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Kristen Bell, and Joel

Written by PETA | December 10, 2006

My good friend and colleague Joel Bartlett just started watching Veronica Mars, starring the lovely Kristen Bell, who was voted the world’s Sexiest Vegetarian this year. Joel, who has never been one to let daily life get in the way of an obsession (see, for instance, his popsicle-stick castle), has not stopped talking about his newfound love for one second all week. So, in an effort to appease him, and for those of you who didn’t catch Kristen on Jay Leno in, like, July, here’s a video of her talking about Veronica Mars, PETA, and some other good stuff with Jay and our old friend Kevin Nealon. As Joel says of the video,

this better show up on some blogs or else. i don’t care how old it is.
P.S. I’m going to marry her.

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