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Meanwhile, at the Egg Farm…

Written by PETA | May 6, 2008

Horrible as it is to watch, this video should be mandatory viewing for anyone who still believes that the egg industry treats chickens humanely. The investigation, conducted by our friends at Mercy for Animals, shows workers at one of the largest egg companies in the U.S. mercilessly abusing chickens who spend their entire lives crammed into filthy cages so small that they can barely move. If this upsets you, there are two things you can do to help. First, you can contact one of the companies that refuses to set humane standards for their suppliers even though the kind of abuse documented here is endemic to the egg industry. But the best thing you can do to help is also the easiest. If you don’t buy eggs, no one has to suffer to make them. Check out this recipe for tofu scramble to get you started.


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  • Aimee says:

    I live in the suburbsand its kind of hard for me to get eggs from backyard pet chickens.And my family have had chickens in the pastbut we’ve had to send them to my uncles farmas they just make way too much mess.So how can i get eggs and feel ok about eating them?

  • Rahmad Chattman says:

    OO Holy crap! I don’t think I ever want to eat eggs or chicken ever again atfer watching that horrifying video!!

  • Denise Catalan says:

    DONT TRUST THE USDA!!!!!!! they are corupt and dont care about anyone but themselves and money!!! DONT TRUST MEAT!!! EVER!!!! no matter what!!! even if it says freerange etc. that all means crap because they are still injected with the same hormones steroids etc. as a nonfreeranged and besides they end up in the same slaughterhouse as the others and thats what you really need to look out for!!! Bad stuff like the video above happens even worse to any and all the animals that you eat!!! unless your vegetarian ofcourse! BUT SERIOUSLY DONT TRUST THE LIES IN THE TELEVISION!!! OR WHAT THE EGG DAIRY MEAT INDUSTRIES TELL YOU!!! YOU DONT NEED ANY OF THOSE THREE TO SURVIVE!!! IN FACT WE ALL SHOULDN’T BE EATING IT!!!!

  • Thomas McGee Jr. says:

    that was one of the most horrific things i have ever seen. i shed a tear for all of thoe poor defenseless hens being handled in such a barbaric manner. PETA i love you all because you hide nothing you show what animal cruelty really is no sugar coating. and that’s the way it should be.

  • lynda downie says:

    Kelby Wyatt that’s a pretty cold and blunted assessment of a chicken’s purpose on earth. Right one of a hen’s purposes is to make eggseggs that will develop into chicks. The hen’s babies.

  • Bailey says:

    wow HannahBanana chickens may have been created to make eggs but they were not created to be tortured and abused for them.

  • Shawna says:

    I was completely mortified by this video. I have never in my life seen such a disheartening act done to animals i could not evn finish watching the video

  • Stephanie says:

    Kelby Chickens were not put on earth to lay eggs and cows weren’t put on earth to be turned into hamburgers. That’s like how some people say women were put on earth to serve men and have babies and racist people say black people were meant to be slaves. Animals weren’t put on earth for humans anymore than humans were put on earth for other humans. Animals are here to live there lives freely just as we are.

  • rathernotsay says:

    Jaclyn eggs from LOCAL freerange farms are nowhere near as cruel. In fact I know many people who gets eggs from people who have just a few backyard pet chickens and nothing to do with all of the the eggs. These chickens are happy healthy and welltreated.

  • Archie says:

    I am watching this at work and it made me sick to my stomach. Is there a way to produce eggs humanely for consumers like me who have not yet converted to Vegan? Also can PETA plug campaign ads similar to Antitobacco groups or presidential candidates? People need to be aware of this. I had no idea that the eggs I ate all my life came from this horrific setting!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I love it when a post is put up in this case one regarding the cruelty behind the egg industry the post is well written the video is self explanatory the comments all make sense… But there is always that one person that chooses to bring human beings back several centuries in time by posting something like “Look people chickens are on this earth to make eggs.” Yes you are right Kelby Wyatt you have just solved the problem.

  • Anna says:

    I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel. It sickens me.

  • Kelly says:

    I was totally horrified and disgusted when i saw that video!! I cried so much and that same night had nightmares about it. Anybody who treats any living thing like that is not a human and us as a “people” we should be ashamed of abusers and messed up humans like that. I’m a vegetarian but never eating eggs in my life again.. i’m going vegan cause if hens that lay eggs are treated like that then i wonder how milk cows are treated!!!! VEGAN POWER!!!

  • Kelby Wyatt says:

    Look people chickens are on this earth to make eggs

  • HannaBanana says:

    Umm…WTF? I could never be an undercover investigator…I’d want to tackle the first person I saw abusing those poor animals. It will always shock me to see humans being so disgustingly cruel…unbelievable. I also believe that any human who chooses to consume animals should watch undercover factory farming footage.

  • Sophie says:

    I have just started buying cage free eggs about 2 weeks ago and I really see no difference in taste. I believe everyone should switch to cage free eggs

  • micehelle says:

    This site is the best info for anyone who go against animal abuse. This site helped me understand and opened my eyes to why I should be a vegetarian and not a meat eater. Whether it is fish or egg it is still considered meat to me. I would always put myself in their position before doing something i will regret later.all I am saying give it a try you can feel proud that you did something i d id.

  • Antonio says:

    The concentration camp comparison finds one of its strongest examples in tbe battery egg industry. This is like watching Hell only worse because it is real. Go Vegan!

  • Carla says:

    The WORST abuses of hens again and again!! Time and again and as I’m typing this it’s happening right now! This is why you just can’t cut out “Meat” from your diet dairy cows and egg laying hens suffer greatly for us humans! We are Raping these animals of their feedom and most basic natual instint!! Freedom for ALL!!

  • Sydney says:

    Im a vegetarian..and glad I am.I cannot believe that people are really that sick towards defenseless animals.

  • Ingrid says:

    …………..oh…my…god…i was absolutley horrified…disgusted and well i just cant even discribe it or begin to comprehend the torture and cruelty…this makes me never ever ever ever want to buy those cheap caged eggs again ill either produce my own free range organic eggs or buy them im not a vegetarian or vegan but i can sure see why people become one….

  • melissa vigna says:

    this is the first thing ive seen that has really motivated me to go full fledged vegan