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Novisky Prospekt

Written by PETA | August 4, 2007

My boss, Tracy, sent me this great photo her brother Brad took last week while he was touring Russia with the Rolling Stones (yeah, I know, some people just end up with really fun jobs). Here’s what Brad said about the image:

“This photo was taken on a back street around the “Novisky Prospekt” neighborhood of St.Petersburg. I was surprised and pleased to see this message in a place where most of the kids you see are homeless and just looking for their next meal or a stronger solvent to inhale. Most of the graffiti I saw in these neighborhoods reflected the blossoming “white power” or “russia for russians” movements at a time when skinheads have just beaten to death 4 African exchange students in St Peterburg. For this reason, this pleasant image really caught my attention with its positive message.”


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  • chuck novisky says:

    I’m a Novisky. Like to find more

  • chuck novisky says:

    My last name is Novisky. If anyone can give me any history or info. PLEASE email me. thank you!

  • Raffertisation says:

    Testbunny In regard to your opinion about vegan’s aesthetic I must point out that you have the wrong end of the stick. I have no problem getting fat. It’s quite depressing really.

  • Bradley Reiman says:

    StacyYou’re right I am no authority on Russian culture whatsoever and I apologize for the mistake in the name of the neighborhood. I was both amazed and horrified by some of the things I saw in St petersburg and was making a statement to that affect. I would be quick to declare that things aren’t much better in New Orleans where I spent the last several years. I was just commenting on the stark contrasts I witnessed in a quick 2 day trip to St.Petersburg. This neighborhood is around the corner from palace square and the fantastic Hermitage museum. Most of the graffiti that I could understand were either racist or xenophobic and this “go vegan” message stood out as contrasting with the usual messages that was my point and nothing else really. The homeless kids around the train station are what stands out to me regarding this neighborhood. In no way did I mean any offense to Russia or Russians I can assure you these scenes are unfortunately present everywhere I go including New Zealand my new home. I really loved St Petersburg and look forward to spending more time there one day. Brad

  • keith says:

    Please Stacy tell me when you were last in Mockba ?

  • Ariel says:

    to Candy I thank YOU for your info! Our disastrous western culture has much to be desired while India I suppose believes in and follows that wonderful belief by Ghandi which you probably know “The greatness of a nation and its morals…” I love that belief and it is SO TRUE!

  • Candy says:

    to Ariel thank you for additional info! it’s interesting that in Indian Cinema animals are almost forbidden! if they want some for their movies they have to give the exact number they need and what the animal is doing! if they don’t follow the law the film can’t be published! in this way really no animals are hurted! but India is special in every way!!!

  • Ariel says:

    to Candy No problem! This was an afterthought to my first comments. The greedy movie moguls are really pushing it and I am disgusted with greedy heartless Disney! I don’t know if you know this or not but Disney has a movie out I forgot the title right now But anyway the movie focuses on puppies and when the puppies were found to be diagnosed with parvo virus they used them as long as they could and then replaced them with more puppies who were also diagnosed with parvo virus using them as long as they could. Then one of the promoters of the movie was on FOX news saying how wonderful this movie is and that animal activists will try to cause a stir about using the sick puppies so just ignore them. The stupid anchorwoman agreed with him and said she was definitely taking her kids to see that movie! So I think some of these socalled animal protection people who are on the filming sets can be bought off. $$$$$$. Sure no puppy was actually violently harmed but…

  • unoly says:

    I’m from Russia and I’m vegan.

  • Ariel says:

    HUGO your comments are absolutely extraordinary! You explained a MAJOR relationship between humans animals and society that is SO TRUE! I really wish that PETA would print them in their publications as well as a couple of others who have commented on here telling of living through similar experiences…and came away with such tremendous enlightenment! But more than PETA printing them I really really hope that the anti’s read them here and really start to consider everything that you wrote. Thanks so much Hugo for your VERY enlightening contribution! I appreciate it very much!

  • stacy says:

    It’s Nevsky Prospect after the Neva river. It was really nice to see the “Go Vegan” graffiti but as a Russian I was offended by the sidecomment about “most of the kids you see are homeless and just looking for their next meal or a stronger solvent to inhale” followed by “most of the graffiti I saw in these neighborhoods reflected the blossoming ‘white power’ or ‘russia for russians’ movements at a time when skinheads have just beaten to death 4 African exchange students in St Peterburg.” That statement really paints a horrific generalized picture of Russian youth and I don’t think it was in any way relevant to the “Go Vegan” words on the wall or helps our collective vegan cause. Just the fact that the author referred to this worldfamous boulevard as “Novisky” and not “Nevsky” shows how little authority heshe has on the subject of Russian culture. As a Russian vegan I was offended and wish that TracyBrad just pointed out the positive and left the generalizing negative for another discussion.

