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Meet ‘The Straw Boss’: She’s Helpin’ Dogs and Takin’ Names

Written by Alisa Mullins | February 14, 2013

How did you celebrate your last birthday? Did you have dinner at a nice restaurant? Take in a ballgame? Go to your friend’s house for a surprise party? PETA Foundation staffer Kendall Bryant—aka “The Straw Boss”—would have none of that. She spent her birthday delivering straw bedding to cold dogs in North Carolina with her accomplice Dan “” Carron. And because Kendall is a talented photographer and videographer, she documented her trip and turned it into a must-see video

Kendall and Dan met pit bulls Tyson, Diamond, Pretty, and Tiger, who were all struggling to stay warm as best they could during the first snowfall of the winter. You can tell by their furiously wagging tails that they were nearly as thrilled to get some attention as they were to get fluffy straw, a hearty meal, and, in the case of Tyson, a lightweight tie-out to replace his heavy logging chain.

The pair also helped Bear, a golden retriever mix whose drinking water had frozen solid, and a pack of beagles, possibly used for hunting, who eagerly gobbled up the food that they were offered. (Many people don’t realize that dogs kept outside in the wintertime burn more calories to keep warm and therefore need more food.)

In total, Kendall and Dan helped 18 dogs, three rabbits, a cat, and a rooster that day. I’d call that a birthday well spent.

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  • Donna John says:

    Please keep up the good work. My heart aches for all the homeless, defenseless animals that are thrown away like garbage. Their owners should be forced to endure what these animals do.

  • Karin Stenholmer says:

    Im so greatful for people like You and for all the work you do to keep the animals in need happy and warm and bring them love,food, water and I know the aniimals love you too! Ive been a member of Peta for 3 years now and whenever i can i donate some money, it makes me feel like im helping too! I cant be there helping out personally, cause i live in Sweden, but it give me a chance to show i care for animals no matter which country they live in! Keep up the good work! Thanx again for all you do for animals in need!♥

  • Renada Cerniglia says:

    Thank you Dan and Kendall for helping those animals. I always donate to Peta. Keep up the good work!

  • Annette says:

    so what happens to the beagles and the dogs tomorrow – and the day after that – and the day after that? does their water freeze? do they not eat again? where are the neglectful and abusive owners of these animals? they should be in jail!

  • Donna Rayburn says: