Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Nobel Prize Winner JM Coetzee for PETA

Written by PETA | April 18, 2007

I wrote about JM Coetzee a little while back, after he gave an amazing speech in Sydney about animal rights and the ethics of industrialized slaughter practices. But the Nobel Prize winner just came through for animals again by writing to the European Parliament on PETA’s behalf to ask that they support a ban on bullfighting in Europe. You can read about Coetzee’s letter here. The translation’s a bit wobbly, but it’s a great story. I figure the members of the European Parliament who are unaffected by the Running of the Nudes protest that PETA UK holds every year in Spain will respond to an entreaty from a leading figure in the world of letters. Something for everybody, you know?

jmcoetzee.jpg 2006-02.jpg
Two-pronged attack against the bullfight: A Nobel Prizewinner and a Naked Race

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  • polarbear says:

    A true crime of our day. Shameful!

  • Jaclyn Tejeda says:

    WOW Voz Espanola great comments. You mentioned a lot of things I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for your comment.

  • voz espanola says:

    JM Coetzee is an amazing personality in every way. His voice against bullfight is more than welcome also because here in Europe millions of Europeans are willing to ban the criminal practice of public bull slaughter once and for ever. I really don’t understand why certain european voices make such a scandal out of Turkey’s ‘camel fights’ where the camels are not even wounded and free and on the other side Spain with its barbaric neandertalic sadist ‘nationalsport’ was quickly accepted in the European Union. Specially the King is an avid admirer of this shameful and coward atrocity actually the bullfight is the shame of Europe and we need every voice to help us to stop this massacre! On you can admire the big work by French animal protectors together with members of the European Parliament. It is a great task and a hard fight because there are putrid souls in this world which just want to make money and ruthless business even if the victims are helpless animals which are not even agressive but tortured to death and when they get aware that they shall be killed it’s already too late because their muscles are paralised by the ‘banderillas’. Please know that the real crime in bullfight is the fact that the bull knows exactly that behind the red rag is a human being and he never attacks him just the rag until he realises that the human wants to kill him and that time it’s too late!!! Because every bull must not have more from four years so he first intends to play if he would be older he would quickly understand the mean and coward intentions from the wretch behind the rag!!! Here in Gut Aiderbichl we got many bulls and even children approach them out in the fields because these peaceful animals know that nobody shall harm them. Please have a look at the website And in the same way as the conquistadores have been perfumed by the natives because of their bad smell and not because of their divinity as some people want to make us believe in the same way the bull does not attack the rag out of ignorance from what is behind itas the bullmurderers want to make us believe. He knows that a human is behind it so the two are cheated the curious tourist and the poor animal that’s the true crime indeed!!! So it’s the duty of every honest person to stop this shame at once!!!

  • Caroline says:

    The members of the European Parliament should stop being lame and giving the cold shoulder but instead realize the brutality behind bull fighting. I have always had tears roll down my cheeks when I see the poor animal being tortured to no limits. Apparently the maniac tormenting the bull and the hardhearted morons who cheer on need to seriously find something else to do.If anything it is not manly. Cant believe in this century some people would still think this is a sport. It certainly isnt for the hapless bull. I genuinely hope the European Parliament comprehends the full gravity of the situation and facilitate to end this cruel sport once and for all. Caroline