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Transport: Torment in Motion

Written by PETA | October 3, 2012

When a woman contacted PETA with information about trucks jammed full of birds routinely driving through her area, she added that two chickens had fallen off a truck that morning. She had taken them home with her, where she gave them food, water, and bedding.


One of the injured birds had died, and the other was unable to stand. PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Division urged the woman to take the surviving bird to a nearby veterinarian right away. The doctor found that the chicken was suffering from two broken legs and was so profoundly overweight (like many chickens raised for meat) that even if he were able to heal her legs, she would never be able to bear weight on them or have a decent quality of life. He recommended that the anguished hen be euthanized right away—a far gentler end than she would have faced in the pandemonium at the slaughterhouse.

What You Can Do

If you see any animal in trouble, please don’t turn away—provide help, even if the kindest option is a humane release from suffering. You can also save lives by going vegan: Every penny spent on meat, milk, or eggs funds the institutionalized torture of countless animals like these two chickens.

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  • Dee Stangarone says:

    On Sunday August 17, 2014 I was traveling on I80 in Wyoming. Ahead I saw a huge open air semi: I couldn’t figure out what was in all those little “filled to the brim” crates. As I approached the semi I saw feathers flying from it! Note it was over 90 and very hot. I was traveling the speed limit of 80 and as I passed I took a quick glance to my right! To my horror the feathers were from chickens (could be turkeys)…they were crammed in there so tightly with heads crammed sideways and even upside down. I was nauseated…..I have been a PETA Vanguard Member for years and have never seen anything so sickening and inhumane in person (as opposed to videos. etc)/ The thought that there are people in this world who think nothing of this abuse frightens and saddens me. Oh yes….hats off to
    the woman who rescued those chickens!! I didn’t know what to do about the chickens I saw…..I have rarely felt so helpless and sad!!!!
    at this type of treatment and abuse

  • lisa says:

    I think we should all say be a big thankyou for the lovely lady that cared and tried to help these animals, soo many just walkby or ignore because they dont want to get involved at least these 2 poor birds experienced for a short time a human did actually care about them. This is such a profond story PETA should use this for advertising on billboards or in the papers, this a lady of the general public who cared for these chickens and also what the vegatarian said about the surviving chicken, the world need to know how these anaimals are suffering for your dinner.

  • STEVENS says:

    C’est intolérable que les animaux aient à subir tout cela à cause de nous. L’humain est le tortionnaire de la planète !

  • jera connally says:

    Wow, that is sweet of the lady that took the chickens in. I am constantly being criticized about stopping to help stray animals, or being upset when i see animals in pain. To me it is the person that does NOT react that has the problem, not me. Sorry for the chickens, but they most likely had a much better ending being with this sweet lady.

  • Veronica says:

    good comment Shari, so true.

  • Shari says:

    You can see in the pain in the chickens eyes. Sorry this happen but glad the chicken was out down in a humane manor and not at the slaughter house. It must kill the slaughter house and food corporations that they didn’t get the satisfaction of being able to kill the poor chicken themselfs. I have been to those places when I was a truck driver and that is what lead me to becoming a vegatarian and to speak out against factory farming. Thank you PETA for letting this chicken get off of this ugly planet and at least die with dignity and respect. I could just cry right now!