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One in Five Purebred Dogs Is Discarded

Written by PETA | February 2, 2011

A survey conducted by the U.K.’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that one in five purebred puppies purchased from a breeder was given up before his or her second birthday. Not only did many of these puppies end up in already crowded animal shelters, but 36 percent had health problems and 3 percent died.

Purebreds make up at least 25 percent of all animals in U.S. animal shelters, and virtually any breed can be found at a shelter or through a breed-specific rescue group. So there’s no excuse for patronizing breeders, who profit from contributing to the animal overpopulation crisis. When you’re ready to add a new a new member to your family, please remember the 4 to 6 million animals who are euthanized in animal shelters every year, and consider opening your home to one—or two!

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Think Please says:

    When all of your spayed and neutered shelter dogs die of old age, what are you going to do without breeders? If everyone stopped breeding, then you would no longer be able to add a dog to your family. You people have a seriously skewed idea of what breeding is. It is part of practicing good animal husbandry. Responsible breeders try to breed the most perfect dog possible which results in fewer health problems. We don’t need to eliminate breeders. We need to eliminate irresponsible breeders. Those who solely breed for profit and don’t do their best to contribute to the breed. We only need to eliminate those who breed without doing serious research on their bloodlines first.

  • Melmac says:

    Rai, if you didn’t offer up a suggestion to your teacher to do something in place of football to get your exercise, then I can understand his comment. It is still a class, and you can and will fail it because there is currently no laws saying you can skip PE/Athletics due to moral grounds on animal rights. I would suggest that you go back to him and explain your stance, and offer up an alternative that is equal to the teaching you’re receiving. Personally, I’ve had to do that for other – and more personal – issues (running a mile in place of swimming), but it works.

  • Rai Cruz says:

    Thank you for all you’r helpful suggestions! Leather is used in the balls (like footballs) at our school and it upsets me greatly. What is even more upseting is how my P.E. teacher reacted when I asked (politely, of course) to end the use of leather in our class. He became angry, saying I was just trying to avoid exersise (not true. I love taking my dog on walks!!!)

  • Melmac says:

    Easy Rai – you will have to most likely do another sport such as swimming or another cruelty free sport.

    Due to health and safety reasons, I don’t think leather will be taken out of any of the balls such as football. Less suits sadly from opposition to leather than latex or non-latex but vegan products.

    I am curious to as far as equipment – most sports now do not use leather in the apparel.

  • jadewarlock says:

    To Rai Cruz, the only way you’re going to avoid leather is to only play sports that do not require leather. That or dodge the ball in games.

    Basketballs are now mostly rubber, as are tennis balls.

    Or take up swimming.

  • E says:

    Bring it to the principal. If the principal does not take you seriously, bring it to the board of Trustees. Tell him/her you are vegan and you do not believe in the use of animal products for fashion. Tell them you can provide your own equipment that is made from faux leather. What kind of leather do you have to wear for sport?

  • nancy says:

    Also, I think many people don’t consider going to a shelter when they want a pure bred. Obviously, shelters have pure breds, but it may just take a little longer. Depending on the breed people want, they could also adopt from a rescue group for a specific breed. This would save dogs and doesn’t support the breeders. Of course, who cares what breed the dog is. Just find a dog who needs a loving home.

  • Rai cruz says:

    Help! my P.E. teacher refuses to accept my right to not use leather in games. any suggestions? thank you!