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Update: Lacoste Bans Angora

Written by Alisa Mullins | December 5, 2014

Check out PETA’s complete list of companies that have banned angora

Update: French clothing company Lacoste has just confirmed to PETA U.K. that it is removing all angora wool products from its shelves and has requested to be added to PETA U.K.’s list of retailers that do not sell angora. “[W]e can confirm that Lacoste has no plan to use angora fibers in its coming collections,” the company said in a statement. PETA U.K. sent a box of vegan chocolates to Lacoste’s headquarters in Troyes, France, as a thank-you for sparing rabbits’ lives.

The move comes just weeks after U.K.-based retail giant French Connection announced that it will no longer produce garments made with angora wool after receiving more than 100,000 e-mails from supporters of PETA and its international affiliates. The two retailers join dozens of other companies, including Gap Inc. (which owns Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta), Lands’ End, QVC, and Express, Inc., in banning angora.

Originally posted on January 8, 2014: 

Retail giants Forever 21 and Eddie Bauer are the latest companies to confirm that they are permanently banning products made with angora wool. The move comes after PETA released undercover video footage showing how workers on angora farms violently rip the fur out of rabbits’ sensitive bodies. U.K.-based New Look also announced that it has banned angora.

Angora Rabbit on grass©

A PETA Asia undercover investigator visited almost a dozen angora rabbit farms in China, the source of 90 percent of the world’s angora fur, and found rabbits screaming and writhing in pain as workers ripped the fur out of their skin. Rabbits endure this terrifying ordeal every three months for two to five years before being killed. After they have been plucked bald, the rabbits lie motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages, stunned and in shock. There are no penalties in China for animal abuse on rabbit farms and no standards that regulate the treatment of animals.

So far, more than a dozen kind companies have completely banned angora, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, H&M, Limited Brands, Marks & Spencer, and more.

What You Can Do

You can help animals by banning angora wool (and other cruelly produced fashions) from your closet. For help putting together a fabulous, animal-friendly wardrobe, check out PETA’s How to Wear Vegan shopping site.

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  • victoria’s secret sells angora sweaters… thank god I’m allergic and don’t wear angora… how do we go about starting a petition for them to stop selling angora also

  • Manel Dias says:

    Need more Humane treatments for the animals for sure. When inflicting such innocent defenceless and voiceless creatures such as these Angora Rabbits simply for the gaining of profit & money it is unpardonable crime. These poor animals cannot speak and suffer the agonizing pains & torture in the hands of cruel humans are beyond me. Every shoppers need to recognize these unethical products when it hits the shelves. Need to know how to seperate the animals fur from a cotton or any other normal clothing products. Please don’t bye any material or any product made with animal fur. Wear your own skin and be proud about it. These Animals are NOT ours to wear, experiment or eat or abuse in anyway. Let the animal planet cherish the way it is supposed to be. Show the kindness & compassion to the world and please DON’T weat any animals skin or fur from now on.

  • Elisabeth Foster says:

    I hope PETA can loudly spread the message about this horrific cruelty.
    Vain women wearing animal, need to know they look grotesque not beautiful from causing such torture to God’s harmless and innocent creatures.

  • Thamar says:

    Great news but last saturday I bought a scarf at H&M containing angora! So there is still stuff in the shops on sale right now!! I will take it back asap and keep my eyes open, so should you!!

  • Sophia Howerton says:

    I was horrified to find out what China is doing to these poor defenseless animals and disgusted at the retailers who buy angora. This has to stop and if we remain united and keep pushing, it willhappen. Thank you PETA for you do for animals but why not buy a couple of minutes of airtime and have a comercial so people learn about this. Are you allowed?

  • Mimi says:

    I wish I could take every abused animal home with me an shower them with love…. I have 6 rescued cats and plan on rescuing 2 dogs when I move out of my condo. I think I will also rescue a rabbit to complete the family…

  • Gabrielle says:

    I walked by a Banana Republic window display and sure enough there was an angora sweater in pink on a mannequin, a young lady was looking at it and I could see she was deciding on whether try it on or not. In my most diplomatic. Voice I called the manager over and asked as to why they were still selling angora as their head office had vowed to pull those products, the customer clearly heard me and asked what I was meaning about the rabbits been live plucked, when I showed her the video on my phone, the anger and disgust she felt was enough for me, I’m pretty sure she will never ever buy anything with angora


  • Luigi Rebora says:

    HI PETA!
    Thank you for mailing and updating me about poor bunnies..
    How long will this pain hold out? I’m vegan and I don’t give up caring animals.
    Thank you so much for such great work you do EVERY DAY for ALL ANIMALS I do thank you

  • Mary says:

    Thank you Peta for exposing this unbelievably horrible practice. Your work is so important and I am thankful that I am able to contribute to your organization.
    China supplies angora to other countries as well as the U.S. so this practice will continue until ALL retailers in all countries ban Angora. Can you bring us up to date on what is happening in other countries? Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful work you do.

  • denise hayes says:

    thank you…we are so happy you exist, for all the good work you do, thanks so very very much!

  • Thank you PETA for doing such great work! If I lived closer I’d volunteer! Glad to send you monthly donations tho!!

  • This is how you bring these senseless cruel profiteers to their knees, MASS EXPOSURE! Thank you PETA! Another victory for helpless innocent animals.

  • Joan Swain says:

    and what’s the latest on Ralph Lauren Co joining the enlightened community?

  • [email protected] says:

    Are these rabbits now being rescued from the disgusting conditions they are forced to live in, or are China continuing with this cruel heartless abuse on these poor defenceless animals? I would like to think the rabbits farms are being closed, and the rabbits are being re-homed. PETA let us know what is happening.

