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Lobstickle Obstacle: Company Drops Linda Bean

Written by Alisa Mullins | July 8, 2014

In the age of “everything-on-a-stick,” it should come as no surprise that some evil genius (with the stress on “evil”) came up with the idea to chop off lobsters’ tails and skewer them on sticks. But the dreaded “lobstickle” may be an endangered species now that food-service provider Delaware North has vowed to stop obtaining lobster from Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster (LBML) after hearing from PETA about the horrific abuse caught on tape at the company’s slaughterhouse.

LBML had been advertising that its “lobstickles” were available at the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field and at Boston’s TD Garden arena, both of which are serviced by Delaware North. But in a letter sent to PETA last week, a Delaware North official told us, “We have asked that purchasing of LBML product be discontinued immediately and advised our sourcing and supply management to monitor and block such into the future.”

What convinced Delaware North to drop LBML like a hot potato? PETA’s investigator documented that workers tore live animals limb from limb, ripped their heads off, impaled them on spikes, and dumped them alive into boiling water, among other abuses. After PETA filed a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration, the agency inspected LBML’s slaughterhouse and cited it for serious food-safety violations that may be “injurious to [human] health.”

Good riddance, lobstickle! And if you’re planning to catch a baseball game at Target Field, may we suggest one of its many vegan options?

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  • Lisa says:

    Thank God this abuse will and has been STOPPED!!!!!!!

  • michal says:

    stop this cruelty and be humane

  • Liora Ozerkovsky says:

    Congratulations to Delaware North for stop purchasing from Linda Bean´s.
    At least now The FDA is doing something about it; it is a pity that they have to wait for PETA´s realize for them to act.

  • It is heartbreaking to think of any live creature going through abuse like that. It is a great example of why we need investigations like the one PETA conducted , and that they found out about this terrible practice and now something will be done. I hope the company Linda Bean will learn a lesson and change the way they treat these poor animals. If they must die so that we can eat them, then let us please kill them humanely. Better still, let’s all be vegan! But back to the subject. I must say to PETA, Good Work!!!!!! You do amazing work!

  • Sandra says:

    This needs to stop! those poor lobsters shouldn’t be put through that kind of torture! How would YOU like to be torn, limb from limb?! Then, think about how THEY feel! They “DO” feel, you know?! STOP the torture!! >_<

  • Priscilla Point says:

    I cannot imagine any one impaling a live lobster on a stick. You do not tear them apart. You just throw them into a pot of hot water..alive. Worse!. Kevin Dundon did that on his cooking show. . I do not eat lobster, nor wear leather, nor wear wool which makes me itch. On Simply Ming cooking show his friend hacked up a live lobster. It made me scream!

    I think people are getting salmonella from the way chickens are produced for market.
    I saw the sheep video and it is horrific. Why treat an animal like that just for their fur?

    I do not eat veal either because of the way it is produced. I am trying to go vegetarian. I have problems with soy and wheat.

  • Heidi says:

    Thats horrible oh the poor lobsters

  • MARTHA LIBIA says:


  • Lori Lehnhardt says:

    Revelations: lovers of themselves. Lovers of money. Having no natural affection.

  • Catherina says:

    Acabemos con esto!

  • I had an LL Bean credit card. When PETA informed me of Linda Bean’s horrific cruelty I wrote to her, to the chairmen of Bean and to the CEO. The company explained Linda had no hand in running LL Bean, but I countered by saying my use of the card and buying from Bean supported Linda Bean. I even wrote to the President of Barclay Bank, who supported the Bean credit card I used. Barclay responded with a similar answer that Bean personnel gave me. I told all of them I am a vegan and I cannot continue to patronize Bean and help “Sweet” Linda. I sent Linda a copy of my first Bean credit card statement with a zero balance showing that I had stopped using it. I was polite, but firm in my disgust over her behavior. I told her I wanted nothing to suffer for my benefit. I don’t blame the LL Bean company, but to continue using their credit card means I endorse Linda Bean’s cruelty. My sincere thanks to PETA for informing me. Two of the most significant things in my life were enlisting in the Marines and serving my country and becoming a vegan.