  • Candy says:

    Ariel thank you so much for your kind information it helps me so much! i also want to see if at the end of the movie there shall be indicated that no animals were hurted! thank you for informing me about all this! greetings and good luck!

  • Geoff says:

    Thanks Ariel! Will do.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Candy My scientific education and work background is limited to human medical anatomy and physiology and some psychology. With that in mind I am automatically conditioned to do research about anything that I don’t know about rather than to speculate. So upon doing research about rattlesnakes concerning if they feel pain when their rattles are cut off my research indicated that they do not feel pain. Just as their skin molts without pain their rattles break off naturally on occasion and it regenerates. Of course this info is specifically focused upon the rattle itself shedding. However if a human were to extend that cut into part of the body that would be a whole different effect. I wouldn’t know if you are aware of this or not but decades ago the tvmovie industry was ordered to have caring animal agency reps. on the scenes to make sure that no harm comes to any animals when they are included. At the end of the credits you will see it noted that “No animal was harmed in this picture.” Even though there is supposed to be no harm I believe that humans showing any type of ruthlessness to animals although is fake still sends a message to some people that animal abuse is ok. On another note when that tv show “Survivor” was initially presented taking place in Austrailia it showed people killing REAL animals. This can only be accounted for that some of the public enjoys or is not affected by seeing REAL animals tortured and killed. So the tv industry pushed it to the edge and fed into the viewers unconscienable mindset and unfeeling hearts for the sake of ratings et al for the sake of the almighty dollar.

  • millie says:

    WOW Hugo. You said it all.

  • Ana says:

    Testbunny…did someone test on you? Did you receive a lobotomy?? Veganism a mental illness??? Health compassion integrity and moral courage is a mental illness? Perhaps watching the news or reading any newspaper will enlighten you to the real stupid animals that murder rape start wars kill their own children and abuse the elderly. Slaughterhouses are an abomination that man supports and condones then everyone prays for peace while animals are murdered every second of the day. Now that is a mentalhealth disorder. What is stupid is eating the cadavers of tortured abused and murdered animals. It also is incredibly cruel. Veganism opposes that.

  • hugo pottisch says:

    Having grown up under an Eastern European dictatorship is partly responsible for me being vegan today… so sorry for the long one.. If I intend to criticize oppressive regimes and dictatorships like Saddam Hussain’s or Stalins or Putins for that matter I better not act like a mad dictator myself on a daily basis? Otherwise it is merely hypocritical randomacting of the weakest and most selfdiluted form? In Hollywood movies the “good” guys are easy to spot. They are the ones being unfairly attacked without love and against the odds and young. The “bad” guys are oftentimes already powerful have a spouse and hence “something to lose”. At the end of EVERY movie the good guys have taken power and have finally met their love.. the “bad” guys have lost against all odds have lost their spouse etc. Now how did the bad guy become bad? Was he bad when he was powerless was he born bad etc.? We dont know and nobody tells us how it happens We only see the good guy have power and a kiss and The End.. Fact is most of us prove on a daily basis that we would be bloodthirsty selfish pricks if we had as much power as Bush or Saddam. We would not care about humans as we do not care about all the sentient intelligent and emotional beings at our mercy HERE AND NOW! Why should something change if we get even more powerful? that is as selfdiluting as if only I would achieve XXX then I wouldcould finallytruly do YYY hahahaha? Castro promised us democracy once he is in power all dictators have promised freedom once elected do not trust them any more than you trust yourself NOT AT ALL!!!! You are no better than a teen girl screaming give me that nose job pa and Ill be happy take care of all the poor humans and we will take care of the animals even Germans would consider this bad humor and nothing else??? I mean if you are a meat eater in the US or EU today you separate mothers from their babies you let them sleep in their own shit and piss you fist and rape them you hurt them without painkillers and do not take care of their wounds you oftentimes skin them alive no daylight no fresh air for life How do people who criticize Bush or Saddam but eat meat get up in the morning.. how does the mirror survive that much hypocrisy? It is easy to criticize the government or foreign regimes and fundamentalists but that is prepuppetry modus operanti in case we torture and enslave for some personal advantage ourselves only because we have the might or money to do so? No pick ANY Hollywood movie watch it and be aware that YOU are the ugly old bad guy!!! YOU are Al Qaeda YOU are Stalin you are the bad rotten politician who does not care about the environment etc I also dislike liberal social workers who eat meat but want to help the poor wtf BEFORE you start doing good which is applaudable please STOP doing bad Giving money to the Red Cross does not help the child I enjoy raping or the homeless I beat until he bleeds ok???? The Nazis have tried to help a lot of Germans but that does not make up for some other cruelties on their behalf? I.e. mentioning that one is helping cancer children in the AR context can be a DANGEROUS reflection unless.? And dont ask for social security or a health care system if you cannot even spare those who are even weaker than you from LIFELONG torture it is weak childish immature irresponsible and greedy.. WHY SHOULD THE RICH or the government help YOU???? When you cannot do the same????? Why do you behave like a child who has achieved and build nothing but only demands and asks for more and whines when his numbing pleasures seem threatened? 13 of Brazilians are already overweight more than are malnourished. For the First time in history there are more obeseoverweight people than hungry ones causing more economic damage than hunger those people who call vegans skinny are selfdiluted!!! It is perfectly natural and healthy to be able to see your own feet!!! Anyone telling you otherwise is a hypo. Go Vegan! It is easy you can use the mirror again without any vitallies and best of all you can ask for more out of life with a good conscious!!!! The only things worth killing in life are vitallies! Priceless!!!

