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McDonald’s Violence Goes Viral

Written by PETA | April 26, 2011

Unless McDonald’s wants to be considered as a possible CGI backdrop for the new Mortal Kombat game, the chain might have a PR problem. Fights are breaking out at McDonalds locations across the country, including an attack on a woman in Baltimore that initiated a protest outside the restaurant when the video hit YouTube.

Then there were folks duking it out at a McDonald’s job fair in Cleveland, and a shooting took place at a San Jose location.


Is it possible that McDonald’s bad karma for letting its suppliers slash conscious chickens’ throats and scald many of them to death is catching up with it? E-mail the fast-food behemoth to let it know that you support ending all forms of violence, and ask McDonald’s to switch to the less cruel slaughter method that PETA has recommended.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • AmyRoseSavage says:

    When I was little, me and my family were always stressed, busy, etc. etc. We always ate out, as a means of comfort, convenience and fun. Especially McDonalds. One day, I found out how devastating to my health it really was. When I was 13 I went Vegan. And let me just say, ever since, it completely changed my life, and I’m not sick like I used to be. My health completely changed for the better. Please don’t support Fast Food Places and eat junk food in limited portions! I know how horrible it feels to be overweight, sick, tired, etc. etc. Please don’t put your kids, your family, yourself, or countless animals through all that suffering!

  • MeganAshley says:

    I seriously loved this video!

  • Seth says:

    @kathy… McDonald’s buy their chickens from huge companies that supply to supermarkets, etc. Will you boycott a certain store that carries a box of chicken strips near the tofurkey section??

  • dingo says:

    Do you people seriously think that anyone outside of peta will find this anything but shrill and annoying?

  • Irina Seifert says:

    I will never buy your ugly food.

  • kathy says:

    The kind of people that aren’t bothered by the way McDonald’s tortures animals and the kind of people who don’t care to learn, are the ones still going to these fast food places. Is it any wonder they are the types to be violent to humans too?