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Lions Spared From Becoming Taco Filling

Written by PETA | January 26, 2011

Last week, we told you about Tucson, Arizona, restaurant owner Bryan Mazon’s plan to serve lion tacos as part of his “Exotic Taco Wednesdays” promotion. Apparently, thousands of people took to Facebook to ask Mazon to reconsider. And he did! Mazon announced that his restaurant will not be serving the king of the jungle after all.

 riaan labuschagne/cc by 2.0

Now that a lion has been saved from slaughter (or possibly from being shot on a cruel canned hunting ranch), you might want to take a moment to thank Mazon for making this lifesaving decision.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Rita says:

    I’m glad he decided not to sell it in 2011 but it’s 2013 and lion meat is being sold again.I’m sad and angry.

  • Kathie says:

    I’d be damned before I would ever thank him for relenting. He did it because of social pressure, not out of kindness.

  • laura says:

    that was very sweet of you Mr.Mazon

  • Rachel says:

    I will never thank that disgusting idiot. Probably the only reason he decided to pull lion tacos off the menu was because he received a lot of death threats(which he deserves).

  • Kathy Zalenko says:

    So glad you changed your mind. You’re setting a grat example for others!

  • Carol says:

    Thank you for reconsidering this menu option. Lions are not meant to be consumee (if thats a word), and I feel you have made a great decision. Please reconsider all your “wild” menu options – its not meant to be.

  • Atom254 says:

    I absolutely love tacos and even I think that this idea was ridicules. (Yes Beef Tacos.)

  • Summer says:

    I have my vegan pet cat sitting on my lap as I write this. We both want to put in a call for this restaurant and all others to go vegan. Doing so will save animals, humans and the earth. A good thing to do for all of us.

  • Amelia says:

    Is this some kind of sick joke???!!??who do they think they are?

  • julie says:

    thanks for listening and sparing the lions. (don’t suppose you’d consider veggie taco wednesdays instead?)

  • Claudia Jennings says:

    Mr. Mazon, although I am glad that you reconsidered serving the king of the jungle on a plate, it is apalling that you even thought of doing so in the first place. Please keep to your promise.

  • Iris Davidson says:

    Why would Bryan Mazon even think of serving lion tacos

  • Yum says:

    Animals were meant to be eaten

  • kitkat says:

    Thank you for making such a great choice! The lion thanks you are GRRRRReat! =)

  • Sherry McAdams says:

    Why would anyone want to eat lion meat anyway? Humans have more than enough to eat. Just look at Americans! There is no question that you have done the right thing! Integrity will always build a better business than just trying to make a buck!

  • Chrish says:

    WTF? Have you lost your minds? Some murdering butcher, who is co-responsible for the wanton slaughter of countless sentient beings (like gentle bovine and other noble ruminants), whose remains he serves up to his carnivorous customers throughout the week, year after year, proposes to use the flesh of large felines on Wednesdays (given the suspect flavor of a carnivore’s cadaver and the huge cost of its procurement it could only have been a cheap publicity stunt) and you all thank him when he retracts the ludicrous intention? Look at yourselves – foaming at the mouth over something as laughable as “lion tacos” – and condoning cow burgers, pig ribs, lamb roasts, chicken breasts and mutton chops…

  • Liz Cook says:

    I do thank you. You made the right decision for the lions and I’m guessing for your business success as well.

  • Tom says:

    I really don’t care if they serve it or not and if he wants to take if off the menu that’s fine.  But let’s not gloss over what happened to the owner.  People didn’t just “ask” him not to serve the meat.  People threatened him and his family.  That conduct is reprehensible.

  • Elena K. says:

    This guy should be sued for being a liar and using this as a marketing ploy for his restaurant! I’m sure as some have said that he knew that it’s illegal, so he obviously wouldn’t have gone through with it.