  • Candy says:

    sorry perhaps this blog here is not the adequate one to post it but i have an urgent question to somebody who hopefully could answer my question maybe jack or ariel who have some scientific background i just looked the film ‘the indian fighter’ and there is a scene where kirk douglas is cutting the rattle of a fully conscious rattle snake! i don’t know anything about rattle snakes so i would like to know if this cutting off the rattle is hurting the animal or does it grow again like the lizard’s tail? if not this means it’s a very bad animal abuse and there should be sent a clear message to kirk douglas of course not before the film has been inspected! thanks for an answer!

  • Ariel says:

    TESTBUNNY The mankind animal species is considered to be the most intelligent species because we have reasoning and memory abilities right? Well take a look at the whole world around you the news where ever and see if you can come across any “stupid animals” that we defend that have started wars decapitated people raped murdered take drugs abduct and sexually abuse children on and on and on…Need I have to point out that all of these atrocities are done with intention from a species mankind who is considered to be the most intelligent??? Think again “stupid animals” or stupid people???…of which animal activists do not endorse that evil behavior and neither do the animals. About your observation of the vegans who you say you know I can honestly assure you that I am BY FAR from looking anorexic. And btw no doctor or mental health professional would stupidly diagnose vegans as “anorexic” just because they choose to be vegans. Thank goodness that you hopefully are not in those fields. Hi GEOFF asking you to please review my comment to you under the pigeon birthcontrol heading…and another highfive to you with your comment to testbunny!

  • Geoff says:

    Yeah that’s what the article says Testbunny. Nice judicious analysis there. You should teach a course on missing the fucking point.

  • millie says:

    Write the same thing in Russian just below it

  • Testbunny says:

    Like homeless people going vegan would help them any. Not to mention all vegans I have seen look fresh from a nazi prison camp. Seriously veganism should be classefied with anorexia as a mentalhealth disorder. “I don’t agree with vandalism until it promotes veganism.” Is what this article says. You people are seriously as stupid as the animals you defend.

  • GreenKolibri says:

    Thank you for posting the photo. There are lots of great kids in Russia! here are some of the AR groups there httpwww.animalrights.ruenglishindex.html

  • keith says:

    Great Stuff ! I have friends in The Russian Federation so I always spread the PETA word when and where possible.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Wow that’s not something you see everyday.

  • Ariel says:

    Before all the “great” social activists in their own minds start complaining on this ws about the homeless and hungry children in Russia and asking why PETA doesn’t do anything about that instead of animals I would to pass along some info. As we animal rights’ activists have been consistently emphasizing to the meateaters it takes more money for grain to feed the cows chickens pigs etc. than had that humangrade grain be exported to feed the hungry which would eliminate world hunger. Therefore we vegansvegetarians are not a part of denying food for the hungry. We are also not part of any cruelty and torture that the slaughterhouses heartlessly impose on animals. So that is to say since we have compassion and empathy for animals certainly we would not be a part of human cruelties like the inhumane skinheads had towards the exchange students. And if any of you have an issue about the homeless hungry children in Russian please take it up with Pres. Putin….not PETA.

  • cappuccino says:

    let’s call this novisky prospekt a place of hope!