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Internet Soup

Written by PETA | July 30, 2010

It’s so hot in the city, you’d think I’d be making another batch of lemonade—but I’ve got a hankering for some Internet Soup. It’s been a while since the last batch, so dig in!

Oof! I don’t know about you, but I’m full after all that soup—and guac. This Special K needs a siesta. Until next time …

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • David says:

    Good for those monkeys who took revenge on their cruel “master”! I wish they could join the chimps in the sanctuary in Seattle where they could have a chance to live in peace far away from the moron who abuses them.

  • simara says:

    thinking about it though it is very weird to me that the hunter STILL hunts when he admits to this incredible bond with the duck.. I don’t understand the breakdown in connection there

  • simara says:

    great videos!!very heartwarming

  • gala says:

    I’m glad to know that more people care about animals and Peta does her best campain for them it just not fair kill and pollute our enviroment and their animals we’ll find the armony between both i’m from peru i’m vegetarian since i’m a child my mom does too

  • Hugo Pottisch says:

    “Good news for pigs in Germany! Many male pigs will no longer be castrated before they are turned into food for a huge Dutch supermarket.” Well as we humans who live with dogs know castration in an already unnatural world is not always bad per se. If the pigs live like the average dog in the West they would be better off if they were castrated a few weeks after birth WITH painkillers. After all it is not nice to have sexual desires and not even getting a single chance to… There are as always economic consideration in place. Proper welfare would demand a castration with painkillers. But it is is cheaper to not castrate them at all as “food pigs” do not grow very old anyway. They barely finish puberty before they are killed for taste. Maybe we should start a campaign “Stop killing children! Stop killing virgins” PS PETA rocks. Also can somebody write veganfreaks a friendly memo that animals would thank them if they invested 2 of the effort of misunderstanding and criticizing PETA and if they actually used those 2 for doing something for animals … never mind. Would veganfreaks boycott a CO2 tax only because they want oil not be used at all one day? Please somebody help those two to get out of the quicksand and to join the real world. It is not sustainable to remain in a mindset that sees ideology and reality as mutually exclusive. I reckon that somebody who is proanimals should spend not more than 50 of his time criticizing other proanimal efforts? Same goes for mr francione? We already have consumerfreedom Co.. do something else please… or do less of what you do know. SeaKittens doesn’t make sense to you wtf … good.. that is what modern animal abuse is about it does not make sense… it is primitive emotional … SeaKittens GO!!! Also somebody has to send veganfreaks and francione a marketing 101 book or something and explain to them that we are dealing with different “customer segments” demographics industries etc which require different emotional communication and campaigns. PETA of all AR organizations is the only one that has shown to me that they are capable of addressing all aspects. Hence they have a healthy balance of living in their own world while being aware of the other movies being shown in the cinema. PETA knows how to move “pet lovers” slowly but surely into recognizing that nondogs and noncats are animals too. They educate vegetarians on why milk.. they educate environmentalist on why… people who are trying to live healthy on why… and there is always only one direction in which they pull these “customer segments” the core ethical AR arguments. PETA tries to move to veganism as quickly as human nature and emotions of different customer segments allow. Kudos for be being able to see the world as one yet not the same!

  • Danny says:

    “Great picture but the unfortune thing is that on the same site right beside the picture on the top right corner is an advertisement for furs. Is this a mistake?” It was probably just an automatically generated ad like the Google ones that get whatever’s said on the page run it for companies that have those words and run that ad. Like on a Bible discussion page an ad for bibles automatically comes up. On this site there’s stuff about fur coats so what comes up? I think you can guess

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Love the duck. I hope it soon twigs on his friend the duck hunter that all ducks deserve to live. Beefbash looks pretty graphic but then the truth isn’t very pretty. I think whoever created the game is getting the right message across.

  • Stephen says:

    Great picture but the unfortune thing is that on the same site right beside the picture on the top right corner is an advertisement for furs. Is this a mistake? That made me want to vomit and took away any impact on the antifur ad. Surely the moderator of the site needs to be more aware of who is advertising.