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Big Wins for Abused Big Cats

Written by PETA | May 9, 2011

Relief is in sight for Tony, a tiger who has lived in a cage in the parking lot of the Tiger Truck Stop, a gas station in Louisiana, for more than a decade. An East Baton Rouge District Court granted the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s request for a permanent injunction against the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, preventing the agency from renewing the annual permit that allows the Tiger Truck Stop to display Tony. When the current permit expires in December, Tony will have to be moved—hopefully to a sanctuary—which PETA has been urging the station’s owner to do for many years.

And the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has revoked the license of exhibitor Jamie Palazzo, who hauled tigers and other wild cats around in the country to fairs and shopping malls. PETA has filed many complaints against Palazzo’s “Great Cat Adventures” for allowing the public to hold and have their photo taken with large, dangerous tigers. USDA inspectors repeatedly cited Palazzo’s outfit for this violation, noting, “The cat being exhibited was too big, fast, and dangerous to be exhibited in a manner that allowed the public to be close to the juvenile [cat] without a sufficient barrier …” and “Cubs this large are too dangerous for direct public contact.”

Tigers belong in the jungle, not crammed into transport trucks and small cages. Roadside zoos and traveling shows only stay in business because people buy tickets. Don’t ever pay to have your photo taken with a tiger cub, and don’t patronize a roadside zoo.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Michael Sandlin says:

    The Tiger Exhibit at the Tiger Truck Stop is 3200 square feet. It is bigger than my home. He has airconditioning and a pool. I wouldn’t mind it.

  • Bigcattruth says:

    Don’t get to excited just yet, Big Cat Rescue of Tampa is taking the glory for all of this and has websites and articles all over the internet raking in thousands of dollars saying she is getting Tony. She is already and will not stop exploiting him for money just as bad if not worse than the truck stop ever did. He does not need to go there. BCR has had 112 cats die in there care and choked a tiger to death with a rope in 2007. This would be a horrible thing for Tony to end up in.

  • Elaine says:

    I have been following this story from New Zealand where I live, and getting so mad at the guy’s callous disregard for animal welfare. This is fantastic news, I’m so happy for Tony.

  • MA Moore says:

    Love is Liberation!

  • MA Moore says:

    Has anyone contacted PAWS or Shambala to give them a heads up? Perhaps we can start a petition to retire Tony to a reputable sanctuary to live out his life with love and dignity in the company of like species!

  • elvira myers says:

    Why does this have to wait until December? This is crazy. How would the gas station owner like to be put in a tiny cage “until December”. I’ll bet he wouldn’t. Well, neither does the tiger.

  • pam says:

    I hope this jerk will free Tony to a much better life in a sanctuary like PAWS or Shambala. There is no excuse for wild animals to be kept in captivity for entertainment. It is way past the time to free them to a life they once knew or should have known.

  • BreLovesAnimals says:

    Keiko the Whale died of boredom from being held in captivity. Keiko’s the whale who starred in “Free Willy”. Is this what animals have come to? Dieing of being held against their will?! Even if they don’t necessarilly have a “will”. It’s wrong, abusive, and AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kat says:

    December? That’s too far away!

  • Jessica says:

    Pleas let Tony finally have the life he deserves!!! He is a living, breathing being with needs and desires just like us–not a statue to be hawked at!

  • Greg says:

    Poor thing. I doubt he was being mistreated or abused, but I hope he is taken somewhere he can roam free and spend the rest of his years in peace. Seeing him behind bars like that is heartbreaking.

  • Kimberly McBroom says:

    How horrible for Tony. I absolutely LOVE wild cats and this is apalling. Let’s let the owner live in a cage in a parking lot for a decade and see how he likes it. WTH???? They side shows should be illegal. The care of the animals are not the best. Please let’s get Tony to a sanctuary where he can live his remaining years in peace.

  • loucee68 says:

    Great! He needs to be somewhere he can run wide open like he is supposed to. I hope he gets to PAWS!

  • Aneliese says:

    ABOUT TIME, yet he still isn’t free. People are scum.

  • Linda says:

    I just can’t understand what the **** is wrong with people.  It took them this long to do something about this?

  • Ricardo Raygada says:

    Why did the USDA take so long to do this?

  • Deborah A Smith says:

    Roadside zoos and traveling shows… WTH people, why do you buy tickets to these ‘adventures’? Although it’s not entirely illegal, it should be!!! You are as bad as the people who operate them!! Pleas help to shut them all down!!!

  • Suzanne McGinnis says:

    imagine yourself living in a cage next to a parking lot for your entire life.

  • phil says:

    while i’m against animal abuse, i really don’t think this is a case of abuse. as a truck driver i’ve been to that truck stop many times and i belive he was being treated very good. i’m am glad though that he hopefully will be going some place were he can roam more freely. i really hope that happens.

  • MA Moore says:

    Yeah! Hats off to ALDF! I want to know if they are going to confinscate/retire Tony and send him to a Tiger sanctuary like PAWS to live out his life with dignity! Great work!

  • kirsten wrobleski says:

    no wild animal should be kept in captivity and once its released into the wild it is usually hard for them to fend for themselves sad!!!!!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    This is great news but not that great. Tony still has to spend another 7 months in that prison. And when the permit expires, maybe the idiot owner would rather Tony be dead and sent to a taxidermist. Hopefully this moron will come to his senses and send Tony to PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) in California where they care for abused and neglected animals. They already have many tigers and I hope they have room for Tony.