  • Uschy Dindo says:

    I do not buy any Kind of fur, stop this cruelty wright now.!

  • elke says:

    STOP Animal Suffering !!!

  • Kate Walsh says:

    Shopping in TALBOT’S today and saw items containing angora. The salespeople were oblivious to the horror inflicted on these rabbits… Please appeal to them to stop selling these items!!!

  • E.goodman says:

    Someone should stop Joan Rivers from her constant flaunting and wearing of fur, every chance she gets!

  • I can believe this… i just can understand why. Please we need to stop this. I can´t stop cry.

  • paul says:

    This repulsive practice must be stopped, one by one is good enough. If we can get one company per the act of actually watching the horrid practice of ripping off, handful by handful of their fur until they are left fur-less and left with pink very painful raw skin, crying out in pain, just maybe they will join all the other companies like,Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, H&M, Limited Brands, Marks & Spencer and most recently Forever 21, and Eddie Bauer. We just might make a difference in this inhumane practice. Don’t buy any products made with Angora. I am truly surprised and encouraged by these companies brave enough to stop buying Angora products due to their sadistic way of acquiring Angora, although I don’t believe there is a painless way of obtaining Angora. Please watch the undercover video,s that Peta obtained, possible putting them in harms way, before you decide to keep buying Angora. We will stop animal suffering one day at a time, and Peta is to be praised for putting undercover people to obtain these stomach turning habits of these sick sadistic “people” (who actually don’t deserve the title, “human”. Thank you very much. PS. Don’t forget the Gap that has recently

  • Patiricia Misner says:

    This is great! What will happen to these rabbits now?

  • Diane says:

    We need to boycott ANY store that continues to stock angora or fur of any kind. As long as we continue to buy, these countries will continue with this disgusting and inhumane treatment of these helpless animals.

  • Rachel Sussman says:

    Thank you PETA for helping the rabbits sometimes it is the little and quiet that gets forgotten, it really is time that we use our God given intelligence to dress ourselves and feed ourselves in ways that are loving to all creatures, great and small….

  • H Hollon says:

    GREAT NEWS. This shows if you stand up and unite for a cause then a difference can be made.

    Thank you to everyone who worked so hard for these poor innocent animals BUT WE MUST NOT GIVE UP NOW BUT WE MUST CONTINUE SO THAT NOT ONE MORE BABY IS TORTURED AND ABUSED.

  • Animals are beings who have feelings, which are noble and beautiful! Those people who torture animals, listening to the terrible cries, do they have a soul and thus to think that cruel and bloody way of making money!The man who did the animal well-being and human being can hope good in his life. I admire and wholeheartedly support it PETA and all those people and organizations that are fighting to protect these wonderful God’s creatures!

  • Nola Suhr says:

    People doing this for a job need to find something else. We are the voice for these defenseless gentle animals….STOP THIS TORTURE NOW!! I agree with Arthur Schopenhauer who said ~“Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”

  • JoAnne says:

    Great news!! Now if only Eddie Bauer will also ban using goose down in their vests…

  • fifi says:

    After I watched the rabbits was screaming, i couldn’t see it. fashion doesn’t have to hurt such beautiful creature.


  • Ban all fur products. I find it hard to believe that some people still wear fur.

  • Holly says:

    Seems most of luxury brands involved in animals cruelty, we should check and think before we buy food and clothes.

  • Alan Smith says:

    I feel sorrow seeing this that how these cruel people do these type of things. I would like to say thank you to the PETA and appreciate your work.

  • Kim Brennan says:

    It just breaks my heart to see the needless suffering and pain these and many more animals suffer.

  • Linda Stoddard says:

    Stop! No animal should be put through this–it’s cruel and inhuman.

  • this terrible things must stop immedatly

  • Eva Larsendahl says:

    Stop this cruelty against teese little rabbits right now!! Be humans, be better!!

  • Venice Tucker says:

    they need stop kill rabbits and dont need furs anymore let rabbits go free Im mad mean people hurt rabbits stupid humans but sad

  • Pauline says:

    I DO NOT BUY any kind of fur because it does not belong on me. Put a stop to this and stop selling or purchasing angora… Buying angora feeds these cruel human torturers…Penalties for these people. should be well made

  • alex gerry says:

    The chinese government needs to be addressed asap about implementing laws. That’s the bottom line.

  • Gwen says:

    Stop hurting and killing animals to make money. Animals have a right to live free and not in pain!



  • zunera says:

    Please stop this its so wrong!

  • Angie says:


  • Judy Sutton says:

    I’m happy to hear companies are stopping this. I hope ALL companies will discontinue animal abuse.

  • Julia van der Vorm says:

    Cruel, very cruel !!

  • Kelly says:

    Any one that shops at a retailer that sells angora.. Supports this.. Do ur research and only buy cruelty free!

  • james nafersere says:

    i don’t get why anyone would use such an amazing, beautiful , and cute creature as SHOES!!!!!

  • Sherrie says:

    Stop this barbaric act! Cruel, mean, pathetic means of torturing animals.

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you!!! For stopping the sale of angora fur!!!! I will not! Shop anywhere! Who selling that fur!. I plan on having 4 or more children. So as a women I will have lots of shopping todo, and only at stores! That don’t sell fur!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping the torture of animals!

      • hunter says:

        Thank you peta for being a voice for our animals! We have no right to wear their fur! I saw angora fur at macys made in China. I will never purchase angora. Thank you for the campaign and bringing light to this! You do amazing work and it is so important that we stop these bunny factories!!