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Montreal Bans Pam’s New Ad Unveiling

Written by PETA | July 15, 2010

Our honorary director, Pamela “Bombshell” Anderson, dazzled her Québécois admirers as she hit Montréal today to launch her latest global ad campaign for PETA.


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Pamela Anderson


One small snag: City officials suddenly decided to prohibit the unveiling at its original location, claiming that the ad is sexist. It sounds like they’re confusing “sexist,” with “sexy,” don’t you think? Not missing a beat, Pam decided to unveil the ad instead at her news conference for the Just for Laughs festival, for which she’s hosting a gala tonight. In the ad, as you can see, each of her perfectly sculpted body parts is clearly labeled like a traditional butcher’s diagram.* The message? “All Animals Have the Same Parts.”


Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson


Pam’s striking ad offers a reminder that cows, pigs, and chickens are flesh, blood, and bone, just like us. Looking at any animal as a collection of breasts, shoulders, and ribs to be hacked apart is unthinkable. Or as the lovely Ms. Anderson herself said, “Humans and animals have a lot more similarities than differences. Both have a brain, a nervous system, and most importantly, a heart. And that’s why I’m a vegetarian. I hope that this new campaign helps people come to the same conclusion.”

Written by Jeff Mackey

*How cool is it that a Google image search for “butcher’s diagram” turns up so many pictures of PETA campaigns?

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  • karla Demas says:


  • Kris says:

    Really makes me want to consider turning cannibal can I have some ribs with a side of rump roast? D

  • Elias says:

    Pamela Anderson got people attentions in this ad and thats why it was made because when your noticing her bodie your noticing “hey thats same thing that we’re eating” Montreal got to understand that.

  • donna boden says:

    Ahhhow I love the stupidity and irony of Canada ‘banning’ Pamela Anderson’s PETA advert for daring to raise public awareness of a valid ethical issue… Good on ya Canada! Not only have you given the cause you want to keep hidden away the best publicity possible you have also created a public image of Canadians being narrowminded antiquated bigots! Well done!!!

  • Marie-Christine Roch-Hansen says:

    Ok so I live in Montreal and I had no idea Pam was going to be in town or even going to put this add up…until I heard it was banned! So isn’t that amazing! everyone was talking about it because it was banned I mean radio tv and even ppl at the dog park. It even gave me an opportunity to explain PETA and the rational motives behind veganism. I am happy it was banned as people spoke about it more. And for the record Montreal is very vegan friendly there is a strong vegan community however as in most large cities politicians do have some conservative views sometimes. It makes me happy to think though that maybe some smart politician was wise and decided to ban it but contacted the right media people to cover the story….ok maybe a fantasy but could be true no? lets be positive this worked well. Good job Pam!

  • Andrea says:

    GoPam. Fantasticly put together very clever.

  • Mark says:

    Absolutely disgusting to STOP such a beautiful work of an Art Poster by Montreal’s Fat Ugly Bra Burning bull dykes in Montreal who hate seeing a beautifully shaped women’s body. The City of Montreal was being sexist to STOP the poster’s acceptance. Pamela Anderson should be given an Award for Excellence in Art for her work.

  • Hannibal Lecter says:

    I kept trying to convince the jury that all animals have the same parts to justify my unique gustatory tendencies but the hypocrites couldn’t seem to get it through their heads.

  • Nanda says:

    I have to say I dont agree with the animalistic consciousness that images of Pam Anderson and the like instill but if thats the only way to get the message through to dullheaded barbarics that animals are living souls too and deserve to live out their lives I concede. In this case the end does justify the means. Go Pammy!

  • Steve says:

    Good one Pam and Peta. I am always bothered by those photos of pigs and cows with “leg” and “rump” on their bodies too. I think it’s disgusting.

  • Summer says:

    I have to congratulate Pamela on the ad and her continued commitment to animals. Well done. No it’s not sexist and I would be the first one saying it if it was. All humans are animals we just have the ability of selfreflective thought. And guardianship of the planet and it’s citizens including animals and that means offering them respect and protection.

  • John Carmody says:

    Just to let everyone know that this story is making its way around the world. Here in Ireland it is now showing on SKY NEWS which goes out all over Europe and around the world. It goes to show the ‘banned’ things get more attention. I must give it there are some extremely clever people at PETA and I am glad we have you on the animals’ side.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    You gotta love gutsy people and Pam is certainly thatshe is a tireless unflagging animal defender. A great inspiration to the rest of us and I might add one of the many effective highprofile ladies “sexist” ad indeed who carry the torch for animal rights.

  • Sara says:

    I am ashamed that my city Montreal decided to ban this ad. Montreal deems itself so progressive and avantgarde but when it truly counts when an ad truly can convey a message they become big prudes. Shame on you Montreal! Go Pam! You are awesome!

  • Stephanie says:

    I love Pamela Anderson. I love when people are as committed as she is. It gives me hope it makes the day a little more bearable.

  • carla says:

    Who cares what Canada thinks seriously! I love Pam and she is an amazing voice for animals. Canada needs to wake up anyway with all the killing of innocent seal. Just another reason I will never visit or support them!!!!!!

  • Ali says:

    Wow I love her and the work she does!!! Finally a celebrity who understands the influence they truly have and uses it for something good.

  • John Carmody says:

    Hi Pam! I really and truly just cannot get enough of you and your inspiration to help and speak out for animals in need. you really are an absolute ‘star’ in more ways than one. Thank you for being a genuinely true voice for animals. Here in Ireland I am your biggest and most loyal fan. Thank you John Carmody Animal Rights Action Network ARAN

  • Rachel A says:

    Well if you could convince a male celebrity to pose in the same way they wouldn’t call it sexist.

  • PRIYA says:

    I think this ad is genius! if that disturbs people then the purpose is achieved!! Why should animals be reserved the unhumane right to be seen as having juicy breast fit to be grilled or chopped?! i am a proud vegetarian it was not easy at first but it’s worth trying!i congratulate PETA and keep up the good work.. God bless!