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Jane Goodall Really, Really Likes This Video

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 27, 2013

It won a coveted Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions ad awards this summer, and PETA’s riveting video “98% Human” is continuing to change the way people think about the entertainment industry’s use of great apes.

This week, PETA Vice President Dan Mathews screened “98% Human” at the Great Apes Summit in Wyoming, and Dr. Jane Goodall led the global wildlife experts in a standing ovation for PETA’s provocative spot that has prompted numerous top ad agencies to formally swear off using great apes.

PETA isn’t measuring the video’s success in awards and applause but in results. After Wyoming, Dan flew to New York, where he screened the video at the lively Advertising Week panel that he hosted with BBDO, the mega-agency that donated the spot to PETA. The talk drew hundreds of creative directors from across the country, who pledged not just to leave apes out of ads but also to put pro-animal messages in their campaigns.  We’re calling “98% Human” 100 percent successful.

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  • Its just so wrong ,so sad and if you’re not helping the animals you are aiding the abusers.good on you Jane Goodall

  • Stacey says:

    Step up !

  • sheila smoke says:

    Thank god for people like you,, wish and pray there were more.God bless


    Il est inadmissible que l’humain est le droit de vie ou de mort sur ces bêtes, il faut que cela s’arrête rapidement, il faut agir nous n’avons pas le droit de ne pas réagir, et d’accepter toutes ces tortures, pour le plaisir, NON NON, basta, trop c’est trop Que tous ces tortionnaires aillent en enfer, et qu’ils finissent comme toutes ces pauvres bêtes

  • gabriela martinez says:

    This angels most be free

  • Emma Smith says:

    Stop using these beautiful creature for your own ends. you might make a quick profit, but they have to live a life of misery, ask yourself, is it worth the pain and misery YOU inflict?

  • Manel says:

    I love the video too. Isn’t that the truth itself says what these people do to innocent helpless voiceless primates. Snatching them from their mothers while they were still babies and abusing until the end of their lives. How pathetic those so called humans must be. It is time to educate the people as well to respect any living being on this planet earth. We now live in a modern era. Those rules & regulations of how to treat animals need to be changed as well.