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Why Is PETA Giving Away Fur Coats?

Written by Paula Moore | December 16, 2013

Detroit Fur Coat

PETA has long said that only people who are truly struggling to survive have any excuse for wearing fur, and on Monday, with temperatures well below freezing, we drove that point home. As many in Detroit suffer during the city’s economic crisis, PETA teamed up with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and Bethlehem House to give away 100 fur coats—as well as leather jackets, wool scarves, and angora sweaters—to some of the city’s neediest residents.

Detroit Fur  Event Detroit Fur Giveaway  Event

You Can Help

If all this suffering leaves you cold, donate your unwanted clothes made of animal skins to PETA. While we can’t bring the animals who were slaughtered for fur, leather, and other skins back to life, together we can help bring a little warmth to people in desperate need.

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