereotype away.