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Made in the USA: Obama & ‘Paperless’ Pups

Written by PETA | April 27, 2011

President Obama released the “long version” of his birth certificate today, which proves that he is a Hawaiian-born American. One might say he is much like millions of American mutts who are unfairly criticized because of their lack of “papers.” In fact, PETA is saying it—in an ad we plan to run in Obama’s birthplace, Honolulu:


Obama declared, “We do not have time for this kind of silliness.” Dogs in animal shelters don’t have time for silliness either. Every second that passes—and every purebred dog purchased on a whim from a breeder or a pet store—brings shelter dogs one step closer to dying for lack of a good home.

If you must have a dog with “papers,” please adopt a purebred from a shelter. And if you just want a Great American Mutt to love, shelters are full of those too.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Mindi says:

    Well unfortunatly the President has to have “papers” pure-bred or not…and as we can tell he’s not…but we HAVE to know he was born here so he can LEGALLY be the President. But a pup without inbred papers is ALWAYS a winner in my book…particularly a rescue…pup after my own heart 🙂

  • MeganAshley says:

    Very creative!

  • dore elisabeth says:


  • John says:

    President Obama hates animals!! Why doesn’t this evil person constitute CAK for chickens nationwide!

  • Shari says:

    That is so funny! And those are Obama’s eyes! I love dogs at a shelter! They are the best!

  • jacqueline portilla says:

    please help pets

  • Sheldon says:

    I got Rex from the ADL in San Antonio, Texas and couldn’t be happier, he is a spoiled dog now, sleeps on the couch, gets treats everyday, brushed, listens to music and enjoys home cooking when I cook. Purebred are nice but a dog from a shelter will love you so much more and appreciates it even more……….

  • dingo says:

    I take offense. I have a mutt from the local shelter. She is a very good dog. I would never compare her to the assclown in the oval office.