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Mutts Steal the Show at Crufts

Written by PETA | March 2, 2011

People visiting Birmingham, England, to attend the world’s largest dog show, Crufts, now have something to think about, thanks to a provocative new PETA U.K. ad at a bus stop in town.


Dog shows like Crufts encourage people to breed and buy purebred dogs even in the face of the companion animal overpopulation crisis. Every time someone buys a dog from a breeder or pet store, a shelter dog loses a chance at a home. Making people realize this might make them squirm, but if it encourages someone to adopt an animal instead of buying, it saves a life.

And shelter mutts aren’t the only ones in peril—widespread inbreeding ensures that many purebred dogs are plagued by painful and deadly health problems. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the U.K. dropped its support of Crufts, calling the breeding of deformed and disabled dogs “morally and ethically unjustifiable.” Agreed.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Krissy says:

    but then what happens to the other dogs??? you know that are not mutts???

  • Krissy says:

    and a mutts not deformed??? all dogs are really

  • gingersnapz says:

    I had an English Bull Terrier whose father had won various international dog shows, nevertheless, Henry was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and developed epilepsy – resulting in him sadly dying before he was three years old. I also reckon he had some form of doggy autism. After seeing all of the pain from surgery and treatments he went through I swore I would never purchase a pure bred dog again. I now own two rescue mutts who are both beautiful and inspirational as having them made me become vegetarian again.

  • Pam Cummings says:

    Straight to the point great ad….

  • Seamus McCartney says:

    This is a very intelligent way to get messages across, I was on public transport two days ago, we were at the lights and I spotted a simple A4 poster stuck on a wall. This made me think that promotions and advertisements do not need to be huge in order for people to see them, I’m going to make some posters and stick them in the area and whenever I can in order to educate people on what really happens to animals when people buy fur, meat, puppies from pet shops, leather, milk etc.

  • A says:

    LOVE IT! Absolutely LOVE it.

  • Mary Ann says:

    EXCELLENT AD!!!!!!