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PETA to Gore: Too Chicken to Go Veg?

Written by PETA | August 29, 2007

In case you thought we were just kidding when we wrote to Al Gore urging him to go vegetarian to help stop global warming, maybe this ad will clarify our position for you.


The evidence is in, and though it may be a little inconvenient for Mr. Gore to hear, the facts don’t lie. This U.N. report shows that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and goes on to say that meat is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global,” including land degradation, air pollution, water shortage and pollution, loss of biodiversity, and of course climate change. And according to a recent University of Chicago study, switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius. We even went so far as to offer to cook him faux “fried chicken” as an intro to vegetarian meals, since, no matter how many of those cool little energy saving light bulbs you put in, the reality is that there just isn’t such a thing as a meat-eating environmentalist.

This story about the whole issue ran in The New York Times today, but Gore declined to comment. Mr. Gore, you’ve done so much good by putting yourself out there as the face of the anti-global warming movement, and you’re so right on so much of it, but come on, it really is high time to put some substance behind it by leading by example and doing the single most effective thing you can do to address the issue: simply going vegetarian.

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  • Edel says:

    I like Al Gore and feel he means well. Yet as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize the honor specifically given for his awareness regarding the plight of the environment he needs to be held under higher standards. With this he has the power to help tremendously and the responsibility to set an example. If he became vegetarian or ideally vegan this would inspire so many and prove him to be truthful and consistent with his convictions.

  • Patrick McGovern says:

    PETA is making enemies out of their most devoted valuable supporters by choosing to focus their efforts on those who are doing the most good for our planet. Eventually PETA will look back on this moment in history and regret not waging more meaningful battles. Why insist on being your own worst enemy when there are much bigger fights and campaigns to wage? I mean first Steve Irwin now Al Gore! I won’t even mention the people that are doing the real harm which you choose to ignore… it’s absurd annoying and counterproductive to say the least.

  • Someone Special says:

    I don’t think cattle grazing or any livestock grazing should stop because of someone’s theory that it’s all because of livestock grazing considering….what about smokers truck trains cars farmer and etc.??

  • sarah says:

    i love you PETA i think that the organisation that you are running is absolutely fantastic and the more you can do the better.

  • Emily says:

    Brilliant campaign. Well done!

  • halo snipe says:

    ted williams WTF are you saying? If we had ANY animals like zebras hippos or bush as leaders WHAT WOULD THEY DO?! Animals like that CANNOT reason! NO animal can except us! They can’t lead a countryor the world because they can’t do what we can and that is TO REASON. Animals can only rely on instinct. We adapt. Adapt over instinct. Just look at the Master Chief smarter than any animal and frankly everyone here!He’ll know the answer!

  • Nick says:

    This is why I love the show South Park. It is a forced opinionated reflexology if you will on what you are against. It will piss you off at one point. I remember the episode where Stan goes Vegetarian because of veal and at the end they all cheer when the parents say let’s go get some burgers. Why do we passionately yell about something but when somebody gives us a simple solution we just shrug and say but we believe this or that… Mr. Gore really. It’s that easy. I did it in 30 days. After eating nothing but fast food pretty much about two times a day due to working conditions. I quit making excuses and I am still standing. In fact I am in better shape and happier…Dude just do it! Credibility is recieved but respect is earned…

  • Rafael says:

    This is an extraordinarily bad decision by PETA. Gore is one of the few genuine environmental leaders in the country and you are playing right into the rightwing’s hands. Reducing meat consumption absolutely is a good idea. But this action is simpleminded opportunism which weakens the movement as a whole. cross posted after posting in wrong location

  • christie rhode says:

    peta are you serious!!!? i can’t think of a better way for you to prove what idiots you all are. why are you going after someone that helps the environmental cause? who’s next michael moore? you’re embarassing to the rest of us who aren’t stuck in our microcosm.

  • Lynn says:

    Thanks Peta for giving the rightwing nut jobs some ammo. They’ve always hated you. Now they’re exploiting you to go after Gore themselves. You’ll never see another penny from me. I’m totally disgusted in your exploitation of people who risk a lot in order to make the world a better place. Maybe you coud have handled this differently. Nope. You abuse people the same way they abuse you. From a “Katrina” animal rescue worker pet sitter mother of 5 cats and 2 dogs all rescued by me and supporter of both Michael Moore and Al Gore especially Lynn

  • Paul says:

    Read your Gore article. You may want to learn the meaning of the word “pun.” Illiteracy does not help the cause.

  • Concerned says:

    To all of you who quote the U.N. report I am concerned about your ability to think critically. None of you quote sources other than the U.N. domecument stating that meat production is the top cause of global warming. Are you questioning the information you read or are you simply accepting them so long as they fit with your ideals? I understand PETA is an organization and most of its supporters speak out for animal rights. I see that you have chosen to be vegetarians because you care and want the best for them. I believe in animal rights too but what I really believe in is that people should do research and provide evidence from more than ONE source in support of their argumentsespecially when trying to convince others to do as they do!

  • Nick says:

    I think that bashing Gore of all people is ridiculous! Why does it seem like nothing is ever good enough for Peta and the majority of its members? Take Vick for example Peta helped him get what he deserved. He lost a 20 million dollar contract all of his endorsements and he is suspended indefinitely. Not to mention hes looking at jail time. What more do you want? Move on…Back to Mr. Gore what if he did become vegan? The next issue would prob be what types of veggies he chose to eat. Stick to the issue! Blaming and calling out one person does no good.

  • aidan997 says:

    After reading this i just understood how peta is another selfopinionated dictator and extremist. I mean you may live on veggies but most people wouldn’t be seen dead doing that. Don’t try to conform people conformity is boring and stupid we don’t want society to become a bunch of veggieeating linenwearing robotic hippies. Don’t be too idealistic as the fortunately the world is not an idealistic place at all. I am interested in some things you hold for but meat tastes good and leather rocks!

  • keiirn says:

    i also want to join pet haha

  • anne-marie says:

    omg some one please make a bumper sticker with that add!!!!!! My car is covered with PETA stickers everywhere! i want that one

  • James says:

    A poster above said that “all the presidential candidates have the same failing” not speaking out about the dangersimmorality of meateating. That’s not true though. Dennis Kucinich a Democratic candidate for president is a vegetarian and outspoken